Computer Vision Fellow

Curtis Bay, MD
Jan 12, 2022
Jan 23, 2022
Accountant, IT
Full Time
Schedule: Monday through Friday, flexible Location: Baltimore, MD. Relocation to Baltimore, MD required. Hybrid, and in-person options available. Who is Vectech? Vectech is a social enterprise developing precision environmental health tools. Most of our technologies use applied optics and image recognition to detect and monitor vector (disease-transmitting) insects such as mosquitoes and ticks. Our suite of detection and monitoring products aim to provide public health organizations with the data they need to effectively respond to potential vector borne disease outbreaks. Learn more: Vectech is a member of Baltimore Tracks, an organization working to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in Baltimore tech companies. We especially encourage people who identify as women, people of color, queer, individuals living with disabilities, veterans, and other intersectional individuals to apply. What will you do? The Computer Vision Fellow is a year-long entry-level position oriented towards providing training and practical experience in machine learning and computer vision. Candidates should be passionate about public health and the environment, have strong computer science skills, and have demonstrated interest in developing machine learning and computer vision skills. You will engage with our engineering team and Chief Technology Officer to further refine and develop fine grained classification techniques for mosquitoes and ticks. Previous computer science experience through projects, coursework, or internships is highly desired. Vectech is a startup and responsibilities are dynamic. The Computer Vision Fellow will have the opportunity to learn new roles, and take on additional responsibilities on our growing team. Following satisfactory completion of the fellowship, candidates will transition into Computer Vision Engineer roles on our team. We find it exhilarating and we hope you will join us! Skills you will gain and responsibilities may include: Development and improvement of the following through application of state of the art methods in computer vision, and through development of some novel methods for unsolved problems in the field: Fine grained classification of mosquito/tick characteristics such as species and sex; Machine learning on wild-caught specimens, and novelty detection - developing practical algorithms for deployment which are not confused by species outside the training datasets; Deep object detection networks for constrained imaging scenarios; Segmentation, attribute learning; Domain adaptation for new product embodiments; Applying and iterating internally developed methods to other arthropods, Coordination with software engineers in preparing models for deployment and creating data pipelines; Algorithm generalization and stability. Staying up to date on the state of the art methods in computer vision as they relate to the tasks at hand; Coordination with database development activities to optimize collection and labelling for deep learning tasks; Design reviews with internal and external partners; Preparation of reports and manuscripts for the internal documentation of activities and for publication of research in partnership with universities and other institutions. Required experience/skills: Significant learning experience in computer science (Bootcamp, Co-Op, internship, open-source/personal project contribution, University, or other). Significant learning experience in computer vision, image processing, data science, machine learning, or AI-field (Bootcamp, Co-Op, internship, open-source/personal project contribution, University, or other); Proficiency in Python, and either Tensorflow or Pytorch; Readiness to learn rapidly and adapt to shifting responsibilities; Preferred: 1+ year of experience working in computer vision, ML/DL, or Image processing (research, graduate school, personal projects, or work experience acceptable); Some training in Deep Learning, Robotics, Data Science, or equivalent; Any self-learning, projects, or other experience in computer vision; Proficiency working on linux systems; Experience in image processing; Experience in AI outside computer vision such as GIS, data science, and other machine learning methods; Experience investigating and applying new work in a technical field (research papers, technical blogs, open source work, etc) Experience working on deployed technologies (applied rather than theory); Experience with cloud platforms such as AWS or Azure or Google Cloud; Experience working with software engineers and data engineers to deploy models and inform database development activities for deep learning purposes. Whats it like working with Vectech? As a social enterprise, Vectech cares deeply about people and work-life balance. We offer fully-paid health insurance, dental, and vision plans, at least 30 sick/vacation days per year, and a flexible work schedule with some flexibility to work from home. Powered by JazzHR Vg78nJTxML by Jobble

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