Project Director/Senior Analyst

Rockville, Maryland
Competitive salary with generous benefits
Jul 26, 2021
Aug 30, 2021
Full Time

Project Director/Senior Analyst:  

Will manage a small team and provide hands on analysis for the evaluation support services to Dept of Labor, Chief Evaluation Office (CEO) to support the production of rigorous, independent and transparent research and data. This includes technical reviews of evaluation-related deliverables, the development of internal evaluation tools and other ad-hoc support for CEO’s evaluation research and data analytics efforts, work to support DOL’s CLEAR and DEAP, and development of other research and data analyses, tools and systems, all to be completed in a parallel and timely fashion. As well, this team develops robust assessment metrics for all key activities and deliverables to support a continuous feedback and improvement cycle.


  • Technical review and comment on evaluation research deliverables such as evaluation design reports, sampling and data analyses plans, work plans, interim and final reports, literature reviews, issue briefs, white papers, journal articles, public-use datasets and data file documentation, etc., with reviews generally completed within a two-week turnaround time or less.
  • Review and comment on assigned agency Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) clearance submissions to promote timely processing and clearance, with reviews generally completed within a two-week turnaround time or less, and manage the overall review and submission process of PRA packages.
  • On-site support for CEO staff on a variety of regular and ad-hoc tasks, including: assisting with event organization and set-up, developing and/or documenting internal processes and procedures, developing internal-use performance management and evaluation-related tools, such as trackers, databases, performance indicator analyses, etc. and other tasks as assigned that increase the quality of evaluation products and deliverables and/or the functioning of CEO’s internal processes.
  • Support for the CEO Data Analytics team to establish, clean, evaluate, manage, and analyze various databases for the Department. This shall include support in accessing, maintaining, documenting, and analyzing micro (often longitudinal person or business-level) datasets from various sources.  This includes assisting in drafting and editing Memoranda of Understanding between federal agencies to facilitate data sharing.
  • Support to enhance the growth and value of CLEAR, including but not limited to the timely review or drafting of technical documents, reports and communication materials, and the conduct of briefings and meetings for internal and external audiences.
  • Assist with establishing the DEAP server environment as a widely-used tool at DOL by onboarding new users and coordinating with various DOL agencies to help users establish secure and functional computing environments on the DEAP server. This may include creating and testing new tenants and migrating files as needed, running simple scripts to ensure that packages and libraries are available and functional, installing and updating software as needed, and onboarding new users.


  • The project director/senior analyst must have a PhD and have at least five years of experience serving as a social science research analyst or in an equivalent position. 
  • Must be able to effectively communicate orally and in writing.
  • Must have experience managing similar professional support services contracts, and be an expert in the survey, econometric and statistical issues surrounding Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) clearance submissions.
  • Must be able to review all statistical and methodological parts of a PRA submission with the ability to assess whether the package effectively comports with Office of Management and Budget PRA requirements.
  • Possess the ability to effectively communicate complex, technical topics to a range of audiences through oral and written presentations is necessary. 
  • Must be able to work with senior staff members and DOL personnel to assess appropriate evaluation and statistical approaches and methodologies. 
  • Must be an expert in use of MS Office products, including Word, Power Point, and Excel, as well as statistical software such as R, STATA and/or SAS, and must have the ability to perform web research.