PT Tutorial Guide (Teacher)

Bowie, Maryland
$15-26 paid hourly with 20hrs/week
Sep 28, 2021
Nov 02, 2021
Part Time

Do you want to change the world?

If your goal is to instill a love of learning in others while advancing in your own professional growth, this is your chance to get in on the ground floor of one of the world’s most innovative learning designs.

The Patuxent Program is a homeschool tutorial for ages 6-11 in Bowie, MD open 3 days per week (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) that blends state-of-the-art software, quest-like projects with real world application, Socratic discussions, apprenticeships, and the Hero’s Journey in a learner-driven, multi-age environment. The approach to learning does not include tests, grades, or teachers leading lectures. The studio structure is unique. It allows Guides to mentor and assist in the self-paced learning environment and empowers learners to take ownership of their individual learning path and collective studio governance.  Guides are game-makers, dreaming up launches and quests for learners and implementing others from the Acton network.

Acton exists to assist learners (adults and children alike) on a journey to understand and develop their most precious gifts, discover their deepest passions, and use them to serve others in a meaningful way. This journey takes them from being receivers of knowledge to self-seekers of knowledge, who find their callings and are capable of starting their own businesses, being leaders in companies or community organizations.  We believe Acton learners are geniuses destined to change the world in a profound way.

Are ready to begin your own Hero’s Journey?

Position Description: Our program consists of 3 days per week spent in the Studio.  The studio location is in Bowie on Rt 450 and will be open on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  The Lead Guide will work in partnership with the Founders (and/or other Guides) to:

  • affirm learners, holding them accountable to their promises and to delivering “the best work they can do” as they discover and pursue a calling on a hero’s journey
  • create meaningful exhibitions, ceremonies and celebrations that reinforce the rules of engagement and personal/group covenants, while avoiding cultural appropriation, to provide and strengthen a safe learning community
  • act as a role model as demonstrated by helping create a culture of inclusivity and commitment to antiracism 
  • launch and lead Socratic discussions
  • co-create and launch quests (projects), including daily challenges and curating world class examples
  • supply a positive studio environment and set up to inspire for learning
  • encourage young heroes to track their progress and create portfolios to show parents, peers and apprenticeship employers what they can do
  • evaluating and refining existing curriculum with a commitment to decolonizing history
  • designing and experimenting with projects that demonstrate sensitivity to the individual experiences and needs of community members
  • organizing speakers, workshops, and trips to inspire learners
  • uphold promises to learners, parents, fellow guides, and founders made in relational covenants
  • pass along responsibilities to learners as quickly as possible, so as to empower them to lead themselves
  • deep commitment to the success of The Patuxent Program by participating in admissions, hiring, studio design, and other aspects as needed to ensure success

Hourly Pay (paid over 10 months): The Patuxent Program offers a competitive hourly rate with our contracted Guide; however, no additional benefits are provided (medical insurance must be acquired independently).  There is potential of continuing learning opportunities for our Guides along with growth opportunity as we progress towards opening a 5 day per week program next year.

Network Bonus: For any Guide interested in opening their own Acton in the future this position offers an amazing opportunity to learn and grow on your own Hero’s Journey in addition to a network bonus. For each continuous and successful year of guiding you will earn a $10,000 credit or cash payment towards opening your own Acton. There is a $40,000 maximum and this will be paid out $10,000 per year by Acton directly, not The Patuxent Program, upon the approval and launch of your own Acton campus.


  • a deep curiosity about life and commitment to lifelong learning
  • innovative and entrepreneurial spirit
  • endless patience to allow heroes to experience and learn from failure
  • commitment to examine the realities of personal, religious, political, and economic freedoms
  • proven excellence in written and oral communication skills
  • evident passion for being on a Hero’s Journey
  • proven excellence in guiding children in alternative educational training/experience, specifically Montessori based training ( will consider those with experience in nature or project-based setting, tutoring, and homeschooling).

This is a position for an independent lifelong learner who can take direction, but also work with little direct guidance; someone who likes to collaborate, experiment, evaluate and continually improve; someone who has a deep respect for all children, believing that each human has a genius within; and someone who is a flexible problem-solver. It is essential that this person can learn fast, loves to work hard, and is an active reader and writer.

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