Sales Clerk

Knoxville, MD
Oct 20, 2021
Oct 23, 2021
Full Time
Job Description Essential Duties and Responsibilities: A' . Cashier for retail sales, receives payments via credit card, checks, cash and give change A' . Check proper identification to sell liquor, beer, wine and cigarettes A' . Asks minors and intoxicated customers to leave if required A' . Provide customer service, including but not limited to: o finding items on shelves, o respond to customer inquiries regarding product, o recommending and selling merchandise to customers, o and carrying merchandise to vehicles A' . Stocks, arranges and rotates all merchandise on shelves, stocks coolers and sets up displays A' . Stocking shelves may involve carrying large quantities of beer, liquor and wine A' . Performs general cleaning maintenance at the liquor store, including but not limited to: o setting up and dismantling displays; o dusting shelves, displays, etc.; o sweep & mop floors; o pick up trash from outside walkways and parking lot; o removing snow from walkways; o removing trash from store; o cleaning store and cooler windows; o washing shelves and bottles; o clean restroom A' . May occasionally open and close the liquor store, and operate alarm system A' . Sets up promotional displays A' . Receives and unloads liquor delivery A' . Perform all other related duties and responsibilities as apparent or as assigned A' . May be required to be responsible for the security of the store on a short term basis A' . Fill out State of Maryland Keg Registration forms Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities: A' . Ability to promote and market products, and answer customer questions regarding products. A' . Ability to work evenings and weekends. A' . Ability to proactively greet customers, be friendly, professional, polite and helpful in dealing with customers and employees. A' . Ability to learn visual merchandising to create attractive displays and special promotions. A' . Knowledge and ability with basic computer, and Point of Sales operations. A' . Ability to read and speak fluently in English. A' . Ability to work flexible hours A' . Obtain and maintain State of Maryland Tobacco and Alcohol Management Certification