Senior Manager, Product Manager

Capital One
McLean, Virginia
Apr 15, 2021
May 14, 2021
Full Time
Center 1 (19052), United States of America, McLean, Virginia

Senior Manager, Product Manager

At Capital One, we think big and do big things. When we started just 25 years ago, we pioneered the use of predictive modeling to individually personalize credit card offers, turning the entire industry on its head. As we've grown bigger, we've found more and more ways to use technology, data, and face-to-face conversations to understand the human problems associated with money and finances.

In Capital One's Small Business Bank group, we are passionate about helping Small Businesses succeed. To further that mission, we're building a new team to revamp our Core platform from the ground up. We're looking for a leader that's equal parts coach, visionary, and problem solver. You'll be responsible for leading a Business Banking team of Product Managers and Administrators, co-creating a vision for the future while getting broad stakeholder alignment, and guiding the team to deliver exceptional value while knocking down all the things that slow us down.

We'll begin our journey by going deep on how our customers interact with our banking services, and where possible, identifying areas of tedium and low-value interactions to automate: we want to give businesses time back to build their business! Next, a highly collaborative team of Designers, Developers, Product Managers, and Analysts will iterate their way to learning what works (and more importantly, what doesn't). But keep the fraudsters in'll have a hand in determining how we leverage data & ML to develop policies and processes that ensure our customers money is protected.

On any given day in the Bank you'll be:
  • Empowered. You'll play a major role in identifying our customer's pain points and translating that into the team's vision. You'll lead a team of product managers, working cross-functionally with design and tech, to determine the best approach to help get us there.
  • Learning constantly. This is a complicated space at the intersection of new technology, shifting regulations, and evolving customer expectations. You'll need to ensure we are always heading in the right direction.
  • Sharing openly. Our culture is one of transparency. Collaboration across multiple teams is a key to success. You'll need to understand their motivations, influence their roadmap, and learn from their past experiences.
  • Innovating relentlessly. Push big change by starting small, testing ideas, and learning your way to results. You'll need to be comfortable conducting both large (quantitative in-app test/control reads) and small (qualitative user research session) tests.
  • Succeeding strategically. Solve the right problem, and have the confidence to stop work on the wrong one. Grow big by identifying atomic value, then refining the path towards success.
  • Connecting creatively. This is a hard problem to solve, so you'll need to find the best ideas from across the organization. How do you have an open and honest discussion on the path forward, disagree agreeably, and then move forward together.

Here is what you will bring to the table:
  • Communicator: You can communicate complex, often technical, ideas clearly; your team knows their priorities and why they're doing what they're doing. Maybe you're an introvert, or maybe you're an extrovert, but nobody accuses you of keeping them out of the loop.
  • Curiosity: You ask why, you explore, and you're not afraid to blurt out your crazy idea. Solving complex problems is addictive and you love taking on new ones. You value the diversity in the room.
  • Do-er: You have a bias toward action, you try things, and you're not afraid to fail and learn. You don't let perfect get in the way of good. You do what needs to get done - "it's not my job" is not in your vocabulary.
  • Vision: You'll be leading a team of PMs on a multi-year mission to deliver major customer value to Small Businesses as they recover from COVID. You'll need to define a vision for the future and inspire your team to build towards it.
  • Collaborator: You know the right people to work with for each project. You can quickly get alignment with the key stakeholders while pushing forward without delays. You know how to build a network of peers and stakeholders to grow your sphere of influence.
  • Analytical: You aren't scared of numbers; instead, you believe they help illuminate the truth.
  • Teamwork: You know how to inspire cross-functional teams to work together on delivering great results, and you can help navigate the bumps and turns along the way.
  • Fearless: Big, undefined problems don't frighten you. You're able to dive right in and put structure to them. You can work at a tiny crack until you've broken open the whole nut. You are comfortable in saying no.
  • Technical: While you won't be asked to write code, you can speak cogently with your developers and challenge them when needed.

Here is what we will bring to the table:
  • Competitive salary (including a very strong 401(k) plan)
  • Excellent medical and dental insurance (and other health benefits)
  • Superstar product, design, data and engineering leaders [previous roles at Paypal, Google, Revolut, Microsoft, Nike, etc]
  • Top class engineering teams that you will lead and build product with
  • Continuous learning budget
  • Highly supportive and "bought in" leadership environment

Basic Qualifications:
  • At least 4 years of experience working with cross-functional teams to deliver consumer experiences.
  • At least 4 years of experience working on the core product platforms that power digital experiences
  • At least 4 years of digital industry experience for consumers
  • At least 2 years people management experience
  • Bachelor's Degree or military experience

Preferred Qualifications:
  • At least 3 years of experience with web and client-side mobile platforms
  • At least 2 years of experience as a Product Owner in an Agile development process
  • MBA

At this time, Capital One will not sponsor a new applicant for employment authorization for this position

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