Aircraft Fighter Support (Saudi Arabia)

Advanced Concepts and Technologies International
Arlington, VA
Feb 10, 2021
Feb 24, 2021
Full Time
Job Title: Saudi Arabia Fighter Aircraft Support (SME) Clearance: Secret Location: Arlington, VA Introduction/Background: The mission of Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force, International Affairs (SAF/IA) is to create, advocate, and facilitate Department of Defense (DoD) and Air Force policies and programs to support United States (US) national security objectives. These policies and programs include international affairs, foreign disclosure and export control, cooperative research and development, international professionals development, and security assistance programs FMS), international military education and training (IMET), Military Assistance Program (MAP), Foreign Assistance Act (FAA) draw-downs, leases, and related endeavors, in concert with US Government, foreign, and industry partners. The objective of this requirement is to provide advisory and assistance support (A&AS) to the Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force, International Affairs, (SAF/IA), Central (Gulf and Mideast) Division, Saudi Arabia Country Desk to support the sale of F-15SA aircraft and other aviation systems to the country of Saudi Arabia. Potential candidates (Subject Matter Experts (SME)) shall possess USAF fighter aircraft operations, maintenance and/or logistics support expertise to support the systems purchased from the US by The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Duties and Responsibilities: The SME shall analyze existing US military and Saudi defense and capability requirements, identify/assess alternative sustainment and enhancement strategies, provide recommendations, and assist in defining requirements for future programs. He/She shall ensure up to date information in the SAF/IA partner capabilities database for assigned programs, countries or regions. The SME shall provide input, as tasked by SAF/IA senior leadership, Division Chief/Deputy Chief, and the SAF/IA Country Director, to USAF Security Cooperation Enterprise stakeholders including the AF Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) and various USAF Weapon and System Program Offices for action and response to Partner Nation Government/MoD and Air Force. He/She shall develop a key essential personnel contact list with names and contact information for US inter-agency and Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) personnel involved in aviation FMS case development and execution. The SME shall provide expertise in the logistics management of RSAF procured systems, supporting infrastructure and facilities. He/She shall provide expertise in munitions capabilities and employment associated with the Partner Nations weapons systems. He/She shall provide recommendations to HAF, AFLCMC, IAR regarding RSAF/Saudi Ministry of Defense design interface, product support management, maintenance planning, technical data, training and training devices, supply support, support and test equipment, munitions management, packaging/handling/storage and transportation, computer resources, and manpower and personnel support elements as outlined in the DoD Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element handbook. He/She shall analyze current and future RSAF weapons/defense or language capabilities acquired through both FMS and DCS channels and assess life cycle interoperability and product support impacts to the Task Order specified weapon system. Prior experience with systems/capabilities and Partner Nation language and culture familiarity is desired but not required. The SME shall provide program or weapons system integration advice for airlift (Ex. C-17, C-130), integrated air missile defense (Ex. Early Warning Radar), command and control (Air Operations Center, Air Defense Operations Center), refueling (Ex. KC-46), and pilot/language training (Ex. Defense Language Institute) to HAF, AFLCMC, IAR and Partner Nation Air Defense Force/Ministry of Defense. Prior experience with these weapons systems/capabilities and culture familiarity is desired, but not required. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs): Potential Candidates shall possess: a. A Masters Degree with a desired emphasis in an International Affairs curriculum. b. A Secret Security Clearance. c. A minimum of five (5) years experience with demonstrated effectiveness and success in the mission areas below: a. USAF LOA development, execution and/or portfolio management and/or experience as SAF/IA Country Desk Officer working on USAF programs. b. Familiarity with F-15 or other USAF fighter operations or maintenance or fighter aircraft support requirements. d. Familiarity with USAF F-15 or other USAF fighter and weapons operations, exercises and training, to include Red Flag scheduling insight. e. Demonstrated experience implementing DoD acquisition policies, laws, regulations, and guidance required to implement FMS LOAs. f. US DoD staff experience in a military, USG civilian or contractor capacity. g. Professional Military Education through the Intermediate Developmental (O-4) level. h. Knowledge and general understanding of USAF roles and missions. i. Knowledge and general understanding of security cooperation, international affairs, security assistance, foreign military sales to include the processes, legislation and players. j. Knowledge and understanding of SAF/IAs role in US Government and International security cooperation community. k. Thorough understanding of: a. DODI 1315.20, Military Department Foreign Area Officer Programs. b. CJCSI 3126.01, Language and Regional Expertise Planning c. AFPD 16-1, International Affairs d. AFI 16-109, International Affairs Specialist Program; and e. USAF Global Partnership Strategy f. US Export Control laws, regulations and procedures g. Pseudo FMS case programming (for Pseudo-FMS Task Orders) h. Security Cooperation programs i. Building Partner Capability programs j. USAF Weapons Export Policy Desired KSAs: The Government desires the Contractor to possess knowledge and thorough understanding the following: a. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and US Government National Disclosure Policy (NDP) b. Industry and their relationship to the pseudo-FMS process c. Demonstrated successful performance in Pseudo-FMS Case development, programming and implementation. d. Fluency or Proficiency in the language of the partner specified in the Task Order. External Company Name: Advanced Concepts and Technologies International, LLC External Company URL: Telecommute: No

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