Electrician Needed

Baltimore, MD
Sep 13, 2021
Sep 15, 2021
Full Time
We are now hiring Electricians! Electricians will install and repair electrical components on our commercial job sites Journeyman Electrician Responsibilities Include: * Measuring, cutting, and bending wire and conduit using measuring instruments and hand tools * Maintaining tools, vehicles, and equipment and keeping parts and supplies in order * Performing duties related to the installation, maintenance, and repair of a wide variety of electrical systems and equipment * Following state and local building regulations based on the National Electrical Code Journeyman Electrician Qualifications: * Minimum five years of experience on commercial or residential construction sites * In-depth knowledge of building codes and laws in your area * Perform tests and use the results to diagnose problems. Troubleshooting * Have all of the tools of your trade on hand and be able to bring them to your job siteJob Requirements: Pulling electrical wiring through conduit Pulling electrical wiring through electrical conduit Perform electrical and non electrical repairs Troubleshooting electrical components, wiring diagrams Read electrical schematics and wiring diagrams Install electrical wiring, equipment and controls Replace electrical motors and controls Perform electrical installation on new equipment Load requirements of wiring or electrical equipment Removing and installing electrical panels Test electrical components of systems Maintain and repair electrical wiring, equipment and fixtures Maintain all maintenance workshop electrical equipment Install electrical wiring and assemble components according to blueprints and electrical diagrams Utilize knowledge of electrical wiring standards Modify electrical systems and components Isolate and repair electrical problems Perform electrical preventive maintenance on all equipment Repair various electrical equipment including preventive maintenance and maintenance of electrical equipment Connect wiring to fixtures and power equipment