Joint PED Operations Division Director

Washington, D.C
May 14, 2021
May 22, 2021
Full Time


This assignment is a 1-year non-reimbursable assignment and may be extendable up to 2 years by mutual agreement between agencies.

This position is located within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Office of Intelligence, National Border Security Intelligence Watch (NBSIW) Directorate.

Required to currently hold and maintain Top Secret/SCI clearance.
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This position is located within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Office of Intelligence, National Border Security Intelligence Watch (NBSIW) Directorate. The NBSIW provides executive leadership with 24 x 7 threat monitoring and situational awareness of all CBP operations. Through the development and maintenance of a Common Intelligence Picture and Common Operating Picture, the Intelligence Watch, via its two divisions, supports effective decision-making at all levels. Additionally, the Intelligence Watch plays a critical role in coordinating and supporting nation-wide deployments of CBP personnel and resources in response to disasters, special events, field operations, Continuity of Operations incidents, and significant events as needed.

This position is for the Director of the Joint Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination Operations (JPO) Division, consisting of two branches, JPO-W located at the Air and Marine Operations Center, Riverside, CA and the JPO-E at the Ronald Reagan Bldg. in Washington, DC. The JPO facilitates, manages, and conducts a comprehensive, coordinated, and consistent approach for the data ingestion, processing, exploitation, and product creation of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) data collected by the Department of Homeland Security Enterprise platforms and assets. The JPO leverages National Technical Means in support of domain awareness and management of the National Border Geospatial Intelligence Strategy (NBGIS). GIS techniques and processes are leveraged to provide support to CBP leadership, OI, and the greater IE. JPO analyst leverage CBP unique data, to conduct fusion analysis, through a multi-int approach to identify new leads or information in support of ongoing investigations focused on transnational criminal organizations.

As Director, the incumbent will establish the vision, strategic priorities, goals and objectives of the division based on the IE strategic vision, as well as the CBP Commissioners priorities and deliverables. The incumbent collaborates with other divisions, IE components and all stakeholders to advance the IE mission, strategy, and program cohesion; supports the CBP Commissioner's priorities; and executes intelligence functions in support of CBP operations. The incumbent provides guidance and direction to the Deputy Director and supervisory staff regarding the assignment of division work to accomplish both short and long range planning goals. As a member of an IE component and in collaboration with CBP operational offices, the incumbent identifies intelligence requirements in support of the CBP Commissioner's priorities.

Incumbent leads people, directing and managing subordinate supervisory staff who oversee the work of those personnel who provide information, analysis and finished intelligence, operational support, and program management in service of the CBP IE. The incumbent ensures that supervisory subordinates understand and comply with constitutional, legal, departmental and agency policies and regulations as they oversee intelligence program execution.

Travel Required

Not required

Supervisory status

Promotion Potential


Conditions of Employment

  • Must be a current permanent Federal employee
  • Must have supervisory approval to apply to the Joint Duty Assignment. DHS 250-2 Application Form under "required documents" section.
  • Must NOT have any pending/outstanding disciplinary actions
  • Must have achieved a minimum of "meet expectations/proficiency" on latest performance appraisal/evaluation
  • Must be currently at the grade level or equivalent in other pay systems of the detail. *No Temporary Promotion Opportunity*
  • The program does not apply to members of the Military service or contractors.


Qualifications required:

You qualify for the GS-15 grade level if you are currently a GS-15 and meet the qualifications below:

1. Exercises supervisory personnel management responsibilities. Manages, directs, and plans work to be accomplished by subordinate supervisors. Establishes metrics to ensure actions are timely and reviewed at critical points to accomplish the division's missions. Offers guidance, counsel and instructions to subordinate staff on a wide range of intelligence functions and operational issues.

2. Fosters a positive working environment, encouraging productive work flow and outcomes within the Division, and coordinates with other organization managers and customers as appropriate. Establishes metrics to ensure actions are timely and reviewed at critical points; and accepts, amends, or rejects work presented by subordinates.

