Sales Associate - ASAP Availability Wanted

Chrome Solutions
Baltimore, MD
Jan 12, 2022
Jan 15, 2022
Full Time
Competitive and Sports Minded People Wanted - Want to be somewhere where your energy is appreciated? Does a career of independence and freedom to chart your own workday sound appealing? Due to our continued growth and success, we are looking for ambitious, high-energy, and savvy sales and marketing representatives to grow with us. You do not need sales or marketing experience to be successful in this role. We provide extensive training! Chrome Solutions' motto holds true to the leadership team we have in place and its to work hard and make it happen, if there's no way available, then you must make a way; just make sure to help others succeed in the process. Maintaining a solution-oriented and creative mindset will create new paths and opportunities that may be even greater than they had imagined. Witnessing our teams' success in this is utterly gratifying. Why is this such a great opportunity? * Independence --You get to chart your own workday * Socially Active Culture --Where else can you come to career and play PlayStation 4, go bowling, and have taco team nights, all in a week's work? * Training & Development --we cross-train every single person from the ground up. Even our CEO started entry-level to earn their opportunity to get to the top. * Leadership --we devote much of our time developing a leadership mindset. From building confidence to reading inspiring authors to your personal development project, everyone here is learning to lead others from their first day. Job Requirements:Requirements: * Bulletproof Attitude --If you are to lead others the first thing you have to have is an attitude others want to follow * Michael Jordan Work Ethic --the most common trait in successful people is the fact that they outworked everyone around them. We expect the same if we want everyone to grow * Humble Student Mentality --the greatest leaders are the best learners. A huge reason why we do not care for experience is that those are the people who love to learn more and more, not act like they know everything. * Unbelievable People Skills --In order to lead others and do well in sales, one must be great at dealing with all different types of people from all walks of life.

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