Nutrition Technician - PRN

Jul 10, 2021
Aug 14, 2021
Full Time
The Nutrition Technician will be responsible for accurate preparation, translation and delivery of special formulas/supplements/trays according to the department policies and procedures. Will be responsible for the maintenance of patient Food and Nutrition records, kardex and logs for order accuracy using current Information technology and act as the source of current patient diet order status. Answer patient foodservice phone and documents all request.


Minimum Education
High School Diploma or GED (Required)
A.A. (Preferred)

Minimum Work Experience
3 years Related healthcare, foodservice experience (Required)

Knowledge of infant formula preferred

Required Skills/Knowledge
Basic calculations (addition, subtraction, division, multiplication).
Ability to translate written instructions and numeric formulas into special diet products and/or infant formulas.
Ability to accurately measure micro and macro levels of special products, using scale and other measuring tools.
Ability to perform basic information Technology data entry and print functions.

Functional Accountabilities

  • Polite and professional attitude to all customers.

  • Communicate pertinent information to Supervisor/Manager or Director.

Nutrition Service

  • Receive and maintain accurate and current orders for patient meal service or formulas utilizing CNMC information systems.

  • Prepare, review and correct patient menus and adhere to the principles of special diets.
  • Prepare and deliver infant formula and special supplements according to RD approved formula and/or department standards.
  • Prepare patient listing with accurate diet/formula information and special instructions for department Patient Service staff per approved department standards.
  • Maintain patient information in kardex, logbook and/or IT systems from Nutrition Technician and ask appropriate clarification of patient orders.
  • Inventory special food items, menus and other related resources; communicate needs to appropriate supervisor/manager.


  • Enter applicable data on floor stock and nourishment usage; print daily/weekly reports per department guidelines accurately and timely.

  • Collect data for Performance Improvement processes, as requested.

Safety and Sanitation

  • Comply with maintenance of safety and sanitation standards of the department, institution and regulatory agencies.

  • Maintain integrity, cleanliness and operational safety of meal delivery cart system according to HACCP standards.

Office Support

  • Answer department phone and keep appropriate log information; respond to voice mail per department guidelines.

Organizational Accountabilities
Organizational Accountabilities (Staff)
Organizational Commitment/Identification

  • Anticipate and responds to customer needs; follows up until needs are met

  • Demonstrate collaborative and respectful behavior
  • Partner with all team members to achieve goals
  • Receptive to others' ideas and opinions

Performance Improvement/Problem-solving
  • Contribute to a positive work environment
  • Demonstrate flexibility and willingness to change
  • Identify opportunities to improve clinical and administrative processes
  • Make appropriate decisions, using sound judgment

Cost Management/Financial Responsibility
  • Use resources efficiently
  • Search for less costly ways of doing things

  • Speak up when team members appear to exhibit unsafe behavior or performance
  • Continuously validate and verify information needed for decision making or documentation
  • Stop in the face of uncertainty and takes time to resolve the situation
  • Demonstrate accurate, clear and timely verbal and written communication
  • Actively promote safety for patients, families, visitors and co-workers
  • Attend carefully to important details - practicing Stop, Think, Act and Review in order to self-check behavior and performance

Childrens National Hospital is an equal opportunity employer that evaluates qualified applicants without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, marital status, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, identity, or other characteristics protected by law.

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