Deputy Assistant Director (American Law Division)

Washington, D.C
Jan 16, 2022
Jan 20, 2022
Executive, Director
Full Time

This position is not eligible for permanent remote telework.

The Deputy Assistant Director is part of the executive-level leadership of CRS and will operationalize the Assistant Director's vision in leading and managing the American Law Division (ALD). Working directly with congressional committees and Members of the House and Senate and their staff, ALD attorneys contribute to an informed national legislature as it considers legal and policy issues of importance to the American people. Areas of research, analysis, and consultative support include all facets of law in the United States, including administrative, business, civil rights, constitutional, energy, environmental, health, immigration, intellectual property, international, labor, military, national security, procurement, tax, and trade law. ALD attorneys also ensure that the Constitution Annotated of the United States , the official record of the U.S. Constitution, remains accurate and timely through historical research, analysis of current developments in constitutional law, and review and assimilation of practice materials and academic discourse.

On behalf of the Assistant Director, the Deputy Assistant Director ensures optimal operations and administration of the division on both substantive and management matters. Intellectual curiosity, an ability to learn, creativity, optimism, enthusiasm for public service, solicitude, flexibility, respect for and an ability to execute administrative duties rapidly and accurately, responsiveness, business acumen, and an ability to understand and interpret the strategic vision of another leader are attributes that would contribute to success in this position.

The Deputy Assistant Director assists in monitoring, measuring, and calibrating division research and publication activities in relation to its mission of serving Congress; supports the planning and execution of congressional outreach that ensures that the division is identifying appropriate legal questions facing Congress; follows through with ensuring division operations that provide objective, authoritative, and high quality legal analysis that meets the needs of congressional clients; translates the Assistant Director's vision into action with respect to intellectual leadership of legal areas within the division's responsibility; collaborates with other executives and subordinate managers on the CRS mission; and serves with full delegated authority of the Assistant Director in her absence. The Deputy Assistant Director also performs special or sensitive substantive, consultative, or managerial assignments as requested by the Assistant Director.

Major duties of this position include:
  • Demonstrates intellectual leadership in the formulating, framing, conducting and communicating of research policy and analysis conducted in the division, in terms of subject matter expertise, methodology and relevance to congressional needs. Reviews the written products of staff to ensure that the Service's quality standards are met.
  • In collaboration with other senior managers, ensures coverage of all issues identified throughout the Service. Oversees implementation of the research agenda, including approaches, frameworks, or methodologies. Monitors, updates, and adjusts the research agenda to meet the changing needs of Congress, reassesses/reallocates capacity and communicates adjustments to supervisors and staff. Coordinates research activities with managers in other divisions to promote research and analysis across the Service.
  • Performs the human resource management functions relative to the staff supervised. Ensures that supervisors and staff conduct research and analytical activities in a collaborative manner that incorporates expertise from multiple disciplines available from both inside and outside the division. Establishes and clearly communicates performance expectations for staff members in support of agency goals. Provides informal feedback and periodically formally evaluates staff on performance measures and results.
  • Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with various high-level individuals, including committees and officers of the United States Congress, other legislative agencies and the Library of Congress, executive branch departments and agencies, professional organizations, universities, and other research organizations in order to advance the programs and objectives of the Congressional Research Service.

This is a supervisory, non-bargaining unit position.

The position description number is 058851.

The salary range indicated reflects the basic pay adjustment of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.


Conditions of Employment

  • See requirements listed below under Qualifications Required.

Your resume is important to this application process. It will be reviewed to determine whether you possess the qualifications referenced above. All applicants are required to submit a resume that provides specific information (to include accomplishments, work experience and education/training) that clearly describes what you would bring to the position.

The Supervisor leads his/her staff toward meeting the Library's vision, mission, and goals by acting decisively, leveraging diversity and inclusiveness, demonstrating flexibility and resilience, fostering continuous improvement and innovation, and fostering integrity and honesty. To view the Library's Supervisory Core Competencies click the following link: .

Conditions of Employment

Library employees must be fully vaccinated by Monday, January 3, 2022. New hires must be fully vaccinated by the date of their appointment.

