Scrum Master

Washington, DC
Apr 27, 2021
Jun 17, 2021
Full Time
Job Description

The Washington Post's world-class Information Technology department is on the ground floor of some of the most exciting, game-changing projects in the news media industry; projects involving cutting-edge tools that promise to revolutionize how our award-winning journalists tell their stories. To succeed in this mission, we're searching for a dynamic Scrum Master to play a critical role in coaching and training teams as they use the Scrum framework. It's your chance to take your career to the next exciting level, and to play a major part in The Post's future as one of the world's most trusted and respected news sources.

  • Facilitates Scrum events; daily scrum, backlog refinement, sprint planning, sprint review and retrospective.
  • Coach product managers, delivery managers and engineering teams on the effective application of agile values, principles and practices.
  • Create a environment where teams feel empowered to self organize, introspect, ideate and experiment
  • Be flexible in the face of change, create and support light weight processes and practices that are adaptable
  • Collect meaningful metrics and track trends to help teams plan and execute better.
  • Identify anti-patterns and make them transparent.
  • Protect the team from distractions while they focus on their goals
  • Work with other Scrum masters to learn and share experiences and ideas
  • Coaches the team on the scrum framework as a subject matter expert.
  • Responsible for removing impediments for the scrum team.
  • Coaches the product owner on effective Product Goal definition and Product Backlog management
  • Help the Scrum Team focus on creating high-value Increments that meet the Definition of Done
  • Organizes bug bashes, works with the team to identify test cases.
  • Works with the team to identify unsurfaced scope, missed requirements.

  • 2-5 years' experience as a Scrum Master serving multiple teams.
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent required; focus in computer science, engineering, business or related technical field preferred.
  • Has earned one or more professional certifications. Individual may have Scrum Master Certification (CSM) and/or experience using Agile methods
  • A common sense approach to agility that is focused on better outcomes irrespective of methodologies, practices or processes.
  • Experience working with distributed teams.
  • Excellent communication, coaching and mentoring skills.
  • Knowledge of multiple methodologies, frameworks and systems like agile, Scrum, Kanban and XP
  • Understand the basic fundamentals of iterative and incremental development.
  • Strong knowledge of Scrum theory, rules and practices.
  • Basic knowledge of software development processes and procedures to understand team needs.
  • Knowledge of KPI's and metrics for scrum teams
  • Experience with concepts like user stories, epics, themes, velocity, cycle time, lead time etc.
  • Good skills and knowledge of servant leadership, facilitation, situational awareness, conflict resolution, continuous improvement, empowerment, and increasing transparency.
  • Professional experience in acting, teaching, improv, military, waiting tables, customer service, social work, medicine, nursing, community organizing or recruiting is a plus.

The Post strives to provide its readers with high-quality, trustworthy news and information while constantly innovating. That mission is best served by a diverse, multi-generational workforce with varied life experiences and perspectives. All cultures and backgrounds are welcomed.

The innovation doesn't end in the Newsroom - dozens of teams power The Washington Post. We are now hiring the next innovator - how will you Impact Tomorrow?


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