Ticket Operations Manager

Aberdeen, MD
Sep 25, 2021
Sep 27, 2021
Full Time
The Aberdeen IronBirds are the Advanced-A affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles, operating in owners Bill and Cal Ripken, Jr.'s home town. Recently elevated to a full-season club, the IronBirds are excited to offer career opportunities for new or experienced sports professionals. The Ticket Operations Manager is a role requiring a candidate capable of operating autonomously to serve internal and external customers with high levels of self-accountability, and with a strong grasp of technology and software. By managing the software for ticket sales in the box office and online, this role oversees the primary revenue management of our organization, and serves internal customers (Account Executives, Corporate Partnerships Sales) as well as external customers (fans and corporate partners). Time management and communication skills are crucial to this role, and a high level of dedication to service to internal and external customers are the primary metrics by which this role's success is measured. The ability to quickly and adequately adapt to a ticket sales software system, and take ownership of all aspects of the software for the effective fulfillment of customer needs will be important. Previous experience in Ticket Operations or working with ticket sales software would be helpful to immediate success. Responsibilities will include: Building and managing 66 Regular season games as well as Post-season IronBirds games inventory in the ticket sales software used to sell individual tickets, group tickets, and multi-game ticket packages to customers. Fulfilling the Ticket Operations needs of the Ticketing Department, including season ticket printing and distribution, group tickets printing and distribution, managing daily Will Call printing, and assisting in designing and distribution of ticketing related literature, such as season schedules, promotional schedules, box office signage, and online ticket information on IronBirdsBaseball.com. Oversee the management of the Customer Relations Management (CRM) software used to track sales activities with clients and fans, especially our Season Seat Members, who make up a major portion of our ticket sales revenue. Assisting the Ticket Sales Director and Marketing Manager with inventory management and special promotions for driving ticket sales revenue online and at the box office. Build and manage inventory for ticketed non-gameday events, such as concerts, movies, festivals, community events, and more, occasionally on behalf of 3rd party clients like non-profits, event promoters, and corporate partners. Provide exceptional customer service daily through customer interactions in person and over the phone, as well as hiring and managing seasonal staff for the box office in order to meet the demand of walk-up ticket buying customers during the season, on gamedays and non-gamedays; staff management responsibilities include training seasonal staff, managing hours, handling employee issues, and effectively overseeing the front line of customer interaction, in person and over the phone.The Ticket Operations Manager will work every IronBirds home game and will personally or through staff ensure staffing for all days and hours during which the Box Office is open. Manage revenue reconciliation for transactions processed by the box office, including cash counting daily, as well as completing daily, weekly, monthly, and season-long reporting to provide high-level and granular insights into the ticket sales department for the General Manager and ownership. Other duties as assigned by Management and as necessary for fulfilling the responsibilities of the role Qualifications A bachelors degree or greater in Sports Management, Business Administration, or other field, or appropriate experience in sports. Strong grasp on technology and software, including the Microsoft Office suite is needed. Previous experience with ticketing software, including Tickets.com, Glitnir, TicketMaster, or other is preferred and valuable. Strong ability to communicate effectively and with urgently. Ability to remain calm and assist internal and external customers in a fast-paced environment. A teamwork- and cooperation-oriented personality, dedicated to helping the team succeed and serve others' needs through their own skills and responsibilities . Job Questions:Do you have previous experience with a ticket sales online software such as, but not limited to, Tickets.com, Glitnir, TicketMaster, or other?If you selected "Yes" to the previous question, which? If not, please write "Not Applicable."How soon would you be able to start this role if it were offered to you?What unique skills or experience make you uniquely qualified for this role compared to others who already fulfill all the qualifications outlined in this job description?