Preferred Solutions Group
Bethesda, MD
Jul 23, 2021
Jul 27, 2021
Accountant, IT
Full Time
Preferred Solutions Group (PSG) is a woman owned business based in Washington, DC that is uniquely qualified to serve small businesses and corporations alike as they seek to address shifting personnel needs in an ever changing environment. An established part of the Washington, DC community, PSG has maintained effective and successful relationships with a diverse group of companies and federal agencies since its founding in 1987. We are currently looking for an experienced Scientist . Position Description: Duties include: Supports the planning and execution of research experiments in the context of the laboratory's overall research program. Evaluate new techniques, instruments, and software for potential incorporation into current SOP. Advance the science in the laboratory through new procedures and discoveries. Design and conduct experiments and studies requiring the application of a broad professional knowledge of scientific theories and principles. Perform special research projects that have a high priority for the laboratory with special emphasis in the development of novel research treatments. Maintains laboratory equipment and the training of others in their use. Train staff on the proper usage of laboratory instruments and equipment. Operate, troubleshoot and train others to use laboratory equipment and software. Provide advice and assistance to users in designing experiments, using instrumentation, data acquisition and analysis, and preparing figures for publication. Assists in maintaining adequate space and facilities for ongoing and projected research studies. Provide basic and advanced training in animal care and use procedures to staff. Evaluates, analyzes and interprets research data, communicates results and methods in reports, presentations, and manuscripts. Write technical reports and prepare manuscripts. Oversee the data management for all processed compounds. Oversee project data quality; analyze and interpret project data. Conduct bioinformatics data analyses and statistical analyses; prepare data for abstracts and manuscripts. Maintain a detailed and up-to-date electronic laboratory notebook detailing all experiments. Coordinates with junior staff to modify research protocols. Work with staff to confirm assay results and evaluate new techniques and instruments; search literature; propose, design and test alternative assays for difficult screening targets; confirm assay results; develop secondary assays. Suggest alternative or complementary approaches to experiments. Presents research at national scientific meetings and symposia. Prepare oral presentations and posters for internal and external groups conferences. Co-author manuscripts on research projects; publish in peer-reviewed journals. Write papers and abstracts detailing research efforts and results for publication in peer-reviewed journals; prepare PowerPoint presentations as appropriate. Give posters and presentations detailing work at regional and national scientific meetings. Review, edit, and, as needed, write first drafts of papers, posters and manuscripts. Give posters and presentations detailing work at regional and national scientific meetings. Present results of clinical and experimental research at recognized scientific meetings by lectures and exhibits poster sessions. Provides interpretation of results, guidance, and scientific support to the management team. Search existing literature for new and or relevant techniques. Assist the lab staff in the creation and preparation of a variety of documents required by the labs scientific activities. Produce research reports and regularly communicate results to staff and collaborators. Mentors junior level scientists. Train staff on the proper usage of equipment. Train staff in a wide variety of techniques used in the laboratory. Train staff in the proper breeding genotyping techniques used to maintain various knock out, knock in, and transgenic lines used by the laboratory members. Coordinate training of users in applying data and analysis methods for their research studies. Provide scientific and technical expertise to all visiting fellows, post-docs, and technicians. Train laboratory staff to independently run the experiments and analyze the data. Job Requirements:Position Requirements: Ph.D or comparable advanced degree in neuro-biology or related disciplines with expertise in molecular biology and confocal imaging Significant post-doctoral research experience and training (greater than five years) are also required. Please note: **Applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex or national origin.**

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