Assistant Manager Wayside Access & Support

Sep 01, 2021
Sep 16, 2021
Full Time
Do you want to work with a dynamic team? Do you want to put your collaboration skills to use across multiple teams at The Authority? Wayside Work Planning, a division of RIME, is seeking qualified candidates for the Assistant Manager of Wayside Access & Support Coordination position. The Assistant Manager of Wayside Access & Support will coordinate the development of the work zone safety requirements with Automatic Train Control Engineering (ATCE), Traction Power Operations Engineering (TPOE), ATC Maintenance (ATCM), and Traction Power Maintenance (TRPM) partners, as well as facilitating communication with Rail Operations Central Control (ROCC) to resolve conflicts in planning and field work activities. This position will assist the management of Crew Support Personnel (CSP) and Track Access (TA) processes, in addition to conducting Mobile Operations oversight for Revenue Service Affecting (RSA) events. The ideal candidate will have experience in managing multiple teams, strong interpersonal skills, understanding of contract management, and knowledge of rail operations. Vast understanding of track, traction power and automatic train engineering and maintenance is preferred.

Minimum Qualifications


Bachelor's Degree in Engineering
  • In lieu of an Associate Degree, a High School Diploma and two (2) years of work experience in an operations control center or similar envirnoment, in addition to the experience below, will be considered.In lieu of a Bachelor's Degree, a High School Diploma/GED and four (4) years of demonstrated experience and technical competence in rail systems (Traction Power, Train Control), or rail operations, which includes supervision of maintenance and/or engineering activities, in addition to experience stated below, will be considered

  • Four (4) years of experience with work scheduling, coordination and ensuring safety requirements are adhered to (for work zones and worker protection)
  • Experience with coordinating track outages and time-critical events
  • Experience using Microsoft Office Suite (Including Visio, Excel, PowerPoint)

  • Level 4 RWP Certification within 2 months (1 year for external hires)
  • Valid Driver's License

  • Supervisory experience, making decisions and giving clear direction to multiple people/groups.
  • Power BI experience

Medical Group

Satisfactorily complete the medical examination for this position, if required. The incumbent must be able to perform the essential functions of this position either with or without reasonable accommodations.

Mission Essential Designation

In accordance with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority's Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) this job has been identified as critical to mission essential functions. Incumbents in this role may be required to report to or continue to work in the event of authorized office closings or servere weather, natural disaster, fire, operational emergencies or related events.

Job Summary

The Assistant Manager Wayside Access & Support Coordination administers the day-to-day coordination of wayside work activities to ensure safe and efficient use of track time and enable a safe and reliability rail infrastructure. The incumbent develops work zone safety requirements with partners from Automatic Train Control Engineering (ATCE), Traction Power Operations Engineering (TPOE), ATC Maintenance (ATCM), and Traction Power Maintenance (TRPM), as well as facilitates communication with Rail Operations Central Control (ROCC) to resolve conflicts in planning and in the field work activities. The incumbent manages the Track Access team responsible for approval of Authority's track access for wayside maintenance and construction, to include planning, scheduling, coordinating, administrative procedures and required switch orders. Additionally, the incumbent manages the Crew Support Supervisors responsible for scheduling and supervising crew support personnel, who set up track, perform Roadway Worker In-Charge of worksites and escorts groups into facilities, critical asset rooms and other areas throughout the right of way.

Essential Functions
  • Reviews work groups' needs, develops plans, then reviews and issues Work Packages to Department of Rail Services (RAIL) management and all affected parties to ensure clear communication of work plans, scope and schedule, as well as, to ensure groups' request rights for any material staging, preparatory work, and post-event clean up.
  • Develops and implements work schedules; schedules various on-the-job training assignments and ensures all personnel are trained and knowledgeable of the various crew support responsibilities.
  • Ensures rail service adjustments (RSAs) and track rights are entered correctly in the General Orders and Track Rights System (GOTRS) and planned work is documented in accordance with all WMATA rules, regulations, and policies.
  • Leads development of work zone maps, safety requirements, ATC and Traction Power (TP) isolation requirements, in compliance with Roadway Work Protection (RWP) and Metrorail Safety Rules and Procedures Handbook (MSRPH).
  • Ensures work is executed in accordance with all applicable Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to the extent possible, with necessary or recommended deviations communicated to responsible and authorized Office Directors, as quickly as possible.
  • Develops detailed execution plans and timelines for transition nights (opening/closing/modification of a work zone). Leads coordination of both ATC and TP engineering groups, as well as maintenance groups, that must implement the plan (switch orders, etc.) to ensure full understanding of safe work area practices and procedures.
  • Monitors, reviews and maintains a register of isolation/restoration plans and lessons learned that are linked to complex work plans to ensure effective initiation of work activities and restoration of yard/mainline service.
  • Troubleshoots issues that arise in the field that impact planned work or projected return to service schedules.
  • Supervises staff to include recommending application selection, disciplinary actions, resolution of grievances, assigns duties, directs work, approves leave requests and timesheets, and ensures appropriate subordinate training is provided. Reviews personnel grievances with employees with intentions to resolve them in accordance with established rules and regulations of the Authority. Serves as a resource on grievance proceedings and labor/management negotiations and proceedings.
  • Manages the resolution efforts for conflicting track rights requests, particularly developing preemptive solutions and/or modifications to eliminate impending conflicts.
  • Reviews adjacent track rights requests and other equipment moves scheduled simultaneously with RSA events from various Rail Yards that may cause conflict or delays, and coordinates prioritization of moves in advance with impacted Rail Yards and ROCC.

The essential duties listed are not intended to limit specific duties and responsibilities of any particular position. Nor is it intended to limit in any way the right of managers and supervisors to assign, direct and control the work of employees under their supervision.

Evaluation Criteria

Consideration will be given to applicants whose resumes demonstrate the required education and experience. Applicants should include all relevant education and work experience.

Evaluation criteria may include one or more of the following:
  • Skills and/or behavioral assessment
  • Personal interview
  • Verification of education and experience (including certifications and licenses)
  • Criminal Background Check (a criminal conviction is not an automatic bar to employment)
  • Medical examination including a drug and alcohol screening (for safety sensitive positions)
  • Review of a current motor vehicle report


WMATA is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, status as a protected veteran, or any other status protected by applicable federal law.

This posting is an announcement of a vacant position under recruitment. It is not intended to replace the official job description. Job descriptions are available upon confirmation of an interview.

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