Part Time Courtesy Clerk - SHOPPERS Food (Mondawmin - Maryland)

Baltimore, MD
Sep 19, 2021
Sep 21, 2021
Full Time
Job Title: Courtesy Clerk Department: Grocery General Job Description: Loads groceries into customers, automobile, maintains the cleanliness of area in front of the store and assists customers. Experience or Training Required: None License or Certificate Required: None * Essential Job Functions: An individual must possess the abilities to perform these essential job functions. Reasonable accommodations requests, that will enable an applicant to perform a function, will be given due consideration by Shoppers Food & Pharmacy: * Loads groceries into automobiles for customers. * Ability to bag items (place items in a bag) for customers. * Collect and organizes carts inside and outsideof the store. * Cleans up spills and sweeps the store. * Cleans outside of store. * Cleans cash registers and restocks paper bags at each register. * Ability to communicate effectively with customers and other associates. * Marginal Job Functions: The below listed functions are those which are performed by individuals currently holding this position; however they are not essential functions of this position. The below listed functions are not all encompassing nor do they include all additional functions performed by an individual in this position. A supervisor or manager on duty may, from time to time, request that an individual perform certain functions not listed herein. Additional performance requests made by a supervisor will fall within the scope of business: * Pulls empty cardboard boxes from the display shelves. * Bags groceries for customers. * Returns unsold merchandise to the display shelves. 3. Environmental Factors: Extreme changes in temperature and humidity: Yes Subject to: Fumes and Dust Time spent: Indoors: 10% Outdoors: 90% * Sensory requirements: Speech, vision, touch, & hearing Activity Number of Hours (PERCENT OF TIME) Repetitive Use of Hands Number of Hours (PERCENT OF TIME) 0 1 2 < 25% 3 4 < 50% 5-6 < 75% 7+ < 100% 0 1 2 < 25% 3 4 < 50% 5-6 < 75% 7+ < 100% Sitting XX One Hand XXX Standing XXX Two Hands XXX Walking XXX Grasping Bending XXX One Hand XXX Crawling XX Two Hands XXX Climbing XXX Fine Dexterity Reaching XXX One Hand XXX Crouching XXX Two Hands XXX Kneeling XXX Repetitive Use of Foot Control Balancing XXX One Foot XXX Pushing/Pulling XXX Two Feet XXX Lift and or Carry Weight Handling Times per Hour Lifting Over-head Weight Handling Times per Hour 0 1 -10 11 - 15 16 - 30 30+ 0 1 - 10 11 - 15 16 - 30 30+ 0 -10 lbs. XXX XXX 11 25 lbs. XXX XXX 26 50 lbs. XXX XXX 51 75 lbs. XXX XXX 76 100 lbs. XX XX Over 100 lbs. XX XX * Tools or Equipment use for this position and frequency of time used: Tools/Equipment 0-33% 34-66% 67-100% Power Machinery (ie forklift, floor jack) XXX Box Cutter XXX Ladder Cart XXX * Special Hazards: Mechanical Chemical * Protective Clothing Required: None Note this description is not exhaustive and may be supplemented Additional Information * Schedule: Part-time