Research Assistant, Open Source Policy Center

Washington, D.C
Jul 18, 2021
Jul 20, 2021
Full Time
The Open Source Policy Center (OSPC) is making policy analysis more transparent, trustworthy, and collaborative. We incubate and contribute to open-source projects that build tools for economic policy analysis. Our focus for the past five years has been incubating cutting-edge economic models (and user interfaces for those models) for analyzing tax and benefit programs. Our user list includes Democratic and Republican presidential administrations, congressional offices, and presidential campaigns, journalists, students, members of the open-source community around the country, and the general public.

Over the coming year, we will formalize a new incubation program so that we can begin incubating many new projects across a wide range of policy areas and launch them to policymakers, journalists, and the public. The models we contribute to and incubate are completely transparent and freely available to researchers across the country. To learn more about OSPC, please visit our website: .

Currently, OSPC is looking to hire a research assistant with the following qualifications (new research assistants will begin in summer 2021):

• Programming experience (preferably, but not necessarily, with Python),
• General knowledge of econometrics, statistics, and working with data,
• Strong interest in public policy and open science, open data, or open-source software generally, and
• A desire to learn intrapreneurship and operations inside a leading institution such as AEI.

As a research assistant for OSPC, you will contribute to open-source projects such as TaxData and C-TAM . You will also provide general research assistance and operational support.

Your specific tasks will be to:

• Assist in research and writing,
• Contribute to open-source projects such as TaxData and C-TAM,
• Provide operational and research support for OSPC's first annual open policy analysis conference, and
• Provide operational and research support as OSPC develops and launches its new formalized incubator program.

Submit the following to apply:

• Resume,
• Cover letter,
• Academic transcript (unofficial transcripts are acceptable), and
• A short writing sample (five pages or fewer).

If you would like to share any software projects you have completed in the past or are working on now, please include your GitHub handle in your resume or cover letter.

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