Web Dev Lead

Washington, DC
Jan 17, 2022
Jan 19, 2022
Accountant, IT
Full Time
The Company Youll JoinAt Carta we create owners and make private markets liquid.We live in a world where some people live on the equity stack and enjoy exponential wealth growth and preferential tax treatment; others live on the debt stack and may work their entire lives for a company and retire only with the cash theyve managed to save from their paychecks. Our contribution to solving the wealth inequality problem is moving people from the debt stack (payroll) to the equity stack. By making it as easy to issue equity to employees as it is to put them on payroll, we can create more owners.At Carta, we are helpful, transparent, fair, and kind. We are relentless executors, unconventional thinkers, and masters of our craft.Learn more about our Series G fundraising round here .The Team Youll Work WithCartas Marketing team is responsible for a major chunk of our businesss accelerating growth. We do it by building useful systems that give us good information about our audiences, which we use to create valuable interactions with everyone in the venture capital ecosystemfrom students working on their first business idea to serial founders scaling their second unicorns, and all the way up to the most respected investors. Composed of various functional teams, audience teams, brand leaders, editorial, and product marketing, the overall Marketing team handles a ton of complexity at scale and velocity.The Problems Youll SolveWere no longer a scrappy early-stage startup (even though we still act like one on TV), and now we need a best-in-class web presence team to build a best-in-class marketing site and experience for our users. Youll build that team. Working most closely with Brand, Demand Generation, and Editorial, youll help us select tools, frameworks, and people that will carry us into the future by building a new website on a stack of your choosing and then owning ongoing maintenance and development through the next phase of our lifecycle and beyond.Heres What We Need You To Do Lead the rebuild, content migration, testing, and launch of carta.com on a new CMS from step one. Help us discover the talent and resource gaps well need to fill for you to be most effective. More devs? A data scientist? A UX designer? Its up to you to build this team. After we launch, you and your team will work with stakeholders to update, improve, and maintain the site for maximum impact across all technical and business concerns, including reliability, integration with other systems, data collection/analytics, performance, and user experience. Over time you and your team will be responsible for working with many diverse groups (including Growth Product, Data, and Product/Engineering) to better integrate the marketing site experience with the platform experience. That will mean building interactivity, improving user identification capabilities, personalizing the site experience for identifiable visitors, and making smoother paths to whatever the user wants to do. Evaluate, select, and manage whatever tools and frameworks you think are best for a website. Most of Carta engineering uses React, but youll have flexibility if you want it. Work with all the website stakeholders to develop a modern stack that gives appropriate access to everyone. We all need to move fast, so were counting on you to help us accelerate our pace. Partner with Brand, Demand Generation, and Editorial to balance user experience with Cartas business needs as we seek to communicate most effectively with everyone in our audiences. The Impact Youll HaveYoull carry Cartas website and brand into the future. Serving our website visitors with wonderful experiences is the key to our continued growth, and your team will represent the work of the Marketing, Editorial, and Brand teams to users. Your teams work will multiply Cartas success in lead generation, brand perception, customer satisfaction, and user experience. Above all, youll have built a website other marketing teams (and their devs) admire.About YouYoure a full-stack engineer with well-informed opinions. You realize that many technical decisions are tradeoffs, and youre cognizant of the potential for any given tradeoff to create friction for one of your many stakeholders. You want to make sure every stakeholder is as happy (and as unblocked) as they can bebut the site is your baby, and you want it to have its best shot at success, too.Youve been around the block. Youve run projects and teams, even if you dont have management experience. Youre interested in developing your project management and team building skills.You Have 4+ years of experience as a full-stack web dev, with at least one year handling a teams project management. A history of thoughtful tool selection, ideally including CMSs. Familiarity with React. Cartas engineering teams are generally React-heavy, so being able to integrate your stack with the rest of our tools will be very important. An understanding of the many, many consumers of website functionality. Experience working at either a growth-stage SaaS company or a media company. Ideally, your experience includes working with websites that have many pages, page types, interaction points, and sections. Experience working with a website whose purpose includes lead and revenue generation. (Bonus points for:) Experience designing and working with data-collection systems for user behavior and website performanceand making that information available to teams like Customer Success, Marketing, Sales, and Editorial. We are an equal opportunity employer and are committed to providing a positive interview experience for every candidate. If accommodations due to a disability or medical condition are needed, connect with us via email at recruiting@carta.com . As a company, we value fairness, helpfulness, transparency, leadership and build our teams around these values. Check out our careers page to get to know us better as you think about your next step at Carta.by Jobble

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