$74,630.40 - $126,027.20 Annually
Sep 03, 2021
Sep 17, 2021
Full Time
Position Information

This is a supervisory, administrative, and technical position in the Arlington County Fire Department managing the activities of an assigned fire suppression company, assisting in the direction of a substantive program or section, or providing staff support to the Fire Chief. In Operations, the incumbent serves primarily as the shift supervisor for an assigned station.

An employee in this class supervises subordinate personnel directly or indirectly. This includes civilians, all levels of Firefighter/EMTs, and Lieutenants. This includes operational supervision where the incumbent is responsible for tactical decision making, establishing and maintaining command where appropriate, filling a position within the incident command system, and/or providing command post support.

When not engaged in emergency response operations, the Captain I provides coaching counseling , and mentoring to subordinates, prepares performance appraisals, recommends corrective action to improve performance, develops short range plans for assigned function, identifies training needs and develops plans for skill and performance enhancement; mediates and resolves personnel disputes within their shift and station ; assists with developing and implementing programs; delivers presentations to community organizations; promotes and facilitates community engagement; prepares and analyzes daily and periodic reports ; and assists in the administration of a proposed budget.

Leadership responsibilities include leading at all levels, guiding and developing others, driving and implementing strategy, self-leadership, coordination and control , and carrying out the objectives established by the Fire Chief, command staff, and immediate supervisor. Adheres to the ACFD Doctrine to include the mission, vision, and organizational core values. An employee in this class must be able to confront issues, work to positively influence the action of others, embrace teamwork , build effective workgroups committed to the department's success, set priorities and goals, and positively persuade, coach, mentor, and develop others toward higher performance.

Depending upon the assignment, incumbents may work in one or more of the following areas not limited to: Emergency Services, Personnel Services, Office of the Fire Chief, or Support Services .

Emergency Services

Fire and emergency response duties include: Serves as the company officer and responds to, directs, and participates in emergency incidents including fires, medical emergencies, hazardous materials releases, rescue operations, motor vehicle crashes , and all hazards responses . The company officer shall initiate the incident command system when appropriate, develop incident action plans, and coordinate the assignment of incoming companies or resources. Additional duties include directing the appropriate placement of apparatus and equipm ent at the scene of an incident; serving as the shift supervisor for an assigned station ensuring job and technical knowledge, safety, trust, teamwork, motivation, and leadership of assigned personnel ; ensuring quality control of me dical services and coordinating support functions to include initial and subsequent patient care, directing and overseeing th e use of resources, and providing resources needed to facilitate operations to include equipment and staffing. Other duties include securing and controlling the incident scene as an individual or joint effort with other County departments or regional agencies.

Command Aide duties include: The Fire/EMS Captain I assigned to the command aide position reports directly to the shift B attalion C hiefs. The C ommand A ide fulfills the role of staffing coordinator for a shift/platoon. The primary functions of the C ommand A ide are to ensure ade quate staffing; to support the Battalion C hief with command functions on emergency incidents; and to work in conjunction with the Fire Training Academy staff and the Battalion Management Team to coordinate operations training programs. The Command Aide assigns personnel and staffing for all stations over the 24 - h our shift perio d. On the emergency scene, the Co mmand A ide assists the incident commander with command and control of the scene.

APO duties include: These employees are Paramedics trained to an advanced level of care under the medical protocols and responsible for providing the highest level of on-scene medical service to high-acuity calls for service, which require advanced procedures and medication administration. APOs also provide service on lower-acuity calls by providing patients with appropriate resources consistent with their current medical needs. Works with DHS teams to provide consistent and reliable service to the low acuity customer base. These employees review the quality of care provided and identify medical training needs of staff within the assigned area and review EPCR reports to ensure accuracy, completeness and quality of care and may provide input on performance appraisals for personnel in the battalion. They work with the Medical and Ass istant Medical Director regarding clinical issues and the EMS Battalion Chief and Program Manager regarding operational concerns and are r esponsible for active system status monitoring for unit availability and hospital turnaround to assist the Battalion Management Team in making determinations on staffing and need for surge units. Other responsibilities include: assisting with training needs for BLS providers completing the BLS Attendant in C harge (AIC) t ask book , and assisting Probationary firefighters completing their EMS portion of the probationary task book ; assisting with ALS training for new ALS providers , and with s tation level EMS training .

Support Services

Communication and Technology Officer duties include: This is a staff position assigned to a 40-hour work week in Support Services and reports directly to the Fire/EMS Battalion Chief, Logistics , and Communications. This is a highly technical position that is responsible for managing and coordinating all communication equipment for the fire department and serving as a liaison between the department and the E mergency C ommunications C enter (ECC).

Responsibilities include: working effectively with outside agencies, vendors , and contractors; coordinating and managing all communication equipment for the Fire Department; serving as a liaison between the department and the ECC; and maintaining knowledge of the latest technology in the public safety area.

