Construction Manager (Owner's Rep)

Alphatec PC
Washington D.C.
Jul 16, 2021
Aug 05, 2021
Full Time

Why choose Alphatec PC? You will be a core member of the Alphatec PC Construction Management effort working under the direction of the Owner. You will play a critical role in the construction management of projects and be a driving force behind operational flow and submission deliverables.

This is a full time construction management position with experience in general engineering. Preference is an individual with multi-disciplined engineering experience including electrical and mechanical engineering, experience designing and/or managing the construction of secured facilities for the Federal Government.

Key Responsibilities

  • Review and become familiar with facility and contract documents in order to support the construction and administration efforts.
  • Monitor and report construction contractor performance.
  • Perform various Quality Control and Quality Assurance duties.
  • Assists the Federal Project Manager/Contracting Officer’s Representative (PM/COR) with ensuring construction contractors and associated construction activities adhere to Federal and specific contract requirements.
  • Monitors construction site to ensure the contractor is keeping the site orderly and occupied spaces remain accessible.
  • Performs daily site visits to review the work progress. Monitors daytime and off-hour construction activities. Individual is also onsite during critical off-hour construction activities such as during utility outages. Provides daily construction activity reports to the PM/COR.
  • Perform inspections at work site.
  • Inspects and reviews project to monitor compliance with building and safety codes, contract documents, manufacture recommended installation practices, standard trade practices, and other regulations. Notifies the PM/COR of any concerns or deficiencies with recommended resolutions.
  • Monitors submittal schedule. Compares construction schedule with submittal schedule to ensure materials will be available when required by the schedule. Notifies the PM/ COR of any concerns or deficiencies with recommended resolutions.
  • Monitors construction deliveries to ensure products being supplied to project site are those that have corresponding approved submittals and corresponding Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) are on file.
  • Generates construction progress photos and updates and keeps photo index and database current.
  • Functions as Government witness when required by construction contract and directed by the PM/COR.
  • Supports the Office of Industrial Health & Safety in ensuring the construction progresses safely and conforms to approved Safety Plan and associated Work Control Permits. Supports the Office during any scheduled safety inspections and deficiency resolutions.
  • Facilitates progress meetings. Reviews progress meeting minutes to verify accuracy and completeness. Notifies the PM/COR of any concerns.
  • Notifies the COR/PM of any cost, scope, or schedule issues and provides recommendations for corrective actions.
  • Oversees construction progress and compares with construction schedule. Notifies the PM/COR of any schedule changes or performance concerns.
  • Reviews invoices and compares with actual construction progress and schedule of valves. Provides written recommendation to the PM/COR.
  • Supports the PM/COR in administrative and facility related coordination efforts such as trash removal, material deliveries, work outside of the main office suite such as in the parking garage and MER, complaint resolutions, and utility outages (fire protection, electrical, mechanical systems).
  • Maintains and updated log of submittals, RFIs, meeting minutes, and invoices and the associated project electronic and paper files in a near and order manner. Maintains a hard copy of all approved submittals and RFI inquiries w/ DOE responses on-site for reference by the Engineer of Record (EoR) and the PM/COR.
  • As requested, attends meetings between construction contractor and other Governmental representatives.
  • Supports Engineer of Record and the PM/COR in review, evaluation, and resolution of RFIs and other construction related issues. Provides recommendations and draft responses to the PM/COR.
  • Supports Engineer of Record and the PM/COR in review, evaluation, and approval of submittals. Provides recommendations and draft responses to the PM/COR.
  • Collaborates with the PM/COR, construction contractor, engineers, architects, end user, and landowner to discuss and resolve matters such as work procedures, complaints, and construction problems.
  • Coordinates work with end user program.
  • Reviews close-out documents such as red-line as built drawings and O&M manuals for accuracy, completeness, and adherence to contract requirements.
  • Performs other similar tasks on similar projects as time allows and as directed by the PM/COR representative.
  • Keeps track of hours expended per task and provides bi-weekly report to the PM/COR representative.
  • Oversee progress of individual projects.
  • Develops project reports.


  • Educational Requirements: Bachelor of Science in Engineering
  • CCM license preferred
  • PE license preferred
  • 7 years minimum experience in engineering and construction management
  • Proficiency in Smartsheets or MS Project
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills required to undertake multiple projects
  • US citizenship and valid driver's license for government clearance
  • Experience in all construction phases (demo to closeout) is preferred for institutional & commercial projects

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