Human Resources Analyst (HRMS)

Quantico, Virginia
$57,000 - $72,000 annually + benefits
Oct 26, 2021
Nov 01, 2021
Full Time

Major Duties

Serves as Human Resources Analyst within the HRMS (Human Resources Management System) Section.   May represent HRMS management to field commands on matters concerning HRMS projects and system implementations, enhancements, and upgrades.  Assists HRMS management in developing strategies, ensuring policy and procedural compliance, measuring performance and correcting failing strategies, setting priorities and establishing methods and time frames for accomplishment of HRMS projects.  Resolves operational problems that impact on effectiveness of the HRMS system.  Serves as a subject matter expert (SME) and direct advisor to field commands on operational problems not covered by established policies or practices.  Plans, organizes work, and manages internal procedures and resources to ensure maximum productivity and economies.  Advises management in development of HRMS business requirements, process recommendations and functional specifications for product requirements with understanding of all customizations and functional areas within the realm of HRMS. Makes recommendations to HRMS management and team members to improve business processes, eliminate manual processing, ensure data accuracy, and improve reporting methods and system efficiency to meet both field command and HQ requirements.  Interprets new guidance on policies/procedures related to HRMS and writes clear, concise supplemental guidance for program managers and field command users.

Writes modification requests, business processes, standard operating procedures and guidance, and evaluation statements.  Plans and conducts system maintenance and testing, and reviews initiatives for the organizations serviced and prepares audit reports.  Conducts tests of the systems and applications, and verifies testing results and keying performed by other functional SME to ensure proper and efficient performance.  Provides Help Desk support to field activity users and internal users/team members in the “how to” of proper setup and keying requirements.  Participates as a trainer in “Train-the-Trainer” approach of HRMS knowledge transfer to MCCS activity PeopleSoft users. Develops HRMS training modules and materials for employees and managers. Develops and implements other learning and development solutions for the PeopleSoft HRMS.  Provides onsite training to field users on human resources, benefits, payroll, reporting and query functionality.  Manages the security administration setup and process by adding, deleting, changing users to PeopleSoft security.  Updates departments to the security tree.

Responsible for system processes and schedules, reviews system reports and processes, and makes corrections as needed.    Reviews management requests regarding HRMS functionality.  Provides PeopleSoft advisory services to MR and field commands in regards to proposed HRMS human resources, benefits, payroll and reporting changes.  Interprets PeopleSoft functional, tax and technical updates.  Assists in the design, implementation and maintenance of the PeopleSoft system and required personnel databases.

Responsible for ensuring that centralized HRMS and Time and Labor functions are processed accurately and efficiently.  Ensures all business operating needs are being met, all required records and documentation are maintained, and all applicable laws and regulations are followed.  Ensures that PeopleSoft payroll data, including taxes, W-2 and year-end data, is processed in an accurate and timely basis, and that tax reporting forms are completed and submitted to/obtained from SSC/SSCJ as applicable.  Provides analysis of payroll reports, statements, and other guidance.  Processes payments for HQ Benefits into centralized software system.  Coordinates with HQ Treasury for payments processed and released, and for other financial items such as ACH reversals, wire transfers, etc.  Processes W-2, W-2c, and year end payroll data, including making appropriate payroll adjustments to master records.

Applies standardized body of functional knowledge in HR, benefits, payroll, reports, rules, procedures and operations sufficient to complete HRMS support assignments for the full range of HR areas.  Develops policies for application Marine Corps wide in the area of PeopleSoft HRMS.  Reviews and analyzes system impact and processes regarding regulatory changes, policy changes, and higher-level directives to determine their impact on the HRMS system.  Maintains current knowledge of public and private sector personnel and HRMS practices and procedures to ensure that best industry practices are incorporated into Marine Corps HRMS.  Monitors implementation of PeopleSoft HRMS by field commands through formal and informal feedback mechanisms such as request for data entry guidance, troubleshooting, system and keying improvements as well as through surveys, personnel management, evaluations, or management assistance visits.  


Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university or a related field appropriate to the work of position AND three years of experience working with PeopleSoft in a human resources analyst role, OR an appropriate combination of education and experience that demonstrates possession of knowledge and skill equivalent to that gained in the above,  OR appropriate experience that demonstrates that the applicant has acquired the knowledge, skills, and abilities equivalent to that gained in the above.  Must have substantial personnel management experience including specialized PeopleSoft experience that provides an in-depth knowledge of laws, policies, regulations and procedures related to Non-appropriated Fund civilian personnel management or an appropriate combination of education and experience that demonstrates possession of appropriate knowledge and skills.  Must have experience with PeopleSoft HRMS system setup, testing and maintenance in a live implementation through the entire life cycle of a project to include:  application fundamentals, SETID, core setup tables, trees, user security setup tables for HR, benefits, payroll, training and development, recruitment, functional updates and testing, component updates and maintenance, troubleshooting and tax testing.  Ability to develop and analyze functional processes as related to HRMS and personnel.  Demonstrated understanding of functional requirements and integration between the PeopleSoft HRMS HR, benefits, and payroll modules as well as functional policy areas and field command/HQ requirements.  Ability to track system entry and support provided for reporting.  Knowledge of laws, regulations which reflect an understanding of military, Marine Corps Community Services organizations, missions and programs.  Excellent problem solving and analytical skills.  Ability to deal with high-ranking officials at headquarters elements and field activities; ability to communicate orally and in writing.

Eligible for incremental telework as determined by MR/MF policy.

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