Network Engineer

Computer World Services (CWS)Corporation
Washington, DC
Jul 20, 2021
Jul 24, 2021
Full Time
Job Description The mission of the OFR is to support the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) in promoting financial stability by: collecting data on behalf of FSOC; providing such data to FSOC and member agencies; standardizing the types and formats of data reported and collected; performing applied research and essential long-term research; developing tools for risk measurement and monitoring; performing other related services; making the results of the activities of the OFR available to financial regulatory agencies; and assisting such member agencies in determining the types of formats of data authorized to be collected by such member agencies. Key Tasks and Responsibilities The successful candidate will have a successful track record of performance in their field of expertise while being a self-starter. This position will provide engineering, design, and implementation solutions for multiple data center, office, and cloud-based network architectures. This position will have a strong background in network protocols and security, AWS cloud networking, switching and routing implementation, security device implementation, and TCP/IP protocol analysis. The Network Engineer designs, augments, maintains and monitors network performance and security in multiple computing environments by identifying network requirements; installing upgrades; monitoring network devices and logs, and managing network security configuration consistency. This position requires strong communication skills and strong technical writing capability. Analyze, design, test, install, documentation, implement and support complex network solutions in cloud environments (ie AWS and Azure). Experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS), specifically: A cents € cents Experience using CloudFormation to deploy network resources in AWS A cents € cents Experience with deploying basic VPC networking including availability zones, public and private subnets A cents € cents Experience deploying network gateways including the Internet gateway, NAT gateway, Virtual Private Gateway, and S3 Gateway A cents € cents Experience in virtual private networking between Amazon and on-premises using the Virtual Private Gateway, IPSEC tunnels, and BGP routing A cents € cents Experience with the Transit Gateway including connectivity between multiple VPCs and Amazon accounts A cents € cents Working knowledge of AWS IAM policies and permissions A cents € cents Experience working with AWS DirectConnect including distribution of bandwidth among multiple AWS accounts A cents € cents Experience working with network/security EC2 appliances in AWS including Cisco CSR and Palo Alto VM-Series firewalls Experience with RedHat Ansible Tower to perform automated network operations. Implementation and support of the network security infrastructure including Palo Alto firewalls, content filters, and VPN services. Configuration of firewall access control lists and associated security policies, updating of mandated IP block lists. BlueCoat web proxy and content analysis system configuration, policy development, and troubleshooting. Application of mandated URL and file type block lists. Experience with Cisco Identity Services Engine authentication and authorization policies and a working knowledge of wired and wireless RADIUS and EAP-TLS protocols. Working knowledge of SMTP and Email security gateways, ability to troubleshoot Email transport and associated security policies, application of mandated Email block lists. Solid understanding of network protocols such as Ethernet, TCP/UDP/IP, ARP, ICMP, DNS, HTTP/S, IPSEC, SNMP, and SMTP. Familiarity with network architectures such as core/distribution/access and leaf/spine. Solid understanding of routing including experience working with routing protocols such as BGP, EIGRP, and OFPF. Experience performing complex network troubleshooting using industry standard tools such as Wireshark, nslookup/dig, icmp, tcpdump on network/security devices and Windows/Linux endpoints. Experience reviewing network related logs on Windows and Linux endpoints for troubleshooting purposes. SolarWinds operation and configuration including configuring SNMP monitoring of network/security devices, configuring alerts, maintaining inventory, and running reports. Experience with data center and office copper and fiber cabling standards, server/network rack equipment installation, and general knowledge of UPS/PDU operation. Cisco Catalyst and Nexus switch and ASR router configuration, troubleshooting, and upgrading/patching network operating system software. Experience working with Cisco TAC in resolving complex issues. Cisco wireless controller configuration and troubleshooting, working knowledge of 802.11ac wireless communications. Working knowledge of PKI and SSL certificates. Basic understanding or experience with VMWare vSphere, NSX, vSwitch, and ESXi hosts and how to troubleshoot networking problems. Working knowledge of Linux and Linux-based network operating systems. Familiarity with the security assessment and authorization process. Education & Experience A cents € cents Bachelor's Degree desired. Previous related and or military experience or certifications in related field may substitute for formal education. A cents € cents 5+ years' working in Information Technology operations with specific experience in systems and/or network operations. A cents € cents Prefer at least one year of performing in the same role as described in this position description. A cents € cents Strong interpersonal communication (ie, verbal, presentation and written) skills. Certifications A cents € cents CCNA, CCNP A cents € cents Security + A cents € cents CEH Security Clearance A cents € cents Public Trust

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