Unlicensed & Licensed Insurance Agents!

Family First Life
Baltimore, MD
Oct 19, 2021
Oct 21, 2021
Accountant, IT
Full Time
5 Things That Separate Family First Life From Other Companies 1. Aggressive Compensation + Bonuses . In the insurance industry, most companies will start you at 55% and cap you at 110% so they can keep more of your commissions. Here at FFL we start our agents as high as 110% and they can advance up to 145%. . FFL pays producer bonuses. Agents can earn up to 2% additional commission on their annual production. On top of this we also have exclusive bonus plans with select carriers that offer up to an additional 10%. 2. Exclusive Leads . One of the biggest concerns for life insurance agents is the upfront cost of leads. Most companies do not offer an exclusive lead program, and when they do the cost is too much for the agent to handle when getting started. . Here at FFL we offer our agent's exclusive leads so that they can begin cash-flowing immediately, regardless of their financial situation at the time. Our leads are NEVER resold so you don't have to worry about competing with your peers. 3. LIVE Regional Training from REAL Top Producers . It can be very difficult to find an IMO that offers sales training to its agents, that isn't limited to online modules. Here at FFL we offer hands on regional training from qualified producers. It doesn't matter where you live in the US, we can provide local support. . All of our trainers' issue pay $40,000 MINIMALLY each month, so we can guarantee you'll be well equipped to quickly learn how to close over 75% of your appointments. 4. Do you know what Vested Renewals are? . If your answer to this question is no, then you're probably not being paid renewals. Renewals are residual commission payments that you receive for the life of certain policies you write. At FFL these residuals are vested day one, meaning if you ever leave FFL you take your renewals with you 100%! 5. No Contract or Fees . FFL is one of the few true independently owned IMO's in the industry. We are not contracted through another IMO. We work directly with several Top-Rated Insurance Carriers. Since there's no other entity to share the commission with, we're able to offer our agents the most aggressive compensation in the industry, pay bonuses, and give out vested renewals. FFL agents are also truly independent, which means there's no contract for you to sign with us. We fully understand the independent contractor relationship, as we're a company that was built by producers for producers. . We pride ourselves on the fact that there are no fees associated in working with FFL. There are no startup cost, and no cost for training what so ever. We don't even charge for our Sales Conferences. To make things even better, if you're not licensed we pay for the online course you need to take to get licensed! If you are looking for an MLM or Networking Marketing Organization, FFL would NOT be a good fit for you. Are you currently being offered these benefits? If the answer to that is NO, then why are you not working with Family First Life?!! Family First Life Paragon Questions? Speak with our Hiring Manager: (310) 231-5265 #COVID-19 Job Requirements: Our mission at Family First Life, is to make the families we protect and the families of our agents our number one priority. Trust and loyalty is not given, it's earned, and all of us at Family First Life will give everything we have to earn it with our clients and our agents. With regards to our agents, we believe that every full time agent that works with us should net a minimum of $100,000 a year. This is the reason we offer very competitive contracts and strong renewals on multiple products. The sales training provided at Family First Life is very structured and it places all our agents in a position to be successful. The lead program that we have allows all agents to have qualified mortgage, final expense and annuity leads. We want our agents helping more families than they ever dreamed possible, while also being allowed to enjoy their lives with their own families while achieving financial independence. If you truly enjoy helping families and believe that you deserve to be paid what you are worth, then Family First Life will probably be a very good fit for you!

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