Logistics/ EMS Officer : The Logistics/EMS officer assigned to Logistics in Support Services reports to the Fire/EMS Captain II, Logistics. This position is responsible for the management and daily operation of all EMS equipment and supplies operated, maintained, or utilized by the Arlington County Fire Department. The Logistics/EMS officer serves as liaison to the EMS Battalion Chief , the Captain II Logistics Program Manager , field operations , and training for all EMS equipment and supply needs and repairs.

Responsibilities include: r esearching new products and improved supply stream efficiencies ; c oordinating training on new products and work practices ; overseeing repairs and maintenance of all small tools and durable medical goods assigned to EMS apparatus and training; act ing as a technical advisor on all equipment issues and assisting the management team with equipment budgets and potential equipment purchases. The Logistics/EMS officer is also responsible for ordering, storage, distribution, and inventory control of supplies and equipment for EMS operations ; assisting with inventory control of all uniforms, personal protective equipment (PPE), station supplies, small tools, and fire station supplies through the inventory control system associated with the Logistics Branch ; preparing reports ; and ensuring that all equipment is maintained to high safety and security procedures and standards .

Fire Inspector Systems Testing Coordinator : This is a staff position assigned to a 40-hour work week and reports to the Fire/EMS Captain II for Inspections and is responsible for administering and organizing the F ire Prevention Office's s ystems t esting program.

Responsibilities include: witnessing and approving the fire alarm and fire suppression systems yearly tests of all the mandated buildings in Arlington County as mandated by the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code, and the Arlington County Fire Prevention Code ; operating as fire inspectors and witness es to systems testing and writing notices of violation for failed tests as well as other discovered violations of the fire code .

This Coordinator is also responsible for writing notices of violation, and for en forcing code by writing summons es for court ; resolving fire code violations resulting in large expenditures by the County's major stakeholders ; overseeing monetary revenues to the County of more than one million dollars a year ; ensuring that the County's stakeholders are correctly billed, that collection of bills is performed, that deposits are promptly made, and making recommendations for waiving fees and resolving monetary conflicts; and participating in the code review process. The Coordinator also ensures violations found during the systems testing process are re-inspected and that violations are corrected.

Plans Review Captain I : This is a staff position assigned to a 40-hour work week. This officer is assigned to the Fire Prevention Office reporting directly to the Fire Official (Fire/EMS Battalion Chief, Fire Prevention Office), but is co-located within the Inspection Services Division under the Department of Community Planning, Housing, and Development. Responsibilities include: p lan ning, coordinating, supervising , and directing the work of the Plans Review section; prioritizing work to meet the goals of the section ; reviewing site plans for proposed new construction and amendments to approved site plans for compliance with the Fire Prevention Code, focusing on such areas as building access for fire apparatus, fire lanes, fire flow, and fire hydrant distribution.

This officer also p rovides an operational perspective to the plans review process and identifies areas that may directly impact Fire Department operations and fire safety ; a ssists in the interpretation and enforcement of the fire prevention code, makes field inspections to provide technical assistance to builders, developers and/or contractors ; m akes field inspections to assist field testing staff in determining code requirements and compliance for complicated or highly technical fire code-related matters.

Additional responsibilities include: making field inspections to mediate or resolve code-related deficiencies between the business and building, communities, and field testing section staff ; coordinating with Construction Plans Examiners, Fire Protection Engineers, and other ISD, DES, and County staff to resolve issues identified during plan review ; responding to technical questions regarding codes from contractors, developers, property owners, and the public ; coordinating and assisting with the development of fire safety and evacuation plans for various occupancies and buildings as required in Chapter 4 of the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code and reviewing and preparing test reports and other documentation as required for accuracy, clarity, and completeness.

Personnel S ervices

Human Resources Officer Recruitment and Outreach duties include: The Human Resources Officer reports directly to the Personnel Services Chief. The Human Resources Officer is responsible for outreach and recruitment, job fairs, career fairs and other community events. This officer manage s the recruitment process in coordination with human resources, manages the awards and recognition program and may assist with the development of policies and procedures for assigned area ; manages the entry level test administration, CPAT, panel interviews and candidate file review. S erves as a l iaison with the health and safety officer and occupational health to schedule and monitor pre-hire physical and psychological evaluations ; prepares reports related to recruitment an d outreach efforts and assists with development of policies and procedures.

Training Officer duties include: Develops and implements a structured training program for recruit firefighters; evaluates recruit performance; oversee probationary firefighter evaluation process; c oaches and mentors lieutenants and squad leaders during recruit school; supervises academy activities and assumes overall supervision in the absence of the Fire / EMS Captain II; assists in the development of ongoing training programs for department members; develops procedures and manuals as resources for the department and training academy staff; maintains a record keeping system capable of tracking individual and department training activities to include state accredited certification training, National Fire Academy training, and other specialty training; delivers instructional curriculums when appropriate ; s erves as the department's representative and maintains liaison with the Virginia Department of Fire Programs Training Division ; works both independently and as an effective member of a team. Must have or obtain VDFP Fire Instructor II certification .

