Assistant Inspector General for Audits

Chantilly, Virginia
Dec 04, 2021
Dec 11, 2021
Audit and Tax
Full Time

As the Assistant Inspector General for Audits you may be required to:
  • The AJG for Audits performs the work in an independent manner, assuming a high degree of personal responsibility for sound judgment and decisions.
  • Plans, directs, coordinates and manages independent financial and performance audits and special assessments of NRO activities in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards
  • Provides direction, expert professional advice, consultation, and guidance and recommends appropriate actions in all matters pertaining to personnel, administration, OIG policy, and audit procedures. Serves as a member of the DIG senior management team.
  • Manages a staff directly and through subordinate supervisors to include reviewing staff products for quality and clarity monitoring productivity and timeliness, ensuring financial and personnel resources are deployed in accordance with OIG priorities
  • Interacts with senior officials within and outside the NRO in regard to audit issues, including contacts with members of the ICIG Forum and committees, Council of Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency, Congress, and other government entities
  • Participates in the OIG corporate management team focused on OIG resources, production, planning and the development of overall policies and procedures. Keeps the IG and DIG routinely and fully informed of the status of audits in progress.
  • Represents the Audits staff on OlG personnel panels; ensures accurate and timely feedback and evaluations and provides guidance on career development issues. Ensures employees receive appropriate professional training and necessary tools.


Conditions of Employment

  • This is a Drug Testing designated position
  • Position is a (DCIPS) position in the Excepted Service under U.S.C. 1601
  • Must obtain/maintain Critical Sensitive TS/SCI clearance w/polygraph
  • Work Schedule: Full time
  • Overtime: Occasionally
  • Tour Of Duty: Flexible- May have to work long hours, or unusual work schedules
  • PCS (Permanent Change of Station): May be Authorized
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA): Exempt
  • Telework eligibility: This position is NOT Telework eligible
  • Mobility Agreement: Required- Selectee will be required to sign a mobility agreement as a condition of employment.
  • The use of recruitment incentives, paid relocation and/or retention incentives may be authorized
  • Senior Executives are required to complete a "Declaration of Federal Employment," (OF 306), prior to being appointed to determine your suitability for Federal employment and to authorize a background check .
  • Financial Disclosure: Senior Executives are required to comply with the provisions of the Ethics in Government Act, PL 95-521, which requires the submission of a financial disclosure statement (OGE-278).
  • Trail Period: You will serve a 1-year DISL Trail period unless you previously completed the trail period in DISL positions.
  • You will be required to complete a 2 year DCIPS probationary period, unless already served.
  • COVID19: All Federal Employees must be fully vaccinated by November 22, 2021. Please see, additional information.
  • Drug Testing: Subject to initial and random drug testing
  • Incumbent must obtain and maintain a passport


Intelligence Community (IC) Senior Officer Core Qualification (SOCQ) - Leading the Intelligence Enterprise: Required for all senior executive positions effective 1 October 2010. This SOCQ involves the ability to integrate resources, information, interests, and activities effectively in support of the IC's mission and to lead and leverage cross organizational collaborative networks to achieve significant mission results. Inherent to this Standard is a deep understanding of the Intelligence enterprise (or other comparable interagency or multi-organizational environment) and a shared commitment to the IC's core values. Please limit your written statements to no more than one page per ICSOCQ.

IC Senior Officers have a responsibility to share information and knowledge to achieve results, in that regard are expected to build effective networks and alliances; actively engage these peers and stakeholders; involve them in key decision; and effectively leverage these networks to achieve significant results. Senior officers are expected to create an environment that promotes employee engagement, collaboration, integration, information and knowledge sharing, and the candid, open exchange of diverse points of view. Candidates assessed against this competency must:

1. Collaboration and Integration: Build, leverage, and lead collaborative networks with key peers and stakeholders across the IC and/or other government/private-sector organizations, or professional/technical disciplines to achieve significant joint/multi-agency mission outcomes. Integrate joint/multi-agency activities effectively exercising collaborative plans that realize mutual IC, joint, or multi-organizational goals.

2. Enterprise Focus: IC Senior officers are expected to demonstrate a deep understanding of how the missions, structures, leaders, and cultures of the various IC components interact and connect; synthesize resources, information and other inputs to effectively integrate and align component, IC, and the United States Government interests and activities to achieve IC-wide, national, and international priorities. Senior officers are expected to encourage and support Joint Duty assignments and developmental experiences that develop and reinforce enterprise focus among their subordinates. Candidates assessed against the component must: Understand the roles, missions, capabilities, and organizational and political realities of the intelligence enterprise; apply that understanding to drive joint, interagency, or multi-organizational mission accomplishment. Understand how organizations, resources, information, and processes within the IC interagency/multi-organizational environment interact with and influence one another; apply that understanding to solve complex interagency or multi-organizational problems.

