Washington D.C.
Aug 13, 2021
Sep 17, 2021
Full Time


1.      Guests and Visitors

1.1     E nsure that the reception area, visitor rooms and coat room are clean, tidy and presentable at all times and there are sufficient coat tags in the coat room.

1.2     Coordinate the booking of meeting rooms for visitors to the Embassy.

1.3     Liaise with the Officer and security guards on expected guests/visitors or contractors to the Embassy and the parking arrangements.

1.4     Screen visitors that do not have scheduled appointments with any Officers and inform them accordingly.

1.5     Greet guests/visitors upon their arrival and direct them to the respective waiting rooms or meeting areas.

1.6     Ensure that tea/coffee is prepared and served to the guests/visitors who are waiting to meet the Officers.

1.7    Assist with coat/bag check for guests/visitors when necessary.

1.8    Assist in the booking of taxi for staff and guests/visitors.

2.     Telephone Duties

 2.1     Screen all incoming telephone calls, record daily number of calls and channel the calls to the respective staff member.

  2.2     Provide information for general enquiries and assist on consular matters.

  2.3     Record telephone messages and relay it to the respective staff member.

   2.4     Check voice mail daily and respond or forward messages accordingly.

   2.5     Screen and record all calls for Ambassador.

   2.6     Inform respective home-based staff of their office and security duties every Monday morning in accordance with the schedules provided.

3.     Emails and Regular Mail

          3.1     Manage and organise email inboxes of              and

          3.2     Re-direct general emails that are not consular-related to             respective staff member.

3.3     Record the number and type of emails weekly.

3.4     Assist with consular queries when necessary.

3.5     Send welcome emails to Singaporean e-Registrants in the United States.

 3.6     Send e-Register expiration email reminders.

 3.7     Record regular mail and packages upon delivery and notify PA to Ambassador should there be mail or packages addressed to Ambassador.

4.     Official Functions

            4.1  Liaise with respective staff member and Social Secretary when vendors for functions arrive.

             4.2   Assist with assigned duties during the event/function.

5.     Other Duties

              5.1  Assist in the duties of Social Secretary.

              5.2  Any other duties due to exigencies of service.

To apply, please send your resume and a cover letter to by Sept 12, 2021 and note in the subject line of your email "Receptionist". Only successful candidates will be notified.

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