Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist

Bethesda, Maryland
Jan 08, 2022
Jan 15, 2022
Full Time

Component Mission

The Office of Equal Employment Opportunity (OEEO) leads the ODNI's program to proactively prevent discrimination in employment and ensures that the policies and practices of the ODNI align with the federal government's mandate to be a model employer for the nation. OEEO leads efforts to strengthen compliance with laws and to eliminate discriminatory behavior in the workplace. As the agency's civil rights office, OEEO maintains neutrality in resolving workplace concerns and implements the EEO complaint process in accordance with 29 C.F.R. 1614 and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's Management Directive 110. OEEO also promotes equality of opportunity in employment through outreach, training, consulting, and education. OEEO works collaboratively with ODNI stakeholders to benchmark and implement best practices as described in the EEOC's Management Directive 715 and conducts data analysis to assess compliance risks within the ODNI and broader IC. Recognizing the unique skills of EEO professionals (to include counselors, specialists, special emphasis program managers, investigators, attorneys, and mediators), OEEO convenes a community of practice across the 18 elements of the U.S. Intelligence Community and seeks to maintain the highest professional standards, design and deliver innovative programs, recognize outstanding accomplishments, and share leading industry practices and capabilities. The Chief of OEEO reports directly to the Director of National Intelligence and is the designated agency official for engagement and reporting to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Office of Personnel Management, Congress, and the Department of Justice, as appropriate.

Major Duties and Responsibilities (MDRs)

Serving as a staff level Equal Employment Specialist providing technical guidance and direction to managers, employees and applicants.

Counseling ODNI employees, managers and applicants at all levels concerning employment policies and practices that impact the organization.

Providing consulting services to management officials at all levels in identifying barriers to equal employment and provides assistance in carrying out EEO objectives.

Evaluates the completion of all requirements for pre-complaint counseling and complaints processing for compliance with regulations and coordination with appropriate staff including management officials, employees, human resource officials and/or agency counsel.

Analyzes and determines the acceptability of formal complaints, dismissing those that do not meet regulatory criteria for acceptance.

Conducts investigations, reviews, analyzes and evaluates discrimination complaints for case law, legal sufficiency, applicable legislation and theories. Assists and prepares investigative plans, and requests pertinent information.

Assists in compiling Reports of Investigation (ROI) in accordance with policies and procedures from Equal Employment Opportunity (EEOC), and other related federal agencies.

Designs, develops and conducts specialized briefings, orientations and training for managers, supervisors and employees on EEO program requirements, responsibilities and goals including complaints processing and adjudication, sexual harassment prevention and affirmative action.

Cultivate and maintain productive working relationships with colleagues, diversity experts, and ODNI senior leadership to share information of interest, explain the specifics of diversity and reasonable accommodation programs and/or EEO programs and, when appropriate, present, justify, defend, negotiate, and/or settle matters involving significant or controversial issues.


Conditions of Employment

Who May Apply
Former members of the Peace Corps may be considered for ODNI employment only if five full years have elapsed since separation from the Peace Corps.
  • For a cadre assignment:
    • Current ODNI permanent cadre. (Current GS employees at the same grade may apply.)
    • Current Federal Government employees. (Current GS employees at the same grade as the advertised positions grade may apply.)
    • Candidates outside the Federal Government.
    • Current ODNI Staff Reserve Employees. (A staff reserve employee who currently occupies this position may not apply.)
  • For a detailee assignment:
    • Current Federal Government employees at the same grade than the advertised positions grade may apply.
Salary Determination
  • The ODNI uses a rank-in-person system in which rank is attached to the individual. A selected ODNI candidate or other Federal Government candidate will be assigned to the position at the employee's current GS grade and salary.
  • A current Federal Government employee, selected for a detail, will be assigned to the position at his or her current grade and salary.
  • For a selected non-Federal Government candidate, salary will be established within the salary range listed above, based on education and experience.


Mandatory and Educational Requirements

Applicants must have one year of specialized experience that may have been obtained in the private or public (local, county, state, Federal) sectors which demonstrates:

Applying comprehensive and thorough knowledge of laws, regulations, Executive orders, court decisions, and issues related to the Federal equal employment opportunity program to a variety of difficult and complex work assignments.

Performing fact-finding, analysis, and resolution of complex problems.

Identifying equal employment opportunity problems and developing concrete action plans to solve these problems.

Advising Federal managers on appropriate courses of action to eliminate barriers to equal employment opportunity.

Specialized Experience: Applicants must have at least one or more full-time years:

Processing complaints of discrimination from intake to issuance of the report and/or record of investigation;

Counseling employees, managers and applicants concerning EEO employment policies and practices that impact the organization;

Assisting in developing procedures, guidance material, and policy directives for use by counselors, managers, and employees within the EEO complaint processing system; and

Analyzing EEO statistical and affirmative action information and preparing reports for EEOC and other compliance agencies.


Desired Requirements


Bachelor's degree, or equivalent studies.

Completion of 32 hours of EEO Counselor and/or Investigator training, as required by the EEOC. Recertification requires completion of eight hours of annual training.

Additional information

The ODNI is an equal opportunity employer and abides by applicable employment laws and regulations.

REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONS FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES: The ODNI provides reasonable accommodations to otherwise qualified applicants with disabilities. IF YOU NEED A REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION for any part of the application and hiring process, please notify the Intelligence Community Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Office Representative by classified email at DNI_Reasonable_Accommodation_WMA@cia.ic.gov and DNI_Diversity_WMA@cia.ic.gov, by unclassified email at DNI_DRA@dni.gov, by telephone at 703-275-3900 or by FAX at 703-275-1217 . Your request for reasonable accommodation will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION TO THE EEOD EMAIL ADDRESS. THIS EMAIL IS FOR REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION REQUESTS ONLY. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION VIA THE EMAIL ADDRESS PROVIDED IN THE 'HOW TO APPLY' SECTION ABOVE .

JOB INTERVIEW TRAVEL: Candidates from outside the Washington, D.C., area may be selected for a telephone, teleconference, or in-person interview. If selected for an in-person interview, the ODNI hiring office will pay for travel by commercial carrier (economy class) or reimburse for privately owned vehicle (POV) mileage. If applicable, the candidate also will be reimbursed at a flat rate for commercial lodging and per diem.

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