Internal Communications Specialist - ESSER

Alexandria, Virginia
Feb 02, 2022
Jun 13, 2022
Full Time
Job Description:

The internal communications specialist serves as the lead in the Office of Communications for coordinating information to share with internal stakeholders across departments and schools, particularly on COVID-19-related matters. This includes working with department leadership to develop strategies that address the COVID-19 information needs of our employees, celebrate the successes of the people responsible for the good work being done in ACPS throughout this pandemic, and ensure our school division is prepared to communicate critical information to staff in a timely manner, particularly on issues related to health and safety. This position requires the ability to work effectively in a fast-paced environment, excellent communication skills in collaborating with human resources, as well as experts in health and other content areas, and experience with developing and disseminating crisis-related messaging consistent with the ACPS mission and vision using various communication channels.

This position reports to the executive director of communications.

Because the position is fully funded with the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act, funding for the position is contingent upon the continuation of education emergency relief funds associated with the Coronavirus pandemic. This position is grant-funded for 3 years with the possibility of renewal. Includes benefits.

  • Education: Bachelor's degree in communications, public relations, journalism, or related field.
  • Certifications & Licenses: None required.
  • Experience: Two to four years of experience in communications, preferably with a focus on internal/ employee relations and crisis communications. Previous experience working in K-12 school communications is preferred. Bilingual is a plus.

Experience with internal communications, including:
  • Ability to convey messaging in support of ACPS vision and mission to employees in varied functions across departments and schools, including on sensitive matters such as health
  • Ability to develop and implement innovative internal communication strategies that engage employees across multiple platforms and keep them up to date on the priority issues of the school division (digital, newsletters, video, meetings and events, presentations, etc.)
  • Experience with email communications and other technologies designed to support internal communication strategies, with the ability to work with vendors on an Intranet that can serve as an information hub when ACPS has updates to share or calls to action for staff members
  • Experience working with colleagues in varied functions and departments, and partnering with content experts to convey information to internal stakeholders
  • Ability to manage and execute multiple projects simultaneously while working effectively under the pressure of last-minute deadlines and changing priorities
  • Demonstrated commitment to racial equity initiatives
  • Ability to work with confidential materials and build trust among key stakeholders
  • Ability to communicate employer requirements related to health and safety in a way that takes into account multiple perspectives among staff members
  • Ability to take a proactive approach and work effectively, both independently and as a member of the communications team
  • Strong oral and written communication skills, and proficiency in Microsoft Office, including Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint

Essential Functions:
  • Develop strategies, messaging, and activities for internal communications, in sync with the overall communications editorial calendar and work plan focused on COVID-recovery matters
  • Drive communications initiatives to engage employees and support the COVID-19 recovery efforts related to staff centered on recruitment and retention
  • Establish grassroots recruitment strategies, in collaboration with Human Resources, to address staffing shortages resulting from COVID-19 (i.e. teachers, bus drivers, substitutes)
  • Foster relationships across the organization to develop internal messaging and communication plans to help advance strategic priorities and initiatives
  • Analyze employee feedback in surveys and work with communications leadership and human resources staff to develop improvements and best practices in employee engagement, particularly on COVID-related concerns
  • Prepare communications about organizational initiatives and objectives related to COVID-19
  • Plan, edit and write COVID-19-related content for a variety of internal communications mediums, including email messages, newsletters, presentations, staff announcements, web content, and more
  • Assist with messaging and scripts to support senior leadership presentations or videos directed at employee audiences
  • Coordinate with digital, web communications, and video staff to develop innovative ways to engage employees throughout the pandemic
  • Work with leadership and vendors to develop an ACPS intranet (staff COVID-19 hub), and once established, manage outreach, content, and updates, and other needs for an effective intranet
  • Gather feedback to ensure that internal communications messages are effective, accessible, and understandable, and are consistent with our priorities and values
  • Assist with internal communications needs related to COVID-19, including professional learning, new employee orientation, and recognition programs for employees
  • Respond to feedback from executive staff and adjust communications content accordingly
  • Work on occasional evenings/weekends may be required
  • Perform other related duties, as assigned

  • Criminal Justice Fingerprint/Background Clearance.
  • Tuberculosis Skin Test.

Public Health Compliance
  • Proof of COVID vaccination. Exemptions for religious/medical will be reviewed.
  • Must follow safety and health protocols.


Primary Location:
Central Office
Salary Range:
$67,622.40 - $83,136.00 / Support SUP-35
Shift Type:

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