Publishing and Content Services Manager

Rockville, Maryland
Salary Range (Non-Negotiable): $75,373 - $83,747
Aug 30, 2021
Oct 04, 2021
Full Time

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association requires all new employees to present proof they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 when they start work. Currently, “fully vaccinated” is defined as someone that has received both doses of the Pfizer/Moderna COVID-19 vaccines or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine 14 days or more before they begin work. Individuals with a disability or a religious reason preventing them from taking the vaccine may request an accommodation.



ASHA publishes more than 1,000 articles per year in its journals, news magazine, and other outlets and maintains online and print archives of these and other materials going back many decades. To ensure maximum awareness and utility of these assets for both internal and external users, the Publishing and Content Services Manager provides taxonomic metadata management, content cataloguing, and tools and resources that support a range of content and product strategy initiatives across the enterprise.

The Manager also ensures the development and maintenance of efficient, optimized workflows for editorial and content services relied upon by the Publications unit as well as other units across the organization. These include editorial and content management duties demanding accuracy, attention to detail, reliability, and initiative.


  1. Conduct an ongoing meeting series with taxonomy vendor(s) to regularly maintain and/or revise enterprise taxonomy information, and provide resources, guidance, and project support for integration of the taxonomy in content and product strategy initiatives.
  2. Collaborate with editors and subject matter experts on multiple versions of a typically biweekly e-newsletter reaching the full ASHA membership, providing production capacity for and general oversight of the newsletter.
  3. Catalogue online and print content assets, including a database of articles, courses, sessions, and other materials with structured data, enriching records as needed with additional descriptive or other metadata.
  4. Contribute to interdepartmental content calendaring efforts and coordinate provision of relevant reports, feeds, and assets.
  5. Work on project teams as needed for migrating and loading articles, posts, and/or XML packages.
  6. Develop and participate in initiatives to cross-train staff on editorial and content workflows.
  7. Ensure effective handling of transcription and content accessibility needs. 
  8. Oversee and assist with the handling of permissions, rights, and re-use requests for content from Publications or other units.
  9. Fulfill requests for research and archival materials from members, staff, and other inquirers.


Knowledge Typically Acquired Through

  • Successful completion of an undergraduate degree 
  • Five to seven years of experience in publishing and online content production/management, particularly involving journals, magazines, blogs, and content management platforms that make extensive use of metadata and integrations with linked-data services
  • Progressively increasing autonomy in content projects and responsibility for delivery of high-quality outputs and reliable service
  • Detailed understanding of taxonomy and ontology principles and demonstrated skill in deployment of taxonomic and other forms of structured data in a content publishing environment
  • Familiarity with permissions, rights, and licensing conventions and enterprise best practices in stewardship of publications and other forms of content assets.

Scope and Depth of Technical Skills/Knowledge

  • Knowledge of and demonstrated experience with semantic taxonomy principles and content database management/reporting
  • Familiarity with the JATS DTD, processes for handling XML packages, and application of structured metadata in content and product development  
  • Proficiency in Microsoft 365 applications; demonstrated use of FTP, RSS, databases, and cloud applications such as Zoom, Visme, Smartsheet, and Airtable; and familiarity with Power BI, Google Analytics, and related tools
  • Experience with Microsoft SharePoint for managing resources and sharing information across an enterprise
  • Expertise in APA Style and familiarity with AP style
  • Understanding and experience with permissions, rights, and licensing conventions
  • Experience with content and editorial calendaring techniques using Microsoft Excel or cloud-based applications

Scope and Depth of Non-Technical Skills/Knowledge

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work productively in teams in a project management environment
  • Commitment to continual improvement of processes and operations
  • Motivation to disseminate resources and orient/train people in their use
  • Willingness to offer ideas and creatively solve problems
  • Ability to analyze and synthesize complex concepts for practical use by individuals and groups with varying levels of expertise
  • Ability to manage time, prioritize workload, and manage multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Demonstrated success in documenting, communicating, and refining processes for publishing and content services, ensuring maximal efficiency of operations delivering high value for internal and external customers

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