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Manassas, VA
Oct 14, 2021
Oct 16, 2021
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HIRING IMMEDIATELY A construction foreman is the person who at any one time ensures that the crew at a construction site is carrying out their tasks well and everything is going according to plan. A foreman is crucial in the ability to execute a project properly. A foreman is primarily charged with maintaining their assigned construction vehicle in a state of readiness, supervising the Roofing Crew and reporting job-site information. The roofing foreman must be proficient in all aspects of the roofing crew job description. The work week is targeted at 40 hours: however it is not uncommon for the work week to exceed 60 hours or for individual work days to exceed 12 hours. The expectation is that the individual who takes on this position is flexible enough to comply with these potentially diverse hours of construction. A project Foreman may perform the following tasks * Is consistently at work and on time * Checking with the supervisor for morning schedule. * Assessing job priorities and assigning employees to appropriate job sites. * Making sure employees have tools and equipment needed for job in order to ensure a good output. * Capable of working in all weather conditions * Meet physical demands of a construction job * Overseeing the work and making sure it runs smoothly and as per the plan * Making sure safety precautions are followed including updating safety kits in case of any emergencies during the work. * Communicating with the supervisor regarding the crew both positive and negative. * Giving clear directions to workers as to what needs to be done to avoid repetitive mistakes by the workers * Making sure company rules are followed by crew. * Addressing complaints and resolving problems. * He/she should make sure jobs are completed on time. * The foreman should ensure all tools like nail guns, ladders, and compressors are brought back from job sites. Along with any leftover materials that were not needed on the job. * At the completion of each day's work, make sure job site is fully cleaned and that all work meets workmanship standards * Evaluate quickest and easiest way to a job without sacrificing quality of the work being done Looks for ways to improve and promote quality; Demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness. Must have Drivers License and Pass Background Check Personal Requirements: * Bilingual in English and Spanish is a BIG plus * Good people skills * Good time management skills * Good organization skills * Cleanliness, dress and present oneself professionally

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