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Arlington, Virginia
$37,460.80 - $63,876.80 Annually
Apr 30, 2021
May 13, 2021
Full Time
Position Information

Arlington County's Department of Environmental Services (DES) is seeking to fill two vacancies, a Trades Worker III and a Trades Worker IV for their Solid Waste Division. The Trades Worker III will be a member of the litter collection and bus shelter cleaning team and the Trades Worker IV will work as a member of the Earth Products Recycling Yard (EPRY) team.

Trades Worker III duties:

  • Reading a map and operating a GPS unit in order to navigate to various locations throughout Arlington County;
  • Performing litter control, bus shelter cleaning, and graffiti removal by using hand and pressure washer; and vacuum collection methods for commercial bus and heavily traveled pedestrian areas and routes;
  • Operating a standard pickup truck with and without trailer and a commercial leaf collection vehicle in the Fall to collect leaves and other street debris;
  • Operating other specialized commercial vehicles as needed; and
  • Assisting in providing training and/or guidance to new team members.
Trades Worker IV duties:

  • Maintaining the security and quality control of all material entering and exiting the EPRY via the scale;
  • Managing the reporting system and maintaining daily reports and other miscellaneous reports as needed;
  • Operating a mini-sweeper, bobcat, and other small equipment to maintain the roadways and the grounds around the EPRY in a manner that is neat and clean and ensures compliance with the County’s stormwater management requirements;
  • Assisting residential customers with inert material, metal and food scrap drop-off and maintaining the internal food scrap collection program; and
  • Enforcing safety policies for staff as well as visitors to the EPRY.

The employees in both positions will also perform other duties related to the overall mission and programs supported by the Operations section of the Solid Waste Division such as:

  • Operating truck weighing scales;
  • Working during snow emergencies;
  • Supporting all County special events and activities;
  • Maintaining the cleanliness and daily service of the vehicles; and
  • Entering data using a computer or tablet to complete daily work logs and/or reports.

Selection Criteria

NOTE: This recruitment is for one Trades Worker III, and one Trades Worker IV, but may be used to fill comparable vacancies within the Department of Environmental Services and/or Department of Parks & Recreation.


Trades Worker III :

  • Possession of a valid Class "B" Commercial Driver's License (CDL) at time of application submission; and
  • Six (6) months of experience performing general labor functions.
Trades Worker IV :

  • Possession of a valid Class "B" Commercial Driver's License (CDL) at the time of application submission;
  • One (1) year of experience performing general labor functions; and
  • Six (6) months of experience performing tasks such as those listed in position information or directly related work.

Desirable: Preference may be given to candidates with experience in one or more of the following:

  • Operating leaf vacuum vehicles;
  • Providing training in general labor duties to other team members;
  • Cleaning and maintaining tools and vehicles;
  • Reading a map and providing directions; and/or
  • Entering data using electronic devices (computer/tablet).

Special Requirements

1) Possession of valid CDL required. The applicant must authorize Arlington County to obtain, or the applicant must provide a copy of the applicant's official state/district driving record. Any offer of employment will be contingent upon a favorable review of the applicant's driving record.

2) Prior to the time of appointment, the successful applicant must pass a pre-employment drug screening. The successful applicant will be subject to drug screening, at such times during employment, as required by federal, state and local standards and policies.

3) Employee will be required to follow all applicable Federal, State, and County safety requirements when performing all duties.

4) Mandatory overtime is required during leaf season to include 10-hour work days and up to 10 hours on Saturday, and also during snow emergencies.

Working Conditions :
  • The worker performs activities inside and outside.
  • The worker is subject to cold (below 32 degrees) for periods of more than one hour and/or temperatures above 90 degrees for periods of more than one hour. Consideration should be given to the effect of other environmental conditions such as snow, rain, hail, wind and humidity.
  • The worker is subject to hazards which includes a variety of physical conditions, such as proximity to moving mechanical parts, moving vehicles, electrical current, working on scaffolding and high places, exposure to high heat or exposure to chemicals.
  • The worker is subject to one more of the following conditions: Fumes, odors, dusts, mists, gases or poor ventilation, oils, and other cutting fluids.
Physical Requirements :
  • Heavy Work: Exerting up to 100 pounds of force occasionally and/or up to 50 pounds of force frequently, and/or up to 20 pounds of force constantly to move objects.

Additional Information

Work Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. See "Special Requirements" section.

Salary range(s) listed are effective July 1, 2021:
Trades Worker III: $18.01 - $27.50/hourly and $37,460.80 - $57,200.00/annually
Trades Worker IV: $20.10 - $30.71/hourly and $41,808.00 - $63,876.80/annually

This job announcement lists the salary range from entry level for Trades Worker III to maximum level for Trades Worker IV (effective July 1, 2021).

Please complete each section of the application. A resume may be attached, however, it will not substitute for the completed application. Your responses to the supplemental questionnaire are required for this position. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Arlington County Government employee benefits depend on whether a position is permanent, the number of hours worked, and the number of months the position is scheduled.

