Junior Information Technology Project Manager

Arlington, VA
Apr 12, 2021
Apr 14, 2021
Full Time
Responsibilities The candidate shall develop and deliver a recommendation for an investment and portfolio management framework, based on the strategic planning framework, which represents a structured yet efficient approach for top-down investment and portfolio management. The framework shall also include the definition of the necessary metrics, processes, procedures required to perform enterprise-level investment and portfolio management. The approach shall include: Identifying portfolios and investment needs; Developing and scoping initiatives; Verifying initiative alignment to strategy; Estimating and validating costs; Prioritizing investments; and Incorporating investments into budget planning documentation. The candidate shall assist with implementing the investment and portfolio management framework. The types or scope of materials shall be based on the accepted framework, but include documents, briefing materials, cost estimates, assessments, prioritizations, budgetary inputs, and metric data. The candidate shall conduct periodic portfolio and investment reviews. The candidate shall support the review by (1) developing the agenda and presentation materials, (2) reviewing all materials for quality and consistency, (3) assisting stakeholders with material preparation, (4) facilitating a structured review of the materials, and (5) recording the review minutes. The candidate shall support the development, assessment, review, and delivery of the required investment documents. Investment documents can include spend plans, business case analyses (BCA), cost benefit analyses (CBA), justification and approvals (J&A), problem statements and addendums, and all business capability acquisition cycle (BCAC) artifacts. The candidate shall maintain enough capacity to complete investment reviews of all IT systems within the DON, including defense business and warfighting systems. The number of assessments, artifacts, and certifications varies, but ranges from 300 to 600 assessments per year. As new systems are identified and re-categorized, the total is subject to change, but should not exceed 1,200. The candidate shall develop, deliver, and maintain an enterprise capability and service roadmap for all systems (business and warfighting). The roadmap shall describe how the DON will evolve capabilities, services, and solutions over time to meet its customers and stakeholders needs. As part of the broader portfolio management processes, the candidate shall implement and manage an enterprise performance management program that includes the following facets: Performance Dashboard The candidate shall develop, deploy, and maintain a performance management dashboard that provides near real time status of performance metrics, including, but not limited to, service performance, financial, process, and personnel/contract performance. Baseline Performance and Tracking The candidate shall establish baseline performance metric values and track performance trends over time. Measurement Reviews The candidate shall conduct periodic reviews to determine if the project objectives and/or services target indicators adequately met measured results. The candidate shall seek ways to improve performance, refine indicators, and identify lessons learned and shall report track results over time and identify trends. Qualifications Qualifications Required Secret Clearance 3 years of total experience Bachelors degree in a related field Policy development experience; Working knowledge of the Functional area manager (FAM) construct Working knowledge of the Defense Business System (DBS) investment certification requirements and processes; Working knowledge of the planning, programming, budget, and execution (PPBE) process; Working knowledge of programming and budget systems (eg Program Budget Information System (PBIS), Program Budget Information System-IT (PBIS-IT), Select & Native Programming Information Technology (SNaP-IT), DoD Resources Data Warehouse (DRDW)); and Working knowledge of the Defense Information Technology Portfolio Repository (DITPR) or DITPR-DON. Additional Requirements The successful candidate must not be subject to employment restrictions from a former employer (such as a non-compete) that would prevent the candidate from performing the job responsibilities as described.