Trainee Cytogenetic Tech

Quest Diagnostics
Chantilly, VA
Jul 20, 2021
Jul 24, 2021
Accountant, IT
Full Time
Trainee Cytogenetic Tech - Chantilly, VA - Sunday-Thursday and Tuesday -SaturdayJOB SUMMARY:Reports to the Program Manager for the Cytogenetic Technologist Training Program. Under supervision by a trained employee, incumbent(s) will use their training in Cytogenetics to perform clinical lab testing and/or other scientific examinations. The trainee is responsible to prepare for employment as a Cytogenetic Technologist. Lectures and practical laboratory training are supplemented by a set of instructional objectives or skill by the end of each module (rotations). The Trainee must complete all text assignments, lectures, discussions, demonstrations, supervised practice, and practical examinations. In general, competency of the Trainees is assessed via direct observation and satisfactory performance in the training modules, and signed off by the Trainer and Program Manager.JOB RESPONSIBILITIES:1.Demonstrates the ability to acquire knowledge and technical skills. Completes instructional or learning objectives as provided by the Program Manager or Trainer. The trainee will be able to understand analytical processes, interpret analytical results and appreciate the clinical significance of analyses performed in a Cytogenetics laboratory.2.Maintains professional, interpersonal relations. Interacts effectively with others and actively participates as a committed team member. This includes interacting in a respectful, professional manner; remaining calm in difficult interactions; sharing information; listening to and involving others; objectively considering others ideas and opinions, and interacting effectively with people from varied and diverse backgrounds; creating an environment of positive and professional demeanor. Maintains a cooperative working relationship with co-workers.municates clearly, politely, and respectfully to peers, 4, technologists, supervisors, and managers. This includes asking questions, giving and receiving information and feedback, explaining ideas or policies, and actively listening to responses. Uses discretion by not discussing company, departmental or personal problems in public areas.4.Demonstrates a learning orientation. Trainee will be able to achieve passing scores on National Examination upon completion of the Training Program. Takes the initiative to complete assigned tasks. Demonstrates commitment, reliability, trustworthiness, and accountability for participating and completing learning activities. This includes reading assignments, lectures, discussions, demonstrations, supervised practice, and practical examinations.5.Under supervision, trainee performs clinical tests following Six Sigma quality standards. Exhibits skills and proficiency in applying technical principles and techniques of cytogenetics technology. The trainee will be able to work with laboratory instrumentation, quality control and quality assurance.A' 6.Identifies problems related to learning activities. This includes attempting to resolve the problem, referring the problems/issues to the proper individual(s) when appropriate, and following appropriate Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Recognizes problems, initiates troubleshooting steps to evaluate testing failures, and notifies the Supervisor or Trainer, for additional assistance or support, if required.7.Uses solutions, reagents, filtration, centrifugation, slides preparation and/or staining techniques to prepare specimens/samples for laboratory delivery, examination, screens, and/or testing.8.Under supervision, interprets test results, and assures test results are accurate and/or acceptable.9.Trainees are expected to achieve a passing score of 70% or better on the written examination at the end of each laboratory rotation. Demonstrates competency, and comprehension of the technical aspects for each training module. Counseling and make-up examinations will be given at the discretion of the Program Manager. Failure of progressively passing three examinations will be grounds for counseling up to dismissal from the program.10.Follows established company and department policies and procedures. Follow the guidelines for safety, environmental, and infection control.11.Demonstrates a high level of integrity and honesty in maintaining confidentiality.Physical DemandsJOB REQUIREMENTS:Experience, Education, and LicensureA Bachelors of Arts or Sciences degree in a physical, chemical or biological science from an accredited college or university as required by the clinical laboratory specialty.A' Knowledge, Skills and AbilitiesDemonstrated knowledge or proficiency in computer skills.