Administrative Specialist II

Alexandria, Virginia
Jul 20, 2021
Aug 11, 2021
Full Time

The Administrative Specialist II classification, in addition to responsibility for overall day-to-day office administration for a large ACPS department, whose functions have effect throughout all of ACPS. Positions in this class provide support to a senior-level leadership position and are assigned specialized departmental administrative work of a complex nature. Such work involves an understanding of a specific body of knowledge and the interrelations among units both with its own department and across the ACPS workforce. The specialized work functions generally include developing board reports, monitoring contracts, inventories, budgets, event planning, purchases and, expenditures, for which the position is delegated management responsibility. Positions in this classification act as the department's liaison to various committees and resolve issues with key personnel throughout ACPS.

The position reports directly to a department head with system-wide operational responsibility and works under general supervision.

  • Education: Associates Degree preferred or equivalent.
  • Certificates & Licenses: None required.
  • Experience: One (1) year of specialized administrative work in support of a high-level official is required.

Essential Functions:
  • Oversees day-to-day office operations supporting ACPS-wide functions such as event planning for communications and public relations.
  • Helps develop operating budgets and associated spreadsheets for managerial decision-making.
  • Monitors and reconciles various finance and budget reports.
  • Coordinates schedules, meetings, travel, and activities in of support assigned administrator and department staff's operational activities.
  • Creates forms, databases, spreadsheets to streamline reporting processes.
  • Oversees contracts, grants, and procurements to provide documentation in accordance with administrative and legal requirements.
  • Develops specialized reports and represents the department on various committees.
  • Manages office staff time and leave usage often overseeing payroll activities.
  • Maintains office files and records for the department.
  • Processes a wide variety of documents and materials in compliance with the program, district, state, and federal requirements.
  • Researches a variety of topics to provide information to address a variety of administrative decision-making requirements, including finance and budget decisions.
  • Responds to a wide variety of inquiries, many from key personnel within ACPS to provide information, facilitate communication among parties, provide direction, and resolve issues.
  • Supports assigned administrative and department personnel to provide assistance with administrative activities and may provide direction to other office support personnel.
  • Crafts correspondence on behalf of the administrator or department as needed or requested.
  • Performs other related duties, as assigned, to ensure the efficient and effective functioning of the work unit.

  • Criminal Justice Fingerprint/Background Clearance
  • Tuberculosis Skin Test.


Primary Location:
Central Office
Salary Range:
$48,844.80 - $60,057.60 / Support SUP-25
Shift Type:

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