Engineering Technician with Security Clearance

Bethesda, MD
Sep 24, 2021
Sep 26, 2021
Full Time
Dawson is a Native Hawaiian Organization 8(a) small business that brings the Spirit of Aloha to our employees. As part of the DAWSON "Ohana", you will be provided a best-in-class benefits program that strives to ensure our great people have peace of mind when it comes to health and wellness. For more information about DAWSON and our benefits programs, please visit INTRODUCTION This position is in the Utility generation Branch, Division of Technical Resources (DTR), Office of Research Facilities Development and Operations (ORF), Office of the Director (OD), National Institutes of Health (NIH), Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). The Office of Research Facilities Development and Operations (ORF) advises senior NIH officials and staff on the planning, development, and management of owned and leased research and research support facilities; assists in formulating and executing buildings and facilities appropriation; develops and maintains policies and standards governing the development and use of real property; and plans and directs master planning, capital facility project management, real property management including architecture and engineering, maintenance, space and facility management, and the acquisition of architecture and engineering services, construction, and facility maintenance and operations related services. Within ORF, the Division of Technical Resources (DTR) has responsibly for executing the public trust by achieving the best value and the best quality at all project levels of design, construction, commissioning and operations within the ORF. The incumbent serves as the Engineering Technician responsible for the field engineering, troubleshooting, operation and maintenance of all utility systems. The position is designated as an Emergency Essential Position. Duties and Responsibilities The engineering technician must be well accustomed with utility equipment, instrumentation and systems their timing devices and parts, and related controlling software. This position is responsible for the field engineering, troubleshooting, operation and maintenance of utility systems. Provide support of devices relating to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System and Utility Metering. Based upon field evaluations, makes changes to system operation or performs maintenance. Involved with systems, plants, machines, equipment, and instruments for the generation, transmission, measurement or utilization of heat or mechanical power; included are steam and internal combustion power plants, heating and air conditioning, piping, machine tools, and instruments and controls. Incumbent examines preliminary and final design features of utility systems and configurations prepared by engineers to determine that they will produce a satisfactory end product. This position is classified as Emergency Essential. Incumbent performs a variety of highly specialized tasks associated with the installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, repair and calibration of electronic controls and indicating and recording systems used on industrial machinery or by engineers or in energy monitoring and control systems. Incumbent develops tests and implements methods for evaluating, analyzing and correcting facilities control systems malfunctions to return system to automatic operation and energy efficiency. This technician provides technical advice and assistance to various commercial contractors and inspects contractor installed projects for, building automation, heating, ventilation, chilled water system, condensing water system and air handlers. Must be able to analyze system failures to determine cause (hardware field devices, system communications) and makes appropriate repairs. During analytical and investigatory activities, incumbent calculates and evaluates BTUs, flows (quantity, velocities and pressures for fluid, oil, or gas) for utilities and other mechanical systems. This Technician anticipates the need for changes to current systems, recommends changes and when approved, adapts new technologies to current systems. This mechanic integrates various building control technologies (pneumatic, electronic, etc.), including modifying control strategies logic and software. Incumbent analyzes and repairs automated building management systems. This position instructs the building operators on control systems use, especially when new systems are installed or when changes have been made to the computer controls. This mechanic performs preventative maintenance on chilled and hot water systems controls and associated equipment (integrated electronic, electrical, mechanical and pneumatic control systems). Incumbent collects field data for various engineering design requirements (eg airflow, equipment size, type and temperature) as requested. This mechanic updates the computer systems for start and stop of pumps and fans. The incumbent will analyze, install, repair, calibrate, maintain, modify and/or replace systems components to include, but not limited to: thermostats, temperature control panels, damper activators (water, air systems, and smoke dampers), control valve, thermostat and tubing to mixing boxes, pneumatic controller, receiver controllers, constant volume regulators and quantity air controls. Incumbent investigates and resolves noise problems associated with the distribution of air through systems. The incumbent analyzes, installs, repairs, calibrates, maintains modifies, and/or replaces electronic building management systems components to include, but not limited to: variable frequency drives, analog trunks, building management LANs, electric pneumatic transducer, co-ax trunks, high voltage direct current electronics, analog/digital conversion packages, loop remotes, power supplies, electronic sensors, analog transmitters, electronic to pressure transducers and transmitters, programmable logic controllers, and building management electronic equipment. DUTY 1: Field Engineering Problem Resolution: Provides engineering technician consultation and analysis. This requires the application of conventional knowledge and experience in the solution of utility engineering problems. Also, responds to requests relative to field specific and immediate utility distribution system problems relating to a distribution system and/or component failure, The incumbent assures that the latest applications are applied to avoid future operational problems and assist in resolving technical disputes and problems with public utility companies in regard to facilities interconnecting NIH systems and utility company systems. Observes field acceptance test on major utility equipment. Locate utility lines for excavation when required for repairs. Uses various equipment such as metal detectors, GPS, pipeline locators and reference drawings. Schedules outages for construction projects and routine maintenance. Serves as the contact point for emergency repairs to utility systems and facilitates repairs to the central utilities plant and distribution system. Performs other duties as assigned. DUTY 2: Technician Assistance: The incumbent shall be well versed in the latest utility codes, agency guidelines, technical manuals, etc. Incumbent researches manufacturers' catalogues and industry manuals to solve problems or replace equipment. Performing field-engineering analyses on utility distribution systems and components to assure that they continue to meet the minimum requirements to assure system integrity. Assist utility engineer and consultants in conducting computer modeling and simulations to analyze utility distribution systems, and to assure that the systems and components are operating within their designed constraints and the proper coordination among the protective devices. Also, writes utility correspondence and contract documentation such as scopes of work or statements of work, cost estimates to explain, provide directions, and to procure and resolve equipment and system problems. Also, assists in the technical development and implementation of a utility metering program. Serves as subject matter expert on utility repairs, guidelines, policies, and construction techniques for internal and external customers. DUTY 3: Developing Repair and Improvement (R&I) Programs: Assists in analyzing and documenting utility distribution system conditions, reviewing all the related literature and documentation, and develop and update comprehensive repair and maintenance programs covering all pertinent utility distribution system components. Perform periodic analyses, inspections, and reviews of utility distribution systems to identify system deficiencies relative to capacity, flexibility, component condition, reliability, efficiency, operation, maintenance and safety. Assist in evaluating deficiencies, developing solutions to correct deficiencies, comparing alternative solutions on a technical and economic basis, and developing comprehensive R&I Progran1 requirements to correct deficiencies. Such corrections should be established in coordination with the utility organization so as to maximize system reliability while minimizing utility rates. Write work requests to obtain support from other groups for studies, design, construction, and repairs for utility related projects. Incumbent performs utility system assessments via in-house or contract support and ensures documentation is complete for historical and planning purposes. Forecasts future projects and requirements to increase availability and efficiency of the central utilities plant and distribution system. DUTY 4: Project Plans and Specification Review and Coordination: Reviews projects for impact upon the adequacy of utility distribution systems, adequacy of planning of interface with distribution systems and adequacy of energy conservation considerations. Assures the adequacy of utility system planning to accommodate the loading increase associated with the planned projects. Assist u

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