Senior Management Advisor

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Apr 15, 2021
May 20, 2021
Full Time

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The Senior Management Advisor shall provide Senior Manager Advisor services in support of required operating units and/or the United States Agency of International Development (USAID), Management (M) Bureau/Office of Management Services (MS).

  • Participate as a primary member of the Overseas Management Division (M/MS/OMD) policy team.
  • Research and respond to queries regarding policies, procedures, and operational issues that are brought to the attention of M/MS/OMD in coordination with other members of the policy team and M/MS/OMD leadership.
  • Evaluate the need for policy changes and updates to the 12 USAID Automated Directives System (ADS) chapters managed by M/MS/OMD and recommend proposed changes in coordination with M/MS/OMD leadership and cognizant staff.
  • Coordinate finalization of frequently asked questions for the M/MS/OMD knowledgebase.
  • Coordinate M/MS/OMD efforts to develop and maintain a central repository for all EXO operation related mission orders.
  • Facilitate the establishment of Mission Intranet pages for all EXO operations worldwide.
  • Coordinate planning and logistics related to agency recruitment in coordination with the cognizant executive officer.
  • Analyze and evaluate long-range activities and provide recommendations to improve the effectiveness of operations in meeting mission-critical goals and objectives.
  • Compute and estimate the effect of proposed changes in legislation or regulations, to determine impact on management or agency goals.
  • Develop and help implement procedures and systems for establishing, operating, and assessing the effectiveness of administrative control systems, including those designed to prevent waste, loss, unauthorized use, or misappropriation of assets.
  • Coordinate the development and integration of management processes and business systems documentation.
  • Provide expert guidance in the resolution of complex problems or issues impacting the M Bureau and/or USAID programs, including those associated with marketing IT products and services to segmented agency programs.
  • Lead or participate in the analysis of agency-wide projects and programs, including directing the analysis of agency-wide program needs and requirements.
  • Evaluate and analyze agency-wide programs, functions, and organizations to determine whether the management systems currently in use efficiently accomplish the objectives sought and whether they provide the controls necessary for sound management.
  • Produce and/or present information and findings in a variety of formats, like articles, papers, studies, briefings, and other media.
  • Conduct program effectiveness reviews for the improvement of complex program and management processes and systems encompassing difficult and diverse functions or issues that affect critical aspects of the major programs of the M Bureau and/or USAID.
  • Recommend and participate in developing strategies for implementing planning for a major office or program.
  • Recommend short and long range goals for the organization, develop detailed plans for implementing them, and assist with implementation of the goals in subordinate organizations.
  • Recommend if adjustments or changes in objectives or emphasis are needed in organization functions.
  • Assist in implementing organizational or process changes.
  • Review and analyze past work histories and known future requirements and determine future organizational resource requirements, estimating short and long range personnel, budgetary, space, and equipment needs.
  • Recommend staffing patterns based on workloads and fiscal limitations.
  • Predict organization demands and recommend reallocation or augmentation of existing resources.
  • Recommend written policies and procedures.
  • Conduct complex or comprehensive evaluations of ongoing functions and/or management studies conducted by other entities, to ensure that the organization meets its stated goals and identifies areas where operational efficiency can be enhanced.
  • Recommend actions necessary to maintain or improve the quality and quantity of operational services that involve the introduction or refinement of automation, reorganization of operating sections and units, reassignment of personnel, development of proposals to increase the organization's resources, or other actions.
  • Lead the capture, reporting, and analysis of statistical data relating to the organization's operations.
  • Prepare and contribute to reports and other presentations on program planning and evaluation.
  • Design and conduct a wide variety of comprehensive studies and detailed analyses of complex functions and processes related to program planning and management.
  • Identify and propose solutions to management problems that are of major importance to program planning.
  • Research, analyze, and provide expert technical advice and assistance on complex program issues, like issues or problems which impact substantive, mission- oriented programs.
  • Serve as expert consultant, advising top management on major mission or organizational issues.
  • Lead, conduct, or participate in complex management studies and reviews, particularly those with wide or significant effect upon or within the M Bureau and/or USAID's organizational structure, policy, processes, operations, fiscal control, and economy and those where the boundaries of the studies may be broad.
  • Identify and collect necessary data, including legislative and program data and interviews with senior management, program officials, employees, and supervisors.
  • Assemble and assess information gathered and formulate findings, conclusions, and recommendations.
  • Present results in written and/or oral form, which are well- organized, supportable, and clearly expressed.
  • Other duties as assigned

  • BA or BS degree required
  • 10+ years of professional, related work experience
  • Background check and obtain a USAID facilities access

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • In-depth knowledge of organization policy and knowledge of periodic review procedures of the way subordinate units support the work of their serviced organizations and the review procedures involved with taking or recommending action on the services programs of subordinate units.
  • Ability to write clear and comprehensive policies, procedures, reports, directives, and correspondence.
  • Ability to conduct fact-finding concerning a variety of subjects and to develop analytical and effective recommendations.
  • Ability to plan, coordinate, and conduct special projects and programs reviews.
  • Knowledge of and demonstrated ability to perform excellent inter-personal communications with a diverse array of staff, including USDH, PSCs, FSNs, Senior State Department employees, Deputy Assistant Secretaries, Office Directors, Management Counselors, Deputy Chiefs of Mission, Ambassadors, and institutional contactors, etc.
  • Demonstrated ability to clearly explain and support conclusions, recommendations, policies, and procedures to all levels of personnel.
  • Ability for occasional travel to CONUS and OCONUS.

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