Major duties of the Fire / EMS Captain I position include but are not limited to:
  • Maintains preparedness to respond to emergency incidents
  • Responds to all hazards including but not limited to emergency incidents, fire, medical, hazardous materials, technical rescue, water rescue, transportation, and/or acts of terrorism
  • Implements or participates in the incident command system
  • Develops incident action plans for planned and unplanned events
  • Gathers, evaluates, and continually assesses on-scene conditions and information relayed by multiple companies, conducts initial and on-going size up, and adjusts tactical plans to meet objectives
  • Manages the activities of the shift, branch , division or group to which assigned
  • Assists in the development of policies and procedures
  • Assists in the establishment of goals, objectives and priorities for a fire station, branch, or section
  • Provides leadership and team orientation of assigned personnel to create a functional work group
  • Completes performance evaluations for assigned subordinate personnel
  • Motivates and rewards staff and recommends commendation s
  • Coaches and contributes to the development of subordinates and peers
  • Recommends progressive discipline when needed
  • Proactively addresses negative behaviors that may impact workgroup performance
  • Identifies deficient skills and training needs among subordinates, and plans, develops, implements or delivers remedial, company, or battalion training
  • Participates in the physical fitness program to include Duty Fit Program
  • Assists in the development and monitoring of the annual budget for assigned area to ensure that replacement cycles and impacts on budget are identified
  • Attends staff and committee meetings
  • Disseminates information to personnel that is communicated during meetings as well as instruction about new policies and procedures, and/or guidelines
  • Maintains accurate records including, personnel records, apparatus records, facilities repair request, etc.
  • Prepares and oversees the completion of suppression or Electronic Patient Care Reports , end-of-tour reports, suspicious activity reports, and records in ImageTrend , Target Solutions and Telestaff
  • Ensures that all equipment is maintained in compliance with County, state, and federal safety regulations, and takes initial ac tion to alleviate discrepancies or submits service/repair requests to the appropriate party as necessary .
  • Participates in public relations, community outreach programs as directed by the Station Commander , and responds to community requests for the usage of fire station facilities.
  • Represents the department through community education and outreach, interagency community service programs, and regional collaborative efforts
  • Collaborates with other shift officers or agencies on joint efforts such as training, operational policies and procedures, community programs, or administrative issues
  • Develops and delivers presentations for training or to community organizations
  • Ensures that assigned personnel remain proficient in all skills and monitors required certifications for fire, EMS, Hazmat etc.
  • Mentors, manages , and facilitates learning for newly promoted Lieutenants who are assigned as company officers or crew.
Selection Criteria

To be considered for this position, candidates must meet all minimum eligibility requirements by the dates identified in the announcement. An incomplete application may be cause for rejection.

Experience Requirements:

Candidates must have at least one year of experience as a Fire / EMS Lieutenant (Grade F5) with the Arlington County Fire Department by the date of the first assessment center exercise (expected October 16 , 2021 ) with satisfactory completion of the probationary period.

Educational Requirements:

Candidates must have successfully completed thirty (30) credit semester hours in a degree program at an accredited college or university; or coursework, certifications, and/or experience which has been accepted and converted to credit semester hours at an accredited college or university by the close of the application period 9/17/2021

1. Candidates are responsible for ensuring that all coursework, certifications, and/or experience has been converted to an official transcript. Only official and accredited college/university transcripts submitted by the deadline will be considered to meet the educational requirements. Refer to ACFD Promotional Policy A.36 for additional details about educational requirements.
2.Official transcripts indicating completion of the required 30 (thirty) credit semester hours must be submitted to Human Resources by the deadline.
3. Official transcripts may be sent directly to Thuy Tran, Management Intern Human Resources, 2100 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 511, Arlington, VA 22201, or .
4. If official transcripts were previously submitted to Human Resources showing the required semester credit hours, it is not necessary to resubmit your transcript if it is currently on file. Each applicant should confirm with Human Resources that the transcript is on file and up to date.

Kind of Examination : Upon meeting the experience and educational requirements, candidates are eligible to progress in the selection process which will consist of a multi-phase Assessment Center. Individuals should be familiar with and able to use Microsoft Office (Word and Excel), Fire Department records management systems such as Telestaff and ImageTrend and be able to respond in a job-related manner to participate in the Assessment Center exercises. These Assessment Center exercises measure certain defined job-related competencies. Eligible candidates will be required to complete all phases of the promotional process to be considered.

Special Requirements
Work Hours : Work location may dictate standard work hours; however, most Fire/EMS Captain I's will be assigned 24-hour shift or other shifts as assigned by the Fire Chief. Employees are required to work weekends and holidays , and occasionally work overtime.

Work Location : May be assigned to any of the n ine ( 9 ) fire stations, Fire Training Academy, Fire Prevention Office , or administrative offices throughout the county or other work locations assigned by the Fire Chief.

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