Senior Software Engineer II

Cambium Assessment, Inc.
Washington, DC
Jun 06, 2021
Jun 20, 2021
Full Time
Senior Software Engineer II with Cambium Assessment, Inc. (Washington, DC). Rprt to Sr Techcl Proj Mngr II & prvde cstm sftwr solutns for our clnts & intrnl spprt systms. Reqs: Bach's in Comp Sci or rel plus 7 yrs of prgrssvly rspnsble post-Bach's prfssnl .NET sftwre dvlpmnt exp. Alt, Mast's in Comp Sci or rel plus 5 yrs of prfssnl .NET sftwre dvlpmnt exp. Must have 3 yrs w/ each: Usng C#, ASP.Net (Web API, MVC & Web Forms), HTML, CSS, Javascript to build web app and srvcs; Usng SQL to wrk w/ relatnl dBs, wrte SQL queries (strd prcdrs & UDFs) & tune prfrmnce; Objct Orntd (OO) anlysis & dsgn to anlyze & dsgn app/systm; Usng Data strctrs, algrthms optmztn & data encryptn to prvde bttr prfrmnce & data scrty of app/systm; Restfl API dsgn & prgrmmng to obtn data & gnrte operrtns on those data in all pssble frmts, incl XML & JSON; Usng Data intrchnge frmts (XML & JSON) to dfne set of rules for encdng docs; Postman tool to test API's fnctnlty; Cde cllabrtn & vrsn cntrl systms (Git & Bitbucket) to track chngs in srce cde durng sftwre dvlpmnt; Usng Agle mthdlgies where reqs & slutns evlve thru cllabrtn b/w slf-orgnzng crss-fnctnl teams to dlvr vlue fastr w/ grter qlty; Usng Teamcity to create bld of diff prjcts; Usng Octopus to dply & mge rleases, autmte cmplx app dplymnts & autmte routne & emrgncy oprtns tasks; & Nodejs to wrte cmmand line tools & srvr-sde scrpts outsde of brwsr; & AWS srvces to accss rsrcs from cloud pltfrm. Qualified Applicants: Email resumes to recruitment@ & ref Senior Software Engineer II.

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