Electrical Technician

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Frederick, MD
Feb 21, 2021
Feb 24, 2021
Full Time
Electrical Technician Description Of Responsibilities * Shall respond to electrical trouble or service calls, repairs shorts, loose connections, broken wiring and electrical fixture replaces fuses, switches, coils, terminal blocks, relays, and similar defective controls. * Makes alterations to existing systems involving major rewiring such as relocating outlets, switches, and fixtures, replacing defective wiring and making connections to new electrical installations; cutting, bending, threading, and installing conduit and pulling wire through conduit; and the like. (Weekly) * Installs explosion proof fittings and connecting wiring in assisting in the hook-up of new equipment. Refers to higher-grade worker when judgment indicates that major maintenance or troubleshooting problems exist which are beyond scope of responsibility of the position. * Repairs, modifies, tests, and troubleshoots fixed electrical accessories and units such as electronic voltage regulators, reverse current relays, temperature controls, ignition units, fixed discharge type ignition exciters, transformers, solenoids, amplifiers, rectifiers and numerous other controllers, positioners, relays, panels, coders, timers, and other related controls. Bench checks and inspects items to determine needed repairs. * Performs electric tests of solenoids, harnesses, cables or similar components for insulation breakdown, using low or high voltage Megger tester. Performs electrical and electronic tests for voltage, continuity, resistance, and capacitance. Replaces defective parts. Applies potting compound to seal connections. * Participates as member of a group in making preventive maintenance inspections of electrical equipment and facilities used to maintain electrical service. * Modifies existing systems and circuitry to accommodate any emergency or additional loads that arise. Monitors and calculates loads as necessary to ensure continuity of service and system protection. Troubleshoots highly complex circuitry, AC and DC, with a wide range of voltages and currents. Operates technical test equipment such as volt, amp and power factor meter, Meggers and data loggers. * Installs, maintains, troubleshoots and repairs secondary (480/208/120 volts) distribution and branch circuit systems to include switchgear, transformers, circuit breakers, lighting fixtures, panels, timers, contactors, starters, outlets, switches, motors, variable speed drives, controls and street lighting. * Work with equipment such as benders, manuals and hydraulic, Meggers, volt ohmmeters, am probes, drill presses, hydraulic knockout cutters, etc., to repair and replace parts broken and/or work out on equipment throughout the installation. * Will comply and enforce all safety standards governed by regulation, OSHA, National Electrical Code. Performs all work in accordance with NFPA-70E, Electrical Safety in the Workplace. Workload will usually involve an average of 34 unscheduled and scheduled work requests per month worked in part or whole, including assessment, coordination, action, troubleshooting, identifying required repair parts and completing paperwork for DMLSS tracking. * The technicians shall perform on-site inspections as assigned, interpret blue prints for accuracy, confirming specifications, conducting visual and measurement testing, reviewing operation manuals, maintenance plans and procedures, identifying critical parts, develops operational procedures, standing operating procedures and inputting data into database. * Operates motorized lifting devices to install electrical equipment where critical and exact maneuvers must be made to ensure the safety of personnel, equipment, and the load. * Shall perform after-hour, emergency call back, and variable work schedules as required. Response time for call-ins shall be within one hour of notification. Required Skills And Experience * Shall conform to the Department of the Army s DA-PAM 385-69, Biological Defense Safety Program. Shall maintain BPRP status and BSL-3/4 access in accordance with AR 190-17 and local policies * Must have a working knowledge of the entire electrical trade, also the National Electrical Code. * Deals with Uncertainty, Basic Safety, Power Tools, Attention to Detail, Flexibility, Job Knowledge and Productivity. * Plans and lays out work with a minimum of supervision. Degree/Education/Certification Requirement * MD License: Journeyman Level or Equivalent OSHA-Approved * Fork Lift Operator Certification * Basic Quality Assurance (QA) Training for Maintenance/Construction Citizenship/Security Clearance Requirements * Must be a US Citizen * Must be able to obtain/maintain BPRP status and BSL-3/4 access in accordance with AR 190-17 and local policies. For immediate response please email Paul Piro at @scientificsearch.com

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