Assistant Director (Data Management)

Washington, D.C
Jan 25, 2022
Jan 30, 2022
Executive, Director
Full Time

At the Band III the incumbent will serve as an Assistant Director, providing leadership and consultative services on complex engagements and issues related to data analysis. Duties of Band III staff involve, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Advises and/or assists teams in selecting and implementing appropriate data analysis methodologies for engagements in accordance with GAO standards, e.g., Engagement Assistance Guide for Leading Engagements (EAGLE), Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS), and professional data analysis standards.
  • Leads the analysis and definition of data requirements and specifications by assisting teams in developing an analysis plan, which is linked to the engagement's researchable questions and describes key assumptions, data elements to be analyzed, selection criteria used, and potential analysis to be presented in the product.
  • Represents the team and agency as a subject matter expert on complex data analysis issues for engagements.
  • Takes the lead role in programming complex code in SAS, Stata, or R and other software packages including but not limited to SAS Enterprise Guide, SPSS, MapInfo, SQL, Vision Results/DYL, Sudaan, Access, Oracle, Visual Basic, Python--to perform primary data analysis on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Linux and mainframe environments.
  • Designs, normalizes, develops, implements and maintains custom databases (e.g. SAS, Stata data sets, R data frames, and Access databases) of varying complexity to compile data for analysis.
  • Analyzes relational database structures and system documentation received from federal agencies to assist in making appropriate data requests.
  • Designs, develops, and maintains data management systems and audit databases.
  • Develops data architecture for the implementation of statistical data modeling.
  • Ensure database performance and recommends improvements to increase efficiency.
  • Anticipates information needs of engagement team members and facilitates making this information readily available. Utilizes negotiation skills to work with team members and agency officials to obtain access to the information needed to answer engagement researchable questions.
  • May serve as a Designated Performance Manager (DPM) responsible for supervising, evaluating and documenting work performance of assigned staff. Identifies training and developmental needs and makes provisions for training as required by performance expectations. Coaches staff in skills development, oversees individual development activities, and provides opportunities to develop increased capabilities through a variety of projects and assignments. Hears and resolves employee complaints, recommends disciplinary measures such as warnings and reprimands, and recommends other action in more serious cases. Refers unresolved grievances or more serious complaints to higher-level management.
  • As required, may be assigned off line duties such as Professional Development Program Advisor, staffing manager, recruiter, and others.


Conditions of Employment

You must meet both the education (if applicable) and experience requirements for this position.


You must have one year (52 weeks) of GAO experience equivalent to the next lower band level (PE-IIB, PA-II, PT-III, or MS-I) independently performing or overseeing the design, development and programming of custom databases using SAS, Stata, R and/or other comparable software packages; and demonstrated skill leading or overseeing the conduct of complex analyses of data, analyzing and defining data requirements, and developing analysis plans. Your experience must also demonstrate substantive knowledge of GAO's programs and activities, its mission, policies, objectives, management principles and processes; and the ability to manage staff, and independently analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of technical services and staff resources by April 24, 2022 (effective date of promotions).

Your experience must be IT related gained in the IT field or through the performance of work where the primary concern is IT; and demonstrate each of the four competencies listed below:
  • Attention to Detail - Is thorough when performing work and conscientious about attending to detail.
  • Customer Service - Works with clients and customers (that is, any individuals who use or receive the services or products that your work unit produces, including the general public, individuals who work in the agency, other agencies, or organizations outside the Government) to assess their needs, provide information or assistance, resolve their problems, or satisfy their expectations; knows about available products and services; is committed to providing quality products and services.
  • Oral Communication - Expresses information (for example, ideas or facts) to individuals or groups effectively, taking into account the audience and nature of the information (for example, technical, sensitive, controversial); makes clear and convincing oral presentations; listens to others, attends to nonverbal cues, and responds appropriately.
  • Problem Solving - Identifies problems; determines accuracy and relevance of information; uses sound judgment to generate and evaluate alternatives, and to make recommendations.

  • Education

    There is no education requirement for this position.

    Additional information

    This position is not included in the bargaining unit.

    This is a moderate risk public trust position with possible upgrade to a Secret or Top Secret clearance depending on the type of engagement the employee will be assigned to within the mission teams.