Superintendent Construction Management

Fairfield Residential
Arlington, VA
Jan 28, 2022
Jan 31, 2022
Specialty Trades
Full Time
Assist with the following task: I) Due Diligence 1. Assist Project Manager with due diligence prep, contractor lists, follow up2. Assist Project Manager the day of due diligence procedures, assistance on site3. Assist Project Manager with the follow up on contractor proposals and DD items requiring additional research Tools, Forms, Skills1. Contractor Invitation Form2. Assist Project Manager to measure unit floor plans3. Attend interior unit walk thru with vendors for interior renovation pricing 4. Assist Project Manager to obtain accurate interior renovation bids 5. Become familiar with Third Party Reports* Property Condition Report or Property Condition Assessment* Structural Review & ADA* Phase 1 Environmental II) PRECLOSING (ONCE PURCHASE IS ASSURED) AND CLOSING TO KICKOFFA. Essential Steps1. 45-days prior to closing assist Project Manager with action plans for interior renovation mock up units, club house renovation, models, units, etc. requiring design specs. 2. Assist Project Manager with the development of interiors spec book, prelim ready for kickoff meeting with alternates for upgrade finishes and/or cost savings.3. Initiate bid scopes of work and draft contract scopes/requests4. Become familiar with any immediate needs requirements 5. Assist Project Manager with any pre-construction meeting (following closing, coordinate contractor pre-construction meetings prior to any major construction scope start)6. Assist Project Manager to complete interior renovation mockup unit/s and scheduling7. Become familiar with the insurance and licensing requirementsB. Tools, Forms, Procedures, Skills1. Closing Budget2. Interiors Spec Book3. Purchase Orders-execution, monitor, commitment4. Weekly Field Agenda5. As-built6. Unit Renovation Schedules7. Interior Unit Checklist 8. Sales Folder 9. Bid Forms (Bid Scope, Bid Wash) III) POST CLOSING AND PROJECT STARTA. Essential Steps1. Major projects bid scope development, bid out, and commit, scopes can start prior to closing2. Unit redev bid out and commitments, coordination with and assistance by Superintendent* Pre-walk/pre-inspect prospective redev units at least two weeks prior to start of unit construction and complete pre walk unit checklist. * Show pre-walked units on unit status with projected completion for pre-leasing* Units accepted from Property Management on a weekly basis.* Goal-two week turn on all unit redev* Units scheduling, quality control, punch lists, turn back to Property Management* Complete the standard setup of the redev construction storage/office. * Order and setup of all required PPE and Safety equipment * Job Site Safety and required Safety training/meeting with contractors* Emergency Response Situations and Incident Report Procedures* Implement time management procedures and necessary tools3. Become familiar with contracts as they are written and executed. Monitor the commitment log for status and execution.4. Become familiar with cost projections for interiors5. Periodic updates-initiate all reporting templates upon closing* Daily log* Field Agenda (weekly)* Unit Status Report (weekly)* Unit Renovation Schedule* Job site progress photos (weekly)* As Built worksheet (monthly)6. Weekly coordination meetings with Property Management7. Weekly coordination meetings with contractors8. Assist Project Manager with immediate needs implement, monitor, and complete prior to lender deadline* Assist Project Manager with IPN list finalize with all documents and upload to SharePointB. Tools, Forms, Procedures, Skills1. Bid procedures with bid scopes, pre-bid meetings, and bid wash worksheet2. Daily Log3. Weekly Reports Forms (Weekly Agenda and Unit Status Reports)4. Unit Availability, Yardi5. Commitment log.6. Contractor Insurance Compliance7. PCOR8. Property Condition Report9. Structural-Property Report & ADA10. IPN Checklist11. Unit acceptance forms12. Sales Folder13. Warranty Form14. Contracts, Forms and Project Specific Scopes15. Time Management Techniques16. Redev Photo Library IV) SUPERINTENDENT DURING REDEVELOPMENT A. Essential Steps1. Continue periodic updates2. Quality control3. Unit Renovation Schedules* As Built* Acceptance documentation Exterior/ Interior renovation projects* Safety inspection and meetings * Redevelopment reports and uploading of documentation in SharePoint. 4. Incident reportingB. Tools, Forms, Procedures, Skills1. Acceptance Letter2. Safety Topics and training attendance documents3. Sales Folder V) SUPERINTENDENT DURING SCOPE AND PROJECT COMPLETIONA. Scope completion punch lists and final walks.B. Warranties VI) OTHER REPONSIBILITIES AND OPPORTUNITIESA. Construction Management Agreements (CMA)B. Assistant Project Manager position

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