3. Values-Centered Leadership: IC Senior officers are expected to personally embody, advance and reinforce IC core values. Senior officers are expected to demonstrate and promote departmental and/or component values. Candidates assessed against this competency must demonstrate: A Commitment to selfless service and excellence in support of the IC's mission, as well as to preserving, protecting, and defending the Nation's laws and liberties. The Integrity and Courage(moral, intellectual, and physical) to seek and speak the truth, to innovate, and to change things for the better, regardless of personal or professional risk. Collaboration as members of a single IC-wide team, respecting and leveraging the diversity of all members of the IC, their background, their sources and methods, and their points of view.

Promote, reinforce, and reward IC, departmental/component core values in the workforce and ensure that actions, policies, and practices are aligned with, and embody those values. Ensure that organizational strategies, policies, procedures, and actions give appropriate focus, attention, and commitment to diversity of people, points of view, ideas, and insights.


TECHNICAL QUALIFICATIONS (TQ): All applicants must submit written statements (narrative format) of accomplishments that would satisfy the technical qualifications. You must address each technical qualification separately. Please limit your written statements to not to exceed a total of 2 pages per statement per technical qualification.

1. Expert knowledge and demonstrated ability to build, lead, motivate, train, mentor, and work with teams of people with diverse, multi-agency backgrounds.
2. Substantive audit expertise with in-depth knowledge of Government Auditing Standards
3. Substantive experience in a broad range of DIG audits and special reviews.
4. Prior experience in overseeing performance and/or financial audits.
5. Broad understanding ofthe NRO, its organization and activities, and its relationship to the
rest of the IC and the DoD.
6. Impeccable integrity, discretion, and judgment
7. Ability to work with very sensitive information
8. Expert knowledge and expertise in conducting government audits and audit related activities to include demonstration of an enterprise perspective and superior analytic and critical thinking skills.
9. Strong interpersonal, organizational, communication, operational, and managerial skills to conceptualize and effectively oversee the Audit Division. This includes managing conflict, leading change, leveraging diversity, developing others, and team building.
10. Strong communication skills, both orally and in writing, to represent the Office of Inspector General's audit operations, reports, and persuasive recommendations to senior leadership, both internal and external to the organization. This includes the ability to write clearly and concisely and to review and improve written products of others. This also includes the ability to provide effective briefings to DIG and NRO senior management, other IC leaders, and Congress.


This position has a positive education requirement that mandates a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, Auditing, or a degree including auditing courses in a related field such as business administration, finance, or public administration that included or was supplemented by 24 semester hours in accounting which may include up to 6 hours of credit in business law. As an alternative, the incumbent may demonstrate at least 4 years of experience in accounting, or an equivalent combination of accounting experience, college-level education, and training that provided professional accounting knowledge.

The applicant's background must also include either the 24 semester hours identified previously, or a certificate as a Certified Public Accountant or Certified Internal Auditor, or completion of degree requirements that included substantial course work in accounting or auditing but less than the 24 hours required under certain provisions.

Additional information

COVID19 - All Federal Employees must be fully vaccinated by November 22, 2021. Proof of vaccination will be required. To ensure compliance with this mandate, please review the vaccination requirements, to include timelines for receiving required doses, at the following:

All new employees are required to report to the duty station listed on this job announcement upon their agreed upon entry-on-duty date. At that time, you may be eligible to request telework hours in accordance with NRO's telework policy. Due to the nature of NRO's mission, telework opportunities are extremely limited.

All current and former civilian Federal employees must submit a copy of your latest SF50 (Notification of Personnel Action) showing your tenure, grade and step, salary, and type of position occupied (i.e., Excepted or Competitive); or similar Notification of Personnel Action documentation, i.e., Transcript of Service, Form 1150, etc.

If selected, Federal employees currently serving in the competitive service must acknowledge that they will voluntarily leave the competitive service by accepting an offer of employment for a DCIPS excepted service positions. If selected, NON-DCIPS candidates must acknowledge in writing that the position they have been selected for is in the excepted service and covered by DCIPS.

Selection under this appointment authority does not confer civil service competitive status.

Joint Duty Credit: All Intelligence executive level positions require Joint Duty credit. Only those candidates who meet the Joint Duty Credit requirement will be eligible to compete/be considered for a senior executive position. Employees will receive joint duty credit for almost any rotational assignment to another Intelligence Community (IC) component and may also be eligible to receive credit for service outside the IC (military, other government, or private sector) as long as the assignment was at the Band 3 (GS 11 to GS 13) level or above and it occurred on or after September 11, 2001. An external candidate, if selected, will be required to immediately apply for Joint Duty Credit.

Note: Employees without Joint Duty credit may apply for the position and can be considered. If selected a waiver would be required prior to final appointment. IC seniors without Joint Duty at the same tier level may lateral into the position if selected without requesting a waiver.In accordance with the provisions of ICD 601, joint duty assignments will be a prerequisite for promotion to senior civilian rank. To qualify, please provide a copy of your completed Joint Duty assignment SF-50 or an adjudicated IC JD Claims form. More information regarding the Intelligence Community Civilian Joint Duty Program, can be found at: .

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