Biomed Technician

Arnold, MD
Jun 22, 2021
Jun 27, 2021
Full Time
Overview: The Biomedical Technician is responsible for maintaining and repairing all dialysis machines, water treatment equipment. The Biomedical Technician ensures these systems are running properly and the equipment is working according to strict specifications. Responsibilities: Biomed Techs also teach Patient Care Technicians, and renal nurses about the equipment used in the facility. Their goal is to ensure that guests at the facility have a safe and comfortable dialysis treatment.Biomedical Technicians oversee, maintain and repair the following equipment at a facility: dialysis machines, floor scales, infusion pumps and centrifuges.Biomed Techs perform preventative maintenance and repair dialysis machines. A Biomed Tech can be responsible for up to 50 dialysis machines and may support two or more dialysis facilities. Dialysis machines are actually large monitors; they are programmed to run for a certain period of time, control the temperature and concentration of the dialysate and sound alerts when attention is needed. No blood actually goes through the machines. Instead, a pump pushes blood through plastic tubes that run on the outside of the machine carrying the blood from the patient to the dialyzer and then back to the patient. Biomed Techs typically perform maintenance checks on the machines after 1,000 hours of use or every three months. They will repair or replace parts as necessary and make sure the machine is working according to specifications. Qualifications: Minimal Qualificationsv High School diploma, general education development (GED) credential, Dialysis Tech Certification, or equivalent requiredv All required manufactures training completedv Basic computer skills and proficiency in MS Word and Outlook requirementLanguage SkillsFluent in the written and verbal skills necessary to perform successfully the essential functions, duties and responsibilities of the position Ability to read, speak, and write English with clarity expression sufficient to communicate technical and complex concepts to teammates, patients and patients family members in clear and easily understandable terms requiredVisual RequirementsVision adequate to perform the essential duties and responsibilities of position- May be required to demonstrate the ability of differentiate colors appearing on a test stripPhysical DemandsPhysical requirement can vary. These must be reviewed by management. However, in general, the position requires the following physical activities:Ability to lift minimum of 5 pounds to a maximum of 50 pounds unassisted and able to perform repetitive standing, sitting, stooping, walking, stretching, reaching and use of fill range of body motions

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