Community Support Technician

Baltimore, MD
Oct 26, 2021
Oct 28, 2021
Full Time
PRIMARY JOB FUNCTION(S): * Primary responsibility is to work in the residence of a person served as a personal support and to be engaged with him/her, always actively involved and to make sure all programs and activities are carried out for the benefit of the person served, both in the home and in the community. * Provides supervision and training to adults with developmental disabilities in order to promote each persons 's growth toward his/her highest potential always following his/her individual plan and goals. * To make sure the house is personalized and individualized to each persons served preference and personality. * Shall teach and instruct people served to do as much as possible for themselves, per program plans, and to not conduct personal business on work time (no personal cell phones, reading, tv watching, writing, etc.) * If requested, communicates with the day program staff concerning the individual program of a person served. * Communicates concerns related to the persons served needs and any house operations needs to the Community Support Manager in a timely manner. * Utilizes approved behavior plans and intervention strategies to enhance the progress of achieving goals and objectives. * To act as a positive role model for persons served and Agency staff. * Works hands on directly with people served to assist each person in developing independent living skills, such as mobility, budgeting, personal hygiene, cleaning, bathing, toileting, nail care and oral hygiene. * During work hours, knows whereabouts of persons served at all times. * Meets with BSS Program Manager or his/her designee routinely for scheduled meetings. * Is knowledgeable of routine and emergency medical procedures to include, but not limited to, CPR, vital signs, positioning, wheelchair usage, transfers, assistive devices, splints, dentures and walkers. * Administers correct and timely medication (oral, topical, nebulizers, bowel regimens) consistent with the Physician Medical Order Form (PMOF) and the Medication Administration Record (MAR) and ensures three-way check. * Monitors and assists in maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the persons served home, inside and out. * Is responsible for aiding persons served in the care and maintenance of his/her personal belongings and ensures these are secure and controlled by each person. * Completes appropriate records and reports, ie monthly reports, incident reports, seizure records, program activity logs, fire drill reports, etc. * Cleans home with person served where appropriate, completes laundry, and prepares food according to approved menus, special diets and food consistencies. * Collects data relating to persons served progress according to Agency policy. * Is responsible for transporting persons served to appointments, activities, community outings. * Assumes financial responsibility for Agency and persons served funds, documents same per agency policy. * Communicates medical concerns to Registered Nurse and supervisor within the appropriate time frame. * Checks all rooms at specified times to ensure persons served safety and well being. * Uses approved crisis intervention techniques in emergency situations when persons served are in danger of injuring themselves or others. * Knows the location of important house records: fire drills, water temps, medical records, menus, and other files. * Attends religious services with the person served. * Contributes to a work and home atmosphere which is positive, enthusiastic, responsible and courteous. * Works a flexible schedule including nights, weekends and holidays. * Treats persons served with kindness, dignity and respect at all times. * Uses technology for the completion of specified job duties. * Attends work regularly according to assigned work schedule and in accordance with Agency policy. * Attends and participates in inservice training, staff meetings and other activities to facilitate professional development. * Works cooperatively with others including all families, staff, supervisors, administrators, co-workers, people served, community professionals, customers, neighbors, vendors and the public. * Abides by Agency policies and procedures. * Assumes other duties, responsibilities and special projects as needed. SECONDARY FUNCTION(S): * Attends team meetings as required. * Works cooperatively and effectively with Agency volunteers maximizing the volunteers' experience while meeting the needs of people served and the programs. REQUIREMENTS: EDUCATION: High School diploma or equivalent preferred. EXPERIENCE: At least one year experience working with adults with intellectual disabilities who have challenging behaviors. Must have an acceptable driving record as determined by criteria established by the Agency's insurance carrier and by Agency policy. NOTE: At the discretion of the Personnel Officer, additional related experience and/or education may be substituted in lieu of the requirements specified above under Education and Experience.