Senior Speech Language Pathologist

Genesis Rehab Services
Purcellville, VA
Jan 16, 2022
Jan 18, 2022
Accountant, IT
Full Time
POSITION SUMMARY: The Senior Therapist is responsible for assisting the Director of Rehab in the efficient Clinical management of rehabilitation services in his/her assigned account(s). Also, this position assists in integration of rehabilitation services in all settings. The Senior Therapist assesses the need for, develops, and delivers therapy programs to facilitate rehabilitation. The Senior Therapist identifies the need for and makes referral(s) to other disciplines to address the comprehensive needs of the patients. He/she implements individualized therapy programs designed to restore, reinforce, and enhance programs. In addition, the Senior Therapist instructs, educates, and trains patients and caregivers in those skills and functions essential for promoting independence and productivity, in order to diminish or correct pathology. He/she directs activities to promote and maintain health. The Senior Therapist supports the delivery of the highest standard and quality of rehabilitation services.RESPONSIBILITIES/ACCOUNTABILITIES:1. Assists therapy staff in delivery of patient care needs by the Director of Rehab and/or Clinical Operations Area Director through clinical programming and identifying patient care opportunities.2. Assists in clinically managing Genesis Rehab Services personnel and consultants within facility or home care contracts.3. Supports the delivery of the highest standard of rehabilitation services through appropriate utilization of resources, the promotion of clinical programs, and staff development in collaboration with licensed therapists, the Clinical Operations Area Director, and Regional Clinical Director.4. Assists Director of Rehab with customer service.5. Ensures that the clinical management of the rehabilitation department, including oversight related to case management, quality improvement, care planning, clinical utilization, and patient identification is overseen by a licensed therapist.6. Assists Director of Rehab in ensuring practice act compliance.7. Attends facility meetings and is responsible for information sharing at facility meetings at the Director of Rehab's direction.8. Recognized as "go to person" from a clinical stand point in gym.9. Assists in clinical development and growth of therapy staff in their own or other disciplines.10. Assists in identification of areas of opportunity for clinical growth for the discipline or department in collaboration with the Director of Rehab and Regional Clinical Director.11. Assists the Director of Rehab developing clinical excellence to support customer service.12. Assists the Director of Rehab with promoting good team work, company culture, and diversity within the rehab gym.13. Assists in developing, coordination and utilization of student and mentor programs.14. As necessary or applicable, supervision of Physical Therapist Assistants or Occupational Therapy Assistants, temporary licenses, students and support personnel in accordance with state licensure and professional standards.15. Attends and contributes to patient care, staffing conferences and other related meetings.16. Makes referrals to other disciplines, agencies in order to address the comprehensive needs of the patient.17. Consults and collaborates with other members of the health care team to select the most appropriate therapeutic regimen consistent with the needs and capabilities of each patient.18. Adapts program and/or plan of care according to the needs of the individual patient.19. Conducts training programs and participates in training medical, nursing and other personnel in treatment techniques and objectives, consistent with the patient's course of treatment or those in common to the site of service.20. Upholds the GRS Promises:be ethicalI will always act with integrity and honesty, and expect others to do the same. I will ensure my actions comply with the standards set forth by our Policies and Procedures Manuals and the Employee respectfulI will treat others in the way I would like to be treated. I will appreciate and respect others' beliefs, and I will cherish our accountableI will take responsibility for myself in my actions and my quality of work. I will hold others to those same actively engagedI will make a conscious effort to be an active part of our community. I will check email and RehabCentral regularly to keep up-to-date on important information. I will be aware of the numerous resources available to me as an employee.take pride in my work & my companyI will be proud of the work I've done each and every day. I will always represent my company in a positive, professional manner both inside and outside of work.embrace changeI understand that change is a necessary part of life. I will approach change with a positive attitude and will work with my team members to overcome any obstacles associated with change.communicate compassionatelyI will communicate in an appropriate, professional and timely manner. I will strive to be an active listener by making an effort to hear not just the words another person is saying but, more imporA' not tantly, understand the total message being conveyed.strive for excellenceI will continuously work to grow and develop myself as an employee. I will ask for assistance if I need it, and I will be open to receiving feedback from my manager.celebrateI will contribute to a positive work environment where my team members and I enjoy coming to work and celebrating each other's successes.21. Performs other related duties as required.STSL

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