Washington D.C.
Jan 13, 2022
Feb 17, 2022
Executive, Director
Full Time

SAFE’s Commanding Heights initiative is starting an aluminum strategic material project and seeks a full-time leader for it. • By way of background, SAFE Commanding Heights is dedicated to securing the high technology supply chains for transportation and energy on which the U.S. and its allies depend. These supply chains include batteries, semiconductors and microelectronics, solar, and strategic materials such as processed critical minerals and rare earth elements, aluminum, and carbon fibers. • We boost American and allied industries. We advocate smart ways to leverage U.S. and allied values, interests, and principles for competitive economic advantage. We counter PRC unfair trade practices, mercantilism, and the violations of environmental, intellectual property, and human rights standards integral to their economic approach. Our mission is ultimately rooted in the aim of advancing U.S. national and economic security, and prosperity and jobs for all Americans. • We have a Center for Critical Minerals Strategy that conducts research and serves as a convener and thought leader to advance policies that ensure critical mineral supply chains – from mining and processing to manufacturing and recycling – support the foreign and military policies of the United States, reflect our interests and values, and continue to strengthen American competitiveness. For more information about SAFE, visit heights

The Opportunity: We seek candidates for the role of full-time leader of our aluminum strategic materials effort. Broad project aims are to: 1. Ensure North American aluminum supply chains and production: a. Grow and are sustainable b. Find cost-effective ways to become environmentally cleaner, including lowering CO2 emissions c. Avoid becoming victim to PRC unfair trade practices -2- 2. Determine how USG policies can support the above aims—including legal and regulatory 3. reform, and USG policies ranging from DoD procurement to tax and trade. Specific project deliverables during year 1 currently are: 1. Develop a foundational supply chain study complimented by a professional media plan that will outline the production and use of primary aluminum from the perspective of the defense, aerospace, passenger and commercial vehicle supply chains to assess risk. 2. Produce a legal and regulatory report on the Department of Defense and other relevant procurement offices that examines the procurement environment and evaluates existing policies and regulations that hinder or help the procurement of domestic primary aluminum The successful candidate will report to the Executive Director of SAFE Commanding Heights while working closely with the Director of our Center for Critical Minerals Strategy and being part there.

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