Homeless Education Liaison/Foster Care Liaison

Alexandria, Virginia
Jul 08, 2021
Sep 29, 2021
Full Time
Job Description

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Liaison/ Foster Care Liaison provides coordination in support of the implementation of the McKinney-Vento program across the school division. This position manages the delivery of program supports and services to children, youth, and families who are experiencing homelessness to help them overcome obstacles and remove barriers to accessing their education. Assess the needs of students and families to connect them with a variety of social service supports in the community. Collect and analyze data to determine the effectiveness of interventions and services.

This job reports to the Executive Director of Student Services in the Department of Student Services and Equity.


Education: Master's degree in Social Work or School Counseling.

Certificates & Licenses: Valid Virginia Department of Education license required, or eligibility to obtain one.

Experience: A minimum of three years' work experience is preferred. Demonstrated sensitivity to the needs of individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Essential Functions
  • Understand all federal guidelines as they pertain to the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act.
  • Coordinate services with supervisors, school social workers, and school staff in the division to assist students experiencing homelessness.
  • Coordinate the identification of students experiencing homelessness and assist with school registration and in school services for students.
  • Monitor attendance and truancy of students who are homeless.
  • Assist with medical needs, e., glasses, immunizations, dental and mental health service referrals for students who are homeless.
  • Assist school social workers in completing a needs assessment on all students experiencing homelessness and ensure that the identified service needs are available.
  • Coordinate additional wrap-around services to students that have an IEP and assist the Office of Specialized Instruction in responding to parent's questions.
  • Set up transportation for students in foster care and experiencing homelessness when feasible.
  • Provide parent/guardian rights information and school supplies, so that students who are homeless socially blend in with other students in their school.
  • Assist with placing children who are experiencing homelessness in tutoring, mentoring, or after school programs.
  • Assist and provide direct service to unaccompanied youth (g., mentoring, providing supplies, resources, and case management) in an effort to support them toward high school graduation.
  • Assist parents/guardians and unaccompanied youth experiencing homelessness with referrals for food, clothing, shelter, and housing referrals.
  • Provide regular training on McKinney-Vento laws to school-based staff and community partners.
  • Provide the Department of Social Services and local homeless shelters with educational resources and information regarding the school division resources.
  • Utilize crisis intervention skills, case management, and community resources knowledge to support the family to move toward greater family stabilization for better school performance when possible.
  • Provide appropriate referrals to Child Protective Services as designated by law.
  • Develop a data collection system for students experiencing homelessness including student demographics and outcome data such as participation and performance on statewide assessments.
  • Complete all local and state reports including the annual McKinney-Vento VDOE report.
  • Ensure that public notice of the educational rights of students experiencing homelessness is distributed where such students receive services (i.e., schools, libraries, extended stay hotels, family shelters, food pantries, etc.).
  • Ensure that the parents/guardians of students experiencing homelessness and unaccompanied students experiencing homelessness are fully informed of all transportation services; including transportation to the school of origin and are assisted in accessing appropriate transportation.
  • Collect data and information on such students that will help the LEA prepare grant applications and secure services for such students.
  • Assist with enrolling students in foster care in school.
  • Participate in Best Interest Determination (BID) meetings to ensure that students are placed in their school of origin or in their neighborhood school.
  • Assist with the transfer of records for students experiencing homelessness to assist in continued academic success.
  • Maintain documentation on all services provided to children and youth experiencing homelessness.
  • Other homeless education support and service-related duties as assigned in the Department of Student Services and Equity.

  • Criminal Justice Fingerprint/Background Clearance.
  • Tuberculosis Skin Test.


Primary Location:
Central Office
Salary Range:
Teachers and Other Licensed Staff Salary Scale (http://www.acps.k12.va.us/hr/compensation/)
Shift Type:

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