Faculty Specialist

Columbia, Maryland
Apr 26, 2021
May 31, 2021
Full Time

This is a 12 month, term appointment. The full-time position is part of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) conducted by the University of Maryland Extension. The SNAP-Ed Evaluation Analyst will collaborate with the state office and county nutrition educators to conduct innovative and interactive evaluations of nutrition education programs delivered via diverse methods across the state, and to manage systems for data collection, analysis and reporting. The Evaluation Analyst will also ensure that SNAP-Ed evaluation remains visible, relevant, and cutting-edge by coordinating the integration of diverse data collection and analysis strategies into the overall evaluation plan. This position will be housed in the SNAP-Ed State Office in Columbia, MD.

Responsibilities Include:
• Provide leadership in the development and maintenance of evaluation protocols for educational efforts conducted via social media and other electronic platforms.
• Provide leadership in the use of interactive, interpersonal evaluation approaches, including focus groups and interviews, across all programming interventions and settings.
• Provide leadership in the review and analysis of extant data for the purpose of SNAP-Ed program advancement and reporting.
• Provide leadership in promoting Maryland SNAP-Ed’s visibility within the national conversation and public discourse surrounding SNAP-Ed. This may occur through the development and delivery of publications, presentations, or other relevant methods of promotion.
• Coordinate and support project staff in conducting evaluation and dissemination activities.
• Assist with the coordination and execution of evaluation recruitment events held throughout the state.
• Assist with the coordination and execution of evaluation incentive distribution efforts conducted throughout the state.
• Assist with the collection, management (including end-user testing), and analysis of data from SNAP-Ed’s web-based data collection system.
• Assist with the coordination of necessary web-based updates and changes to reflect programmatic needs and priorities.
• Assist with SNAP-Ed outcome data entry and analysis for paper, email, electronic and other survey methods.
• Collaborate with programming staff at the state office and local offices.
• Assist in the development of annual evaluation, collaborator, and other required outcome reports. When appropriate, utilize innovative dissemination methods.
• Provide new staff orientation and ongoing staff training on various components of SNAP-Ed’s evaluation systems, protocols, data collection and analysis.
• Assist in the development of the SNAP-Ed annual proposal.

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