Cloud DevOps Engineer - SaaS (Remote)

Columbia, MD
Jan 16, 2022
Jan 19, 2022
Engineer, IT, QA Engineer
Full Time
DescriptionWhat makes this job meaningful?The workplace has changed. Today's employees expect more than just pay or title, they seek careers where they can learn, grow, be challenged, and be valued for the ideas they bring to the table.Unfortunately, most organizations lack the tools and structure needed to create this kind of coaching and development culture across every team and every manager. Instead, their development efforts are buried in disconnected systems or compliance-based HR software.When you join Leadr, you'll be helping us to solve this incredibly complex, yet worthwhile, puzzle of one to one people development at scale within organizations.Leadr exists to help every manager become a coach and give every employee a voice and you will play a crucial role in turning this vision into reality.Why You'll Be Motivated To Apply You've mastered the basic skills of software engineering and need a new challenge. Your solutions are tidy and approaching an art form, and are precisely architected to consider scalability, reliability, monitoring, security, automated testing, and maintainability.You embrace the devops mindset and know that it presents both an opportunity for you to dazzle us with your current skills but also stretch and grow.You are interested in building enterprise software that runs at scale, and you want to write code that makes a real impact. You love the freedom of working remotely, but you don't want to be isolated; you want to have human connections every day with your colleagues. Leadr's product team is fully remote but we are on Slack and Discord all day. We have a lot of fun!Leadr is an early stage startup and with that comes amazing growth opportunities.RequirementsTo be successful in this role we think you will need the following 3+ years of devops engineering experience.Experience with AWS or other cloud providers, Linux, and scripting languages. A solid understanding of the software development life-cycle and experience driving projects to completion. You are passionate about what you do, you are a motivated self-starter and constantly learning and developing.You are skilled in communicating your decisions, processes, and work to stakeholders.You have a passion for our mission (developing people), and can't wait to have a positive impact on our team and our customers.LocationThis role is fully remote (work from home) for anyone authorized to legally work in the US and currently residing in the US. We have found some states and districts present employment compliance barriers that prevent us working with remote workers in California and New York.BenefitsRemuneration for this role is fixed at $100,000 and includes stock options.We are pleased to offer valuable market-rate salary, bonuses, and benefits. We offer PTO, sick leave, paid holidays, and we are committed to developing you as a leader and providing career growth throughout your employment with us. We promise to care for you as a person, and have meaningful conversations with you so you have the clarity and support you need to do your best work!What can you expect for your interview process?While not all candidates will complete the entire process, here's what it looks like from start to finish. We'll keep communication open the entire way so you always know where you stand.Complete our kick-off interview form, which is part of our application. We will reference your answers throughout the interview process, so please be thorough and thoughtful. We promise we won't make you retype your resume into another form, as we value your time. A 30 minute coffee interview phone call. We'll use this time to get to know you as a person and hear more about your story. A 120-minute practical exercise by video call. We'll use this time to make sure you possess the minimum technical skills we think are required for the role. A several 45-minute team interviews by video call. This is your chance to meet other team members and ask us some questions, too. And finally, the Offer letter is sent. Welcome to the team!About LeadrWhile the problem we're tackling at Leadr is ambitious, we have reason to be optimistic:Our early team is loaded with talented and experienced people who share a passion for the mission.The executive team has done this before, founding and leading a startup in the payments space through hyper-growth and a successful exit in less than ten years. Leadr recently completed our series A round of fundraising, and we have achieved outstanding sales growth.Leadr is an Equal Opportunity-Affirmative Action Employer. Thank you for considering Leadr as the place to share your strengths and talents.