Arlington, Virginia
$60,257.60 - $119,724.80 Annually
Jun 04, 2021
Jun 25, 2021
Full Time
Position Information

Arlington County's Department of Environmental Services (DES) is seeking an experienced Project Engineer to join its team within the Water Pollution Control Bureau (WPCB) to support both Engineering and other work units at the Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP). The WPCB is responsible for producing clean water in order to protect the public health, air quality, and the environment in Arlington County and the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

The Project Engineer is responsible for engineering, contract management and administration, project management, enforcing contract terms and developing and managing scopes of work. This position supports the WPCP engineering program, capital improvement plan, and serves as a member of the emergency response team.

Project and Construction Management duties include:

  • Managing short-term internal/external projects of moderate scope and complexity;
  • Tracking budget and schedules to ensure sufficient resources remain available to complete projects;
  • Developing scopes of work and technical requirements, reviewing design drawings, specifications, and other construction procurement documents to ensure that the documents are accurate and meet the needs of the WPCP;
  • Researching and recommending appropriate equipment for procurement, soliciting quotes, evaluating prices and quantities to ensure that they are reasonable and match the contract;
  • Overseeing execution of contractor’s work ensuring that the work performed matches the scope and the overall work product meets or exceeds expectations for quality;
  • Performing field work for verification purposes such as climbing ladders, working inside wastewater treatment process areas, etc., as necessary;
  • Performing construction administration duties including progress meetings, document tracking, issue tracking, change management, progress payments and project closeout;
  • Working with Water Pollution Control Bureau (WPCB) staff to coordinate shutdowns and other events impacting plant operations; and
  • Managing consultants, contractors, and other firms as needed.
Other duties include:

  • Researching information using historic plant documentation, site plans, subject matter experts, RS Means, and other industry best practices;
  • Providing technical support and troubleshooting assistance to the WPCB Operations and Maintenance teams;
  • Collecting and analyzing data to improve efficiency, e valuating regulations for impacts, providing thorough documentation after events, optimizing the facility, and conducting root cause analysis;
  • Coordinating with other County Bureaus and Departments or outside agencies on projects and recommend updates to the WPCB’s Operating and Capital budget programs;
  • Planning adequate time to ensure that contracts are renewed or advertised in a timely manner, and ensuring all timeframes are met; and
  • Supporting and enhancing the WPCB’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, and Maintenance Management Systems.

The ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills, be familiar with SCADA and have a water or wastewater engineering or similar background.

As an Employer of Choice, Arlington County offers a generous benefits package. For additional information click here .

Selection Criteria


Senior Engineer Level : A Bachelor's degree in Engineering, plus 3 years of significant experience in the design, planning, project management and implementation of public works capital improvement projects and/or operations of street design, storm water management, sanitary sewer design, water distribution or related areas.

Project Engineer Level: A Bachelor's degree in Engineering, plus 2 years of considerable experience in the design, planning, project management and implementation of public works capital improvement projects and/or operations of street design, storm water management, sanitary sewer design, water distribution or related areas.

Junior Engineer Level: A Bachelor's degree in Engineering. Some experience in providing routine project assistance which requires the knowledge and application of engineering principles.

Substitution: Experience may not be substituted for the Engineering Degree requirement. A Master's Degree in Civil Engineering may be substituted for one year of Engineering experience.

Desirable: Preference may be given to candidates with registration as a Professional Engineer in the state of Virginia or in a state with reciprocity, and experience with one or more of the following:
  • Operating or working at a water or wastewater treatment plant;
  • Infrastructure construction and/or design;
  • Three to five years or more as a Project Engineer.

Special Requirements

The applicant must possess, or obtain by time of appointment, a valid driver license. The applicant must authorize Arlington County to obtain, or the applicant must provide a copy of the applicant's official state/district driving record. Any offer of employment may be contingent upon a favorable review of the applicant's driving record.

Additional Information

Work Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (flexible), Monday through Friday. Must be available for call-back in emergency situations.

This position is part of a broadband, competency-based pay plan which encompasses a variety of responsibility levels from junior through senior level and for which the overall annual salary range is $60,257.60 - $119,724.80. Individuals appointed to positions in this pay plan will be appointed at a salary based on their experience and training and the nature of the work assigned. Within pay guidelines, pay plan participants are eligible for variable salary increases based on performance, growth in responsibilities, and employee development on a yearly basis.

The salary listed above is the salary range effective July 1, 2021.

Note: Employees who are registered as a Professional Engineer will be eligible for an additional pay premium of $2,600 annually.

The official title of this position is Design Engineer.

Your responses to the supplemental questionnaire are considered part of the selection process. Please do not give "see resume" as a response to the questions. A resume may be attached; however, it will not substitute for the completed application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Arlington County Government employee benefits depend on whether a position is permanent, the number of hours worked, and the number of months the position is scheduled.