Specific information on benefits and conditions of employment can be found on the Arlington County Human Resources Department website:

Permanent, Full-Time Appointments
All jobs are permanent, full-time appointments unless otherwise stated in the announcement. The following benefits are available:

Paid Leave : Vacation leave is earned at the rate of four hours biweekly. Leave accrual increases every three years until eight hours of leave are earned biweekly for twelve or more years of service. Sick leave is earned at the rate of four hours biweekly. There are eleven paid holidays each year.

Health and Dental Insurance : Three group health insurance plans are offered - a network open access plan, a point-of-service plan, and a health maintenance organization. A group dental insurance plan is also offered. The County pays a significant portion of the premium for these plans for employees and their dependents. A discount vision plan is provided for eye care needs.

Life Insurance : A group term policy of basic life insurance is provided at no cost to employees. The benefit is one times annual salary. Additional life insurance is available with rates based on the employee's age and smoker/non-smoker status.

Retirement : The County offers three vehicles to help you prepare for retirement: a defined benefit plan, a defined contribution plan (401(a)), and a deferred compensation plan (457). The defined benefit plan provides a monthly retirement benefit based on your final average salary and years of service with the County. You contribute a portion of your salary on a pre-tax basis to this plan. General employees contribute 4% of pay; uniformed public safety employees contribute 7.5% of pay. Employees become vested in the plan at five years of service. The County also contributes to this plan.

For general employees, the County also contributes 4.2% of pay to a defined contribution plan (401(a)) . The County also matches your 457 contribution, up to $20 per pay period, in this plan. The 457 deferred compensation plan allows you to set aside money on either a pre-tax (457b) or post-tax (457 Roth) basis up to the IRS annual limit. New employees are automatically enrolled with a pre-tax contribution equal to 2% of your base pay.

Other Benefits: The County also offers health, dependent care, and parking flexible spending accounts; long-term care insurance; tuition assistance; transit and walk/bike to work subsidies; a college savings plan; wellness programs; training opportunities; and a variety of other employee benefits.

Permanent, Part-Time Appointments:
Part time employees who work ten or more hours per week receive paid leave and benefits in proportion to the number of hours worked per week.

Limited Term Appointments:
Benefits are the same as permanent appointments except that the employees do not achieve permanent status.

Temporary Regular Appointments:
Temporary regular employees who work 30 hours or more per week are eligible for health, dental, and basic life insurance as described above. They are also eligible for vacation, sick leave, and paid holidays.

Temporary Seasonal and Occasional Appointments:
Temporary employees who work on a seasonal basis or variable hours receive sick leave, but do not normally receive other paid leave or benefits. Exceptions are noted in individual announcements.


How much full-time experience performing general labor functions do you have? Please ensure that you have included specific details of this experience in your application in order to receive proper credit.
  • None
  • Less than 6 months
  • More than 6 months, but less than one year
  • One year or more


Please check if you have any of the following (check all that apply):
  • Valid Motor Vehicle Operator's license
  • CDL Learner's permit
  • Class "B" CDL
  • Class "A" CDL
  • Air Brake endorsement for CDL
  • None of the above


I understand that I must provide written consent for Arlington County to obtain from previous employer(s) information required by DOT agency regulations concerning drug and alcohol testing information. I have read the above statement and agree to it.
  • Yes
  • No


Indicate if you have experience with any of the following by checking all that apply:
  • Providing training in general labor duties to other team members
  • Cleaning and maintaining tools and vehicles
  • Reading a map and providing directions
  • Entering data using a computer or tablet to complete daily work logs and/or reports
  • Working in a team environment
  • Working during snow emergencies
  • Interacting/communicating with the public
  • Operating leaf vacuum vehicles
  • Operating small trucks
  • Operating large trucks
  • Operating a bobcat
  • Operating large mowers
  • Operating tractor trailers
  • Operating large landscape equipment
  • Operating heavy equipment
  • Operating truck weighing scales
  • Bus shelter cleaning and graffiti removal
  • Landscaping and/or landscaping construction
  • Athletic field maintenance
  • Park grounds maintenance or general grounds maintenance
  • Tree Planting
  • Applying pesticides
  • None of the above


I understand that mandatory overtime is required during leaf season to include 10-hour work days and up to 10 hours on Saturday, and also during snow emergencies. I am available to work this schedule and agree to doing so.
  • Yes
  • No


This recruitment may be used to fill other positions that require call-back and hold-over in emergency situations and flexibility to work some weekends and evenings. Are you available to work this type of schedule?
  • Yes
  • No


This recruitment may be used to fill other comparable vacancies within the Department of Environmental Services and/or Department of Parks & Recreation. Please select which statement(s) most applies to you.
  • Please consider me for the Trades Worker III vacancy only.
  • Please consider me for the Trades Worker IV vacancy only.
  • I'd like to be considered for both current vacancies as well as any other comparable vacancies.

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