3. Ensures that the expectations and requirements of the executive director's performance plan are successfully executed. In accordance with those expectations and requirements, the incumbent develops, modifies, and interprets performance standards and evaluates the work performance of subordinates, providing an evaluation of overall performance and regular feedback on strengths and weaknesses

4. Broad knowledge of federal laws, regulations and CBP guidelines when determining if key
assessments could be supported by current laws and regulations.

5. Mastery level of knowledge regarding intelligence gathering, analysis, and dissemination
techniques of intelligence necessary to lead committees or teams and represent OI in assessments
of highly complex intelligence issues.

6. Expert knowledge of CBP OI homeland security intelligence mission and the role of both raw
and finished intelligence

Please read the following important information to ensure we have everything we need to consider your application:
It is your responsibility to ensure that you submit appropriate documentation prior to the closing date. Your resume serves as the basis for qualification determinations and must highlight your most relevant and significant experience as it relates to this Joint Duty assignment opportunity announcement.

Be clear and specific when describing your work history since human resources cannot make assumptions regarding your experience. Your application will be rated based on your resume.

Please ensure EACH work history includes ALL of the following information:
  • Job Title (Include series and grade of Federal Job)
  • Duties (Be specific in describing your duties)
  • Name of Federal agency
  • Supervisor name, email, and phone number
  • Start and end dates including month and year (e.g. June 2007 to April 2008)

  • Education

    EDUCATIONAL SUBSTITUTION: There is no educational substitution for this position.

    Additional information

    **DHS does not offer any additional benefits beyond that which the Federal employee is already receiving.

    If the position requires a security clearance, employees must have a SECRET or TOP SECRET clearance to placement AND must maintain that level of clearance while performing in the position.

    Selected applicants for a JDA are requested to fulfill the items below during the JDA:
  • Complete the DHS Training Course 15 days prior to the arrival to the JDA.
  • Complete the DHS Joint Duty Assignment Progress Plan to include:
    • Phase 1: Establish assignment objectives within the first 30 days of the JDA.
    • Phase 2: Complete a self-assessment of the duties performed at the mid-point of the JDA.
    • Phase 3: Complete a final review within the last 30 days of the JDA.
  • Complete 12 hours of professional development using Skillsoft courses, videos, and books in conjunction with the established assignment objectives for the JDA.
  • Attend each of the DHS Joint Duty Program Director's quarterly webinars (1 hour per quarter).

  • How You Will Be Evaluated

    You will be evaluated for this job based on how well you meet the qualifications above.

    We will review your resume and supporting documentation to ensure you meet the basic qualification requirements. If you meet the minimum qualifications, your experience, education, and training will be rated using a job questionnaire based on the competencies or knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform this Joint Duty Assignment.

    If you are among the best qualified, you may be referred to the hiring manager for consideration and may be called for an interview. After reviewing your resume and supporting documentation, a determination will be made. You must submit the supporting documents listed under the required documents section of this announcement.

    Note: DHS continues to take necessary steps to keep our workforce safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic. If you receive a final Joint Duty Assignment offer to onboard, please complete the onboarding requirements and/or forms and submit them electronically in an expeditious manner. Your start date may be delayed if the action above is not completed.

    Background checks and security clearance

    Security clearance
    Top Secret

    Drug test required

    Required Documents

    1. Resume: Do not include any personally identifiable information (PII) i.e., home address, social security number, or date of birth. Your resume must clearly demonstrate you have experience which meets the requirements of this position as outlined in the "Qualifications" section.

    2. SF-50: Submit a copy of your official SF-50 (no text version) or other official "Notification of Personnel Action" document which shows the following information:
  • Your appointment in the Federal service
  • Tenure
  • Grade and Step
  • Full performance level
  • If your SF-50(s) does not provide the information needed to make a final determination for qualification, you will be found ineligible for the position.

    3. DHS Joint Duty Assignment Application Form signed by your supervisor. Please click on the following link to access the required form DHS Form 250-02 .

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