Specific information on benefits and conditions of employment can be found on the Arlington County Human Resources Department website:

Permanent, Full-Time Appointments
All jobs are permanent, full-time appointments unless otherwise stated in the announcement. The following benefits are available:

Paid Leave : Vacation leave is earned at the rate of four hours biweekly. Leave accrual increases every three years until eight hours of leave are earned biweekly for twelve or more years of service. Sick leave is earned at the rate of four hours biweekly. There are eleven paid holidays each year.

Health and Dental Insurance : Three group health insurance plans are offered - a network open access plan, a point-of-service plan, and a health maintenance organization. A group dental insurance plan is also offered. The County pays a significant portion of the premium for these plans for employees and their dependents. A discount vision plan is provided for eye care needs.

Life Insurance : A group term policy of basic life insurance is provided at no cost to employees. The benefit is one times annual salary. Additional life insurance is available with rates based on the employee's age and smoker/non-smoker status.

Retirement : The County offers three vehicles to help you prepare for retirement: a defined benefit plan, a defined contribution plan (401(a)), and a deferred compensation plan (457). The defined benefit plan provides a monthly retirement benefit based on your final average salary and years of service with the County. You contribute a portion of your salary on a pre-tax basis to this plan. General employees contribute 4% of pay; uniformed public safety employees contribute 7.5% of pay. Employees become vested in the plan at five years of service. The County also contributes to this plan.

For general employees, the County also contributes 4.2% of pay to a defined contribution plan (401(a)) . The County also matches your 457 contribution, up to $20 per pay period, in this plan. The 457 deferred compensation plan allows you to set aside money on either a pre-tax (457b) or post-tax (457 Roth) basis up to the IRS annual limit. New employees are automatically enrolled with a pre-tax contribution equal to 2% of your base pay.

Other Benefits: The County also offers health, dependent care, and parking flexible spending accounts; long-term care insurance; tuition assistance; transit and walk/bike to work subsidies; a college savings plan; wellness programs; training opportunities; and a variety of other employee benefits.

Permanent, Part-Time Appointments:
Part time employees who work ten or more hours per week receive paid leave and benefits in proportion to the number of hours worked per week.

Limited Term Appointments:
Benefits are the same as permanent appointments except that the employees do not achieve permanent status.

Temporary Regular Appointments:
Temporary regular employees who work 30 hours or more per week are eligible for health, dental, and basic life insurance as described above. They are also eligible for vacation, sick leave, and paid holidays.

Temporary Seasonal and Occasional Appointments:
Temporary employees who work on a seasonal basis or variable hours receive sick leave, but do not normally receive other paid leave or benefits. Exceptions are noted in individual announcements.


Which of the following best describes your level of completed education?
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Some college
  • Associate Degree in Engineering or a related field
  • Bachelor's Degree in Civil or other Engineering field
  • Master's Degree or higher in Civil or other Engineering field
  • Degree in unrelated field (list on application)
  • None of the above


How much professional engineering experience have you had in the design, planning, project management and implementation of public works capital improvement projects and/or operations of street design, storm water management, sanitary sewer design, water distribution or related areas?
  • None
  • Less than 6 months
  • 6 months to less than 1 year
  • 1 to less than 2 years
  • 2 to less than 3 years
  • 3 years or more


Describe your experience in the design, planning and/or implementation of water or wastewater treatment, or a related area. Be specific about your duties and responsibilities. Indicate the name of the employer(s) from whom this experience was gained. If you checked "None" to question #2, you may either enter N/A as a response to this question or you may describe any related engineering technician or junior level engineering experience you may have.


Select if you have experience with any of the following: Check all that apply
  • Providing routine project assistance which required the knowledge and application of engineering principles.
  • Operating or working at a water or wastewater treatment plant.
  • Water quality experience (i.e., collecting water or wastewater samples, analyzing field or laboratory data, etc.).
  • Running computer models of a water, sanitary or storm sewer system, or a wastewater treatment plant.
  • Infrastructure design, construction or project management.
  • None of the above.


Describe your experience reading and analyzing engineering drawings, specifications, and technical reports. If not applicable, or if already in your application, put N/A.


Describe your infrastructure construction, design, and/or project management experience. If not applicable, or if already in your application, put N/A.


Describe your experience using CADD (design and drafting), asset management software, and project management software. If not applicable, or if already in your application, put N/A.


Describe your experience operating or working at a water or wastewater treatment plant. If you do not have this experience, enter N/A.


Are you registered as a Professional Engineer in the state of Virginia or in a state with reciprocity?
  • Yes
  • No

Required Question

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