Senior Economist

Washington, D.C
Jan 22, 2022
Jan 30, 2022
Full Time

At the Band IIB, the incumbent serves as a Sr. Economist providing economics research in support of GAO's engagements and performing advanced economic analyses of federal programs and policies. Duties of Band IIB staff involve, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Independently identifies economic issues to effectively contribute to design, researchable question development, data collection and analysis, message development, and report writing;
  • Develop economic modeling and econometric analyses of economic, financial, and administrative data that add to the scope of GAOs' assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of federal programs and policies;
  • Applies advanced economic concepts and tools to the evaluation of federal programs and policies. Assesses economic trade-offs associated with federal programs and policies, including their impact on individuals, businesses, markets, prices and quantities;
  • Critically evaluates economic research conducted by federal agencies, academics and other experts to determine quality, relevance and implications for federal programs and policies;
  • Reviews and verifies draft reports to ensure accuracy, precision, and clarity of presentation of economic issues and data;
  • Effectively communicates in writing the methods and conclusions of advanced economic and econometric analyses and evaluations of economic research;
  • Presents results of economic research in formal and informal settings, including message agreement discussions, team meetings, and briefings for Congressional staff;
  • In collaboration with multi-disciplinary team members, develops original findings and recommendations and prepares GAO products that provide factual and analytical information in a clear, balanced manner that meets the needs of congressional clients.


Conditions of Employment

You must meet all qualification requirements before the announcement closes.

Must be a current GAO employee on a permanent appointment .


Basic Requirements:

A. Degree in economics that included at least 21 semester hours in economics and 3 semester hours in statistics, accounting, or calculus;


B. Combination of education and experience - courses equivalent to a major in economics, as shown in A above, plus appropriate experience or additional education.


In addition to the education requirement, employees must have a minimum of 52 weeks of GAO experience, equivalent to at least the next lower band level (PE-IIA, PT-II, PT-III, PA-II, MS-I) in a position demonstrating experience independently applying statistical research techniques to collect and interpret data and developing new economic models or theories by April 25, 2021 (effective date of promotions).


There is no educational substitution for the PE-IIB level.

Additional information

This position is included in the bargaining unit.

If you would like to apply for Specialists promotion opportunities (IT Analyst, Financial Auditor, etc.), you must submit a separate application directly to the appropriate announcement for each Specialist position for which you wish to be considered.

This position is a moderate risk public trust position with possible upgrade to a Secret clearance depending on the type of engagement the employee will be assigned to.