Program Analyst

Oct 08, 2021
Nov 12, 2021
Full Time
In collaboration with the leadership team, this individual will provide analytical, financial and project management support. Operations Analysis: utilize appropriate data sources for operational projects; obtain data from internal and external sources; validate the quantity and quality of data; and analyze data and report effectively to managers and team members. Project Management: Collaborate with management team to design and develop projects for improving clinical processes and outcomes. Collaborate to monitor, develop, and lead quality assurance initiatives to ensure that systems are safe, effective, appropriate, and compliant with applicable regulations and standards. Operations Management: support exploration of new methods to improve operations; work with management team to gain acceptance; support implementation efforts; communicate operational issues and progress towards goals to other members of the management team. Team Facilitation: Participate actively on assigned project teams; ensure complete and accurate minutes; facilitate follow through of action items.


Minimum Education
Bachelor's Degree (Required)
Master's Degree (Preferred)

Minimum Work Experience
5 years (Required)

Required Skills/Knowledge
Prefer knowledge of Microsoft Office Applications (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access.
Knowledge of research principles, and various analytical tools (SPSS/SAS, Red Cap, Analytical Mapping tools).

Functional Accountabilities
Operations Analysis
  • Utilize appropriate data sources for operational projects (e.g., health programs, hospital systems, benchmarking, research, population health).
  • Obtain data from internal and external sources.
  • Validate quantity and quality of data.
  • Identify opportunities for improving clinical processes and outcomes by using sophisticated and creative approaches of analyzing process and outcomes data.
  • Collaboratively design and develop projects for measuring and improving outcomes of specific patient populations.
  • Design, generate and analyze trend reports, focus on change and improvement of clinical outcomes.
  • Monitor and address data variances and deviations and ensure timely closure and follow up of corrective actions where required
  • Utilize benchmarking data through the design, generation, and analysis of data, comparing practices to "best practices".
  • Analyze data and report effectively to management and team members.
Project Management
  • Support project plans in conjunction with management and staff
  • Assist with implementing project plans according to schedule in order to achieve desired results.
  • Share data and findings with internal audiences and assist with data use to advance quality, safe outcomes
  • Maintain a team-centered attitude within the department, with peers, and with management staff
  • Troubleshoot as issues arise.
Operations Management
  • Support exploration of new methods to improve operations, work with management team to gain acceptance, and support implementation efforts.
  • Communicate operational issues and progress toward goals to other members of the management team.
Divisional and Team Support
  • Participate actively on assigned project teams.
  • Facilitate follow-through to action items.
  • Assist in other areas in the Division as needed.
  • Assist with special projects, as needed.

Organizational Accountabilities
Organizational Accountabilities (Staff)
Organizational Commitment/Identification
  • Anticipate and responds to customer needs; follows up until needs are met

  • Demonstrate collaborative and respectful behavior
  • Partner with all team members to achieve goals
  • Receptive to others' ideas and opinions

Performance Improvement/Problem-solving
  • Contribute to a positive work environment
  • Demonstrate flexibility and willingness to change
  • Identify opportunities to improve clinical and administrative processes
  • Make appropriate decisions, using sound judgment

Cost Management/Financial Responsibility
  • Use resources efficiently
  • Search for less costly ways of doing things

  • Speak up when team members appear to exhibit unsafe behavior or performance
  • Continuously validate and verify information needed for decision making or documentation
  • Stop in the face of uncertainty and takes time to resolve the situation
  • Demonstrate accurate, clear and timely verbal and written communication
  • Actively promote safety for patients, families, visitors and co-workers
  • Attend carefully to important details - practicing Stop, Think, Act and Review in order to self-check behavior and performance

Childrens National Hospital is an equal opportunity employer that evaluates qualified applicants without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, marital status, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, identity, or other characteristics protected by law.

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