Employees are considered fully vaccinated when it has been at least two weeks since they received the second dose of a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine (e.g., Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna) or the single dose of a one-dose vaccine (e.g., Johnson & Johnson/Janssen). At this time, booster shots are not necessary to be considered fully vaccinated.

New hires will be required to show proof of vaccination their first week of work.

Upon request, employees must provide proof of vaccination to the Health Services Division.

Consistent with applicable law, the Library will consider individual exceptions to the vaccination requirement based on an employee's medical condition or sincerely held religious belief. Employees with an approved exception will be subject to weekly testing and other COVID-19 safety protocols as directed, including, for example, wearing masks and social distancing.

Library of Congress employees are prohibited from using illegal drugs, including marijuana. The Library is part of the Federal Government and abides by federal law, so regardless of individual state or District of Columbia laws, marijuana use is illegal, considered criminal activity, and can affect your employment at the Library. In addition, past drug use and activities (e.g., selling or distributing) may deem you ineligible for employment.


Consistent with the Assistant Director's leadership, the Deputy Assistant Director leads staff toward meeting the Library's vision, mission, and goals by acting decisively, leveraging diversity and inclusiveness, demonstrating flexibility and resilience, fostering continuous improvement and innovation, fostering integrity and honesty, communicating effectively, and managing conflict and crisis. Exhibits commitment to the Library's Supervisory Core Competencies .

The competencies below are required for this position. Those marked with a double asterisk (**) are considered the most critical competencies for this position.

A candidate's resume must show a proven record of accomplishment that clearly demonstrates he or she has:

Multidisciplinary knowledge of American law. ** Multidisciplinary knowledge of the theories, laws and regulations, concepts, processes, methodologies, principles, and/or practices of American law to address legal questions in a public policy setting and in the context of federal law and legislation. This competency includes knowledge of the history, trends, and current status of fields of American law and interrelationships with other key fields and disciplines.

Ability to manage and execute legal research and analysis.** Consistent with the Assistant Director's leadership, the ability to manage, organize, and evaluate the analysis of legal issues by applying broad knowledge of American law. This competency includes ensuring legal analysis of public policy issues at the federal level; ensuring that the legal components of public policy problems are appropriately conceptualized and defined; information and research are fully analyzed and synthesized; the implications of statutory and case law are identified and appropriate conclusions are drawn; alternatives are generated and assessed; the consequences of choosing each alternative are evaluated; and established requirements are applied (e.g., confidentiality, non-partisanship, objectivity, timeliness, and authoritativeness) in the development, evaluation, and maintenance of products, programs, and services.

Ability to lead people and manage a workforce.** Consistent with the Assistant Director's leadership, the ability to manage and promote a diverse and inclusive workforce that fosters the development of others, facilitates cooperation and teamwork, and supports constructive resolution of conflicts. Conducts workforce planning activities by identifying staffing needs and recruiting, hiring, training, supervising, and mentoring highly qualified staff to meet those needs. Ensures tasks are appropriately delegated and completed by monitoring and evaluating performance against a predetermined deadline and/or measure of quality.

Ability to communicate in writing and assess the quality of products and services.** The ability to write, review, and oversee the production of a variety of clear, cogent, accurate, and well-organized products. This competency includes evaluating the content, organization, and relevance of a range of products and services to meet the quality standards of a public policy organization. Ensures that products and services are substantively correct and meet CRS core values of objectivity, nonpartisanship, authoritativeness, and timeliness. Makes suggestions for improvement.

Ability to think strategically and implement change.** Champions and implements the Assistant Director's strategic vision and direction for an organization or group and effects change. This competency includes evaluating interdependencies and interrelationships among functions and operationalizing the most effective methods to provide support and align resources to achieve organization goals and gaining support and commitment from others.

Ability to exercise judgment and discretion. Demonstrates awareness of the likely consequences or implications of one's own actions and work within the context of agency/ organizational/ departmental standards. Acts appropriately in a given situation (e.g., with colleagues, clients, media/press), using discretion, and being committed to confidentiality.

Ability to communicate effectively other than in writing. Effectively expresses ideas and recommendations other than in writing in various settings to peers, staff, managers, supervisors, and external audiences to both provide and seek information. This competency includes actively listening to or understanding communicated information and answering questions thoughtfully and completely.

Continue with the application process only if you are able to document on your resume that you meet all the critical competency requirements at the levels described below.

1. Multidisciplinary knowledge of American law: I am recognized by decision-makers as a professional resource in specific areas of American law at the federal level.

2. Ability to manage and execute legal research and analysis: As a major job responsibility, I have managed legal research and analysis in specific areas relevant to American law.

3. Ability to lead people and manage a workforce: I have experience leading or managing a professional staff (e.g., responsible for developing staffing plans, recruiting and hiring, assigning work, evaluating performance).

4. Ability to communicate in writing and assess the quality of products and services: I have written a variety of clear, cogent and well-organized products, and I have evaluated and critically reviewed numerous legal products and services to ensure quality standards are met.

5. Ability to think strategically and implement change: I have participated in implementing the strategic vision or plan for an organization.


Applicants must possess an LL.B. or J.D., or higher degree from a full course of study in a school of law accredited by the American Bar Association or a state-accredited school of law and be a current active (or equivalent) member in good standing of the bar of a state, the District of Columbia, a territory of the United States, or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Appointees must maintain active membership in good standing of the bar throughout their employment.

Legible copies of transcripts demonstrating that applicant is a graduate from an LL.B. or J.D., or higher degree program in a school of law accredited by the American Bar Association or a state-accredited school of law must be attached to your online application. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable at the time of the application. Official documents will be required if selected.

Also, a copy of bar membership demonstrating that applicant is a member in good standing of the bar of a state, the District of Columbia, a territory of the United States, or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico must be attached to your online application.

These (official or unofficial) documents may be attached to your online application or emailed to the Staffing Specialist ( ). The documents can also be e-mailed during the interview scheduling process. They must be received prior to a full interview. Applicants who do not submit the required documentation will not be interviewed and will be disqualified from further consideration. Official documentation will be required if selected for the position. Failure to complete all mandatory sections of the on-line application form or failure to submit a resume will disqualify applicants from further consideration for the vacancy for which they are applying.

Additional information

The Congressional Research Service, within the Library of Congress, is part of the legislative branch of the federal government. As such, all positions are in the excepted service.

Additional information about CRS and its American Law Division is available at .

All initial appointments, permanent or indefinite, to the Library of Congress require completion of a one-year probationary period. In addition, all newly appointed Senior Level executives, from outside the Library as well as from within, must serve a one year probationary period in accordance with the Library of Congress Regulations (LCRs) 2017.2-1, Senior Level Executive System.

The Library of Congress is an equal opportunity employer. All who meet the eligibility requirements are encouraged to apply.

Applicants must submit a complete application package that is received by the closing date of this announcement.

This agency provides reasonable accommodation to applicants with disabilities. If you need a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process, please email The decision on granting reasonable accommodation will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

The Library of Congress is the national library of the United States and is part of the Legislative Branch of the Federal government. As such, all positions are in the excepted service. Appointment/retention is subject to a favorable evaluation of an appropriate personnel security/suitability investigation.

The Library of Congress may offer repayment for all or part of federally insured student loans. However, not all service units within the Library of Congress participates in the repayment of federally insured student loans. Therefore, determination to repay a federally insured student loan is subject to approval by the appropriate service unit.

The selected applicant will be required to file a financial disclosure statement with the House of Representatives, U.S. Congress, in accordance with the provisions of Public Law 95-521, the Ethics in Government Act of 1978.

Are you a veteran? Please indicate the type of veterans' preference you are claiming in your application materials and/or applicant profile and provide the appropriate supporting documentation to validate your claim. Those applying for 5-point preference must submit Member Copy 4 of your DD 214. Those applying for 10-point preference must fill out an SF-15 (click here for the form) and provide the required documentation listed on the back of the form. If required supporting documentation is not attached, Veterans' Preference will not be considered in the application process.

For more information regarding eligibility requirements, please see the Library of Congress Merit Selection Plan, Section X.D, at: .