Security Guard

Triple Canopy
Parkville, MD
Feb 10, 2021
Feb 24, 2021
Full Time
Job Description One (1) year contract with 30 days of paid leave in Germany Control personnel and vehicle entry and exit of Entry Control Points this includes, but is not limited to: US Government personnel, contractor personnel, approved visitors, and Coalition Forces. Inspect all deliveries and vehicles up to Force Protection Condition Delta and in accordance with Area Support Group Kuwait Standard Operations Procedures for installation access. Control and operate US Government-installed barrier devices to deny unauthorized vehicle access to US Government interests, eg, installations, off post parking areas, etc. Prepared to handle both military and contracted convoys entering and departing designated Entry Control Points Conduct inspections of personnel and vehicles using systems such as: Ion Scanners, Backscatter X-Ray machines, Under-Vehicle-Surveillance Systems, and Mobile Vehicle X-Ray Scanning machines. Qualifications Valid US Driver's License (Must be valid for two (2) years following your deployment) Valid US Tourist Passport (Must be valid for two (2) years following your deployment). May NOT be a 5 year passport US Citizenship Two (2) years of full time honorable military, law enforcement, or private security experience within the last 5 years (Feb 2016 to present day) Honorable discharge from the military (if applicable) For National Guard and Reservists, must have two (2) years Active Duty. (NEED DD214) Active Top Secret / SCI Security Clearance with CI Poly Additional Details Training and medical are conducted in Moyock, NC Housing and transportation (to and from your assigned station) are provided for you Physical Fitness Test that will completed annually: 19 Push-ups in 2 minutes, there are no sit ups, 1.5 mile run in 17:30 minutes, not